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(7/1/03 1:22 pm)
modified thrommel plot
Pcs start at level one. They are going through a forest and they find a druid and her pure silver haired wolf. So the pcs have this druid and her wolf familiar escorting them through her forest from 1-3 level...and on the other side is supposed to be hommlet. The entire time, their being attacked by orcs gnolls and what not who are all a part of the Red Eye Clan. Well the red eye clan is an alliance bw the clerics of EEE and my bbeg. Anyway, in the last encounter befor they get out of the woods, Briar (the druid) sacrifices herself to win the battle. Upon searching her body, they discover a note on the inside of the shiny metal shielf on her back. It reads "This shield belongs to the wolf. Whoever desires to use it after my death may...but when he is ready, he shall claim it as his own once again"

Neway, upon exitting the forest, the wolf turns into a full grown, male aasimar named christoph. he has no items, no weapons... nothing. Turns out that he was also being led through the forest
as they were, and a druid elder polymorphed him so avoid suspicion and guarantee safe passage.

Now the paladins name is christoph...hes extremely goody goody, hes brave, tuff and all that good stuff. Hes also very trusting of people which makes him easily fooled, and he doesnt like the thought of money, so he doesnt take any. But he loves gold, not gold pieces...but jewelery, clothes, the color..everything like that.

aright so heres his backround. He was born the older of two sons. His father was royalty...a paladin of pelor, and his mother was just a simple good looking peasant. They had two sons and and christoph was the oldest. His father had captured and executed an assassin within the town. However, word got out, and the disgruntled assassins guild killed his mother, and kidnapped his father. The guild disappeared but the head of his fathers church told him that they were linked politically to a cult, and gave him a few names to work with of people who were in the guild. One of them being Smigmal Redhand. The young man stayed in the town for a few years raising his younger brother, who also took pride in the church and became a priest there. Christoph however, followed in the footsteps of his father and trained to become a paladin. He eventually had the dream, and departed with a plain sword, some scale male from the church, and his fathers shield, refusing to take any of his families royal funds with him.

The shield is a +2 Large steel shield of blinding. Its a circular brightly polished shield, with a Giant sun in the center. When activiated the sun shines to produce the blinding effect.

It was powerful at first...but it made up for my otherwise lack of gear. I still have it today, and now im 9th level.

I am trying to change the plot of rtoee a bit, so instead of having prince thrommel would be my father as a vampire instead. Im going to have the other two pcs confront him first, RP it a bit...and when they start fighting...which they always do, ill have him beat the crap outta them. Before someone dies, ill make sure christoph shows up in a dramatic scene where the shield brings the paladin of old back to the path of good...and the boy looks into his fathers undead face in confusion. I think this will lead to some incredible RolePlaying, where the pcs will learn that they have been travelling with a prince this entire time, be knighted, receive their 10,000 gold, and so on. However, im really looking for a lot of advice, flavor, additional ideas, methods, ALL the good stuff. I know you guys will do this idea justice.

also...for those of u who are concerned. None of my players are familiar with the orginal quest, and to my knowledge...thrommel was already relesed and freed in the past so i think it would make sense in a way if they had to find someone else.

And one more thing, should i use the stats for furyondy for my home town? if so, where can i find them, and where can i find some roleplaying advice on the knighting of the characters?

Runechild (mod)
Council of Magisters

(7/4/03 12:48 pm)
Re: modified thrommel plot
I assume you're running an NPC as one of the party members?

My advice would be to make the the vampire the father of one of the PC's. Rather than set it up so it's your NPC character with the big roleplaying twist and offer up a surprise they can't do anything about, give them the dilemma right out of the gate.

You walk into the room. You see your father nibbling on the bloody remains of a rat, his eyes glow red as he hisses at you, whispering "My son! How fortuitous... I have a gift for you... come closer..."

So then what? Do they attack? Do they parley? Do they trust him?

As it is, the scenario is pretty much on rails. They fight and -- deus ex machina -- your NPC defeats the unbeatable baddy and reveals he's a prince.

It's a nice storyline, and it makes a great improvement on Thrommel (who's just sort of a footnote if your players aren't familiar with the original story). My advice is to turn the outcome of the encounter over to the players, however. Let them deal with the moral question of patricide.

If they whack the guy, so be it -- maybe it's a really tough fight. If they parley with him, well maybe he's an unreliable ally. Just watch X2 to see how interesting it can be to have an unreliable ally in the party.

Good luck and let us know how it works out.

-Thrommel, who's just glad Magneto didn't wear that stupid helmet for much of the movie.

~Council of Magisters~
~ Arcana Unearthed ~

(7/4/03 10:01 pm)
Smigmal Redhand.

Isn't that NPC from Nightspire Fang?

(7/5/03 6:33 am)
"Thrommel, who's just glad Magneto didn't wear that stupid helmet for much of the movie."

Only because they wouldn't want to cover up the star's head. In comics, he wore it all the time. Nevertheless, I agree.

- Infiniti2000, who's even happier that Wolverine didn't wear blue and yellow tights.

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