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Cordo Crowfoot
(7/8/03 5:29 pm)
Another set of speak with dead questions
I really appreciate the ideas from the last thread, and this time my players are casting speak with dead on Choranth out of session. Here are the questions:

1. What are the *names* of the 3 members of the triad that rules over the

2. What does this upside-down zigurat symbol represent?
(If the party has one from the moathouse, Terjon will show it to her. If
not, he'll draw a good rendering before casting the spell, then have it
ready to show her.)

3. What exactly are the doom-dreamers trying to do?

4. What do the doom-dreamers need to do in order to accomplish that goal of
(Terjon will restate the answer to 3 here just to make sure there's no

Cordo Crowfoot
(7/8/03 5:43 pm)
Re: Another set of speak with dead questions
My own thinking so far:

1) Two options here: "I don't know" or "The First, The Second, The Third"... Players could be frustrated with the second answer not realizing it is closer than they think. :)

2) IMC Choranth didn't know the EEE->Big T connection. "Our masters" or "Resident of the fanes" or something...

3) This one is more complicated, even though Choranth doesn't know of Big T, she may have heard whispers of the Doomdreamers working to "free the Dark Master", or she could could just plain not know, or she could mix up her information "free the Elder Elemental Eye"

4) "Find the champion" - I think everyone knows this search is going on

(7/9/03 6:04 am)
Re: Another set of speak with dead questions
"1. What are the *names* of the 3 members of the triad that rules over the fanes?"
I don't think Choranth would know this. She has enough trouble just trying to get past Fachish. She probably isn't even aware of a triad. Her answers might be:

I don't know.
What Triad?

However, if she does know, they the only answer I can think of are First, Second, and Third.

"2. What does this upside-down zigurat symbol represent?"
Note that showing any picture is useless. It is speak with dead, not show pictures to dead. Anyway, I would not confuse the issue like that as Choranth is undoubtedly aware of the symbol. Her answer, however, is easy: An obex. Now, if they ask about the obex, her answer should be: The Dark Lord. Or: The One and the None. I see no need to actually name him. You can even provide a few names: The Dark Lord, or the One and the None, or the One Who Must Not be Named (no, not Lord Voldemort!).

"3. What exactly are the doom-dreamers trying to do?"
I don't think Choranth knows about the Champion and thus doesn't know that they are trying to free Big T. I would even wager that most high priests don't know, just maybe Tessimon. Choranth would probably think that the most important thing is the CRM, so her answer might be: Protect the Four Temples. This is vague enough and I'm sure your party will attribute more meaning than you can think of.

"4. What do the doom-dreamers need to do in order to accomplish that goal of '...'?"
Now this is where you can really be tricky. A nice vague answer here will be a big red herring if they do not understand the response to #3. The reason is because they are actually asking her opinion. How the heck is a low-level cleric supposed to know, or even understand the Triad's means to their ends, especially when the ends are incorrect? I'm thinking: Raise me into a position of power! If you want her to know about the champion, how about: Make me Champion!

Good luck!

(7/9/03 6:11 am)
Re: Another set of speak with dead questions
1) I'd go with "The First, The Second, The Third". Its cryptic and short. Its also correct and likely the only thing that she knows about the Triad.

2) "Doomdreamers". The obex, and their funky helmets, are about the only thing that all Doomdreamers have in common. Its obvious who is in charge. It's the guys that live in the Fanes, not on the Ridge.

3) "Unleash Doom". The sidebar shows that the Doomdreamers are feared. If they were interested in doing anything it'd probably have something to do with "chilling your soul", or "warping your mind with a maddening scream". They deal with demons, you know.

4) "Champion". The sidebar indicates this this is the sort of rumors that some of the Ridge dwellers, like Choranth, would know.

[edit: I forgot question #3, oops]

Edited by: Trithereon at: 7/9/03 6:17 am
(7/9/03 6:34 am)
What they know.
I'd just like to point out that you'd have to live under a rock to be completely oblivious to the fact that its the guys with the funny hats and obex symbols who are in charge.

The Foreshadowing sidebar seem to make it pretty clear that the doomdreamers are a powerful and frightening religion. However, the best and brightest of the clerics of EEE are buried along side the obex-wearing ones. A ranking cleric in the CRM doesn't know about the Crypt? The sidebar seems to indicate that any NPC would know something about the doomdreamers, the champion and the half-elementals.

Heck, at least one of the wizards in the Fire Bridge Complex knows about some connection between the Temple of Elemental Evil and Tharizdun because of the history book there. If some lowly wizard knows there's some connection then why wouldn't a cleric who lives right next door to perhaps the biggest church to Tharizdun in the world know?

They must be insane.

And of course, they are.

My point is: don't make your ranking NPCs too clueless.

Cordo Crowfoot
(7/9/03 7:08 am)
Re: What they know.
Thanks for the ideas!

As far as the knowledge of T, I've purposely obscured the connection for the purposes of my own campaign in order to make it a bigger (at least hopefully more meaningful and interesting) revelation. Also I personally have trouble trying to reconcile why the EEE Clerics would be happy worshipping the EEE, a mere lesser aspect of T, if they knew the whole story. And saying it is because they don't know takes care of that as well.

So while the clerics of the CRM know that the Obex is worn by their leaders and residents of the Fanes, they don't know about Big T.

Also, I have changed the history book and other handouts that refer directly to T, so Tippesh didn't know either. :)

Geynor Ton's journal was not chaged. I figure Geynor Ton had only recently been filled in on the truth, probably for the purposes of the moathouse mission. (That also explains his free mixture of references to the EEE and the "Dark Lord", as he hasn't yet cognitively worked everything out.) But the players seem to have forgotten about the references to a dark lord.

My group had one chance to be filled in on THE TRUTH early, when they parleyed with Lareth. However Lareth was looking for at least a minor magic item before he revealed such a deep secret.

Edited by: Cordo Crowfoot at: 7/9/03 7:33 am
(7/9/03 7:46 am)
Re: Another set of speak with dead questions
I see. That all makes good sense, as you've played it. The fact that they are all insane also helps go a long way to explain their seemingly irrational behavior and plays well into your hands.

IMC, I imagined that all the ranking clerics of EEE in the CRM know about Tharizdun. The CRM are the proving grounds for becoming a Doomdreamer. Only the most worthy may rise to the ranks of the Initiate (clerics of Tharzidun) and only the mightiest (and blessed) among them rise to become doomdreamers.

They understand "Tharizdun" to be yet another aspect of the EEE. All the clerics of EEE have a different (but closely related) holy symbol - yet they all worship the same deity. They see the obex as the next level of achievement, and not likely the last aspect of the EEE for there is still the doomdreamer.

The name Tharizdun is so obscure as to be unknown to any fledgling EEE and probably isn't even taught to the rank-and-file clerics outside the CRM. But the one's in control of the Ridge altars (and their juniors) I assumed had aspirations to become doomdreamers.

(7/18/03 1:15 pm)
Re: Another set of speak with dead questions
"My point is: don't make your ranking NPCs too clueless."

Good point, Big T, er, Trithereon. :)

I missed the sidebars apparently, and will endeavor to make my NPC's a little less clueless. I just remembered, too, that even the letter to Terrenygit (or was it Mereclar) mentioned the champion, so yeah, maybe everyone has heard the rumor.

Sorry for the delayed response as I am still recovering from a blasted hard drive crash. Fortunately, I have a complete backup, but I am buying a whole new system (pieces)...really state of the art. I'll be able to post much more quickly sometime next week. ;)

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