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(6/28/03 3:54 pm)
Letter from Varachan
I'm thinking of having a contact from Varachan in the next session, to keep the PC's moving. I want them to be well and truly convinced that this is end of the world stuff here without giving too much away. As someone mentioned once, I'll have it toted to them by a quasit and will read as follows. Comments are welcome and requested please!


I have seen your efforts against the servants of the Twisted One and thus far they have been the merest scratches. Undoubtedly by now you have heard the insane prattle of His deluded followers. Their minds are warped and demented, to be sure, but the threat they pose is real. This world…everything, everywhere and everyone is in grave danger. If he is released, the Gods shall plummet from the heavens, be they dark and evil such as Cyric or Mask or blessed and true such as Helm. Mortals like us will be shattered in the destruction and chaos.

The caretakers of the Temple of Elemental Evil are vile, reprehensible and utterly inconsequential. Slaying them is only an exercise in the sinews of your muscles and your minds…it serves no real purpose. The true danger lies at the heart of the Temple of All Consumption. As yet I am unsure of the Doomdreamers plan, but I know that this is where they plan it.

Seeking a reward from the village of Homlett will grant you a mere pittance to the material wealth of these insane cultists. Slay them and take what you will…no one will question your wealth and even the most pious will look with favor on your actions. Continue on your course and find yourself rich beyond your imaginings and bards will sing of you as Saviors of Faerun. Abandon it and no matter where you hide, one day you will wake up to the sound of Armageddon.

Slay this messenger, he cannot be trusted!!!

(6/29/03 3:48 am)
Re: Letter from Varachan
If this letter falls into the wrong hands (and it seems Varachan is concerned that it might from his last instruction), then he's in serious trouble... so it's really only something he'd send if the situation is getting really dire (the Cahmpion has been found, the Dark Master is about to be freed, etc).

It feels like Varachan is writing at a slightly earlier stage in the piece, to try and encourage the party to keep going. If that's the case, he may be better off trying to be a bit more cryptic - that way, he might be able bluff his way out of trouble if the letter went astray (eg. "I was trying to lure them into a trap").

(6/30/03 7:55 am)
Didn't do it
Didn't give the letter to the party...instead I threw in the Joline/Thrommel plot hook by having Joline meet a party member and ask him to keep an eye out for info on Thrommel.

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