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(7/1/03 12:47 pm)
Should i boost Nulb...?
My characters are 10th level now. They are By the eastern bridge complex and are extremely powerful. They have been to nulb before, but...

They walked into the in, lost a player. Then they went to the ship...killed the jelly, and the ring and left the ship. While leaving town one of them got affected by a vargoyle, but the pal saved her. They never finished off wat, never even went upstairs to the allip, and never even talked to lareth. They were too scared then, bc the place was extremely creeepy...just like they had heard :D ...and now that their really confident in themselves...maybe a bit too confident :lol im considering, advancement of both Wat, and Lareth. Usually i do things like this on me own...but now with the services of a bunch of new sure the experience could be much more horrifying.

So should i boost up nulb for the higher level pcs? And if so, how should i go about it.

Note, i own all the splatbooks, arms and equipment, and of course BoVD :evil

(7/1/03 12:49 pm)
Re: Should i boost Nulb...?'s already well past it's time to be useful. Wat shouldn't pose a serious threat, and Lareth has probably been found by Hedrack and spirited away to the Outer Fane by now. The PCs won't see Lareth again until they investegate the Recovered Temple.

Nulb doesn't need to be a's served it's purpose.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

(7/1/03 5:55 pm)
Re: Should i boost Nulb...?
I also think the chief attraction of Nulb is to give the PCs the change to interact with Lareth. They can learn more about EEE = Tharizdun, the history of the second rising of the Temple, and meet the guy who will eventually become the Champion.

One of the benefits of going to Nulb early is that Lareth is powerful compared to the party and therefore a figure to be feared. At 10th level, he's not going to be anywhere near as scary. Rather than boosting him (which also boosts him for he *does* become the Champion, incidentally), you might want to tweak his personality - tone down on the arrogance so the party doesn't feel as motivated to "put him in his place" and turn up his bitterness, loneliness, anger and insanity. I agree wholeheartedly with Cordo here - make him an RP encounter, not a combat one.

(7/1/03 6:10 pm)
Re: Should i boost Nulb...?
I also agree. I used him as a combat encounter so that my players would give clerics the proper respect when it really counted. I wish I had used him more along the lines of RP as suggested in the BotB.

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