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(7/5/03 8:52 am)
Arighty then...if satau can predict the future with 75% accuracy, then how he doesnt know that the intruders have gotten into the outer fane and are powerful enough to ruin this entire thing...bc if i were him, and i saw death in my future...

but whatever...ill let that slide.
What knowledge of the intruders do you think that he may have about them before they even get there? Such as if one of them is a fire mage, he may get himself some fire protection...things like that. Ne idea?

(7/5/03 1:38 pm)

Re: Satua
Hmm. He is specifically mentioned as being quite uncooperative towards the rest of the temple and vice versa. Being able to see into the future, he might know that the fate of the Outer (and even the Inner) Fane is inconsequential compared to the Recovered Temple. If your players are traipsing through the Outer Fane, Hedrack might be able to get a little intel, but I don't think it's too far-fetched to say that Satau's powers of precognition are geared towards truly great events. Whether one member of some gang of adventurers is a pyromaniac would go under his radar, as it were.

But you might give him the ability to be able to plane shift out before he would otherwise know that the party was coming because you're right: His own death should pop up.

Siobharek is a tale
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(7/9/03 8:07 am)
Re: Satau
Well, as with any power as vague as "the ability to predict the future with 75% accuracy (more or less) by tossing and examining the various trinkets found on the table" it all in the how you phrase the question. He isn't "seeing" the future but reading into it with a tarot card type method. IMC there are no "retries" with any Satau question asked, unless you've done something to significantly increase the odds of success (or failure). The best questions are yes/no questions, but they still suffer from that 25% chance failure - no retrys and no "Was the answer to my last question correct?" follow up questions!

I suppose Satau could wake up each day and ask "Am I going to die today?", as each today is a new day, but what kind of lunatic would want to know that?

Oh yeah, a prescient illithid that's who. :)

[edit: I can never spell that guy's (Satau) name right the first time.]

Edited by: Trithereon at: 7/9/03 8:09 am
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