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(6/26/03 2:48 pm)
PC Captured... by D'Gran!
For one of my PC's the worst has happened. The party attacked and was forced to retreat from the Western Bridge Complex, leaving an unconscious but not dead cleric of Boccob behind.

Worse than that, the party had beaten down D'gran earlier in the fight by surrounding him. He managed to regenerate back to 1 hp and assume gaseous form to escape, and now will have one of his attackers to torment and interrogate.

The player of the captured PC has since made up a new character, but I would like the cleric to be rescuable, two other PC's died in that fight already, and the group is starting to feel overwhelmed.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what D'gran can do to the PC that would be suitable for a pissed off demon, but wouldn't make the PC unplayable when (if) he is rescued?

Cordo Crowfoot
(6/26/03 4:59 pm)
Re: PC Captured... by D'Gran!
Being a Cleric, D'Gran could bite of his fingers and tongue, preventing him from casting spells. And maybe his feet to if you want to show how nasty D'Gran is and put the character in an even worse way.

This would cripple the character but would be fixable with a Regeneration spell when the character is rescued.

Another decision you need to make is what D'Gran will do with the information he gets from the PC. Hoard it to himself, or share it with others (i.e. Tessimon).

(6/26/03 10:31 pm)
Nahh.. have D'Gran "trade" the priest to pitfight in Gargogyle, or have D'Gran give Tessimon as a sacrifice victim.

After all, D'Gran IS economic

(6/27/03 5:50 am)
Re: hmm
I probably wouldn't permanently maim the character at this point, such that he is unplayable. Ideas:

1. Put him up on the wall with Descritad (if she's alive). Question him and threaten to kill him if he doesn't provide the information. I would do this with the character. Use Descritad (or another victim if necessary) to show D'Gran's resolve and willingness to do harm. Here, the PC faces a choice: reveal all (or attempt to lie) and live or spit in D'Gran's face and face his fate (cut of his hands, feet, and tongue).

2. Sell him to the gargoyle's for ... hopefully more recruits, but the gargoyle's don't have much.

3. Sell him to the Fire Temple as a sacrifice for more recruits, maybe some salamanders. This is a great idea because now it forces a timeline. Give it say a week where the party must rescue their buddy before Tessimon uses the altar and gets a powerful magical item from his sacrifice. In the meantime, he will be tortured by Firre. I bet he would make a fine backup singer to Jurrikath.

4. Kill him out of anger and toss the bloated body in the Stalagos. If anything, D'Gran should at least threaten it. Or, tie up the cleric and throw him in, not planning on killing him though. Tell the player that he has no hope and his character will die. Then, suddenly, he gets "rescued" only to be sent off to a worse fate (i.e. #3).

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