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(7/11/03 11:37 am)
Locate Object for Tulians Eye
I believe my PCs are going to use Locate Object {Find nearest diamond} to try and find Tulians Eye.

This is a good idea, so I don't want to completly nerf it, but I don't want to make it a gimme either.

Any ideas?

(7/11/03 11:41 am)

Re: Locate Object for Tulians Eye
Are they carrying any gems they've found? Perhaps they have a diamond in their pouch.

I also would not be surprised if the room where the Eye is stored has some sort of protection. Perhaps the Locate Object spell could give them a general idea of where it is, but go haywire before it can give them a precise location.

Ah, I remember those evenings, lingering over brandy at "Eat" . . .

Roland the red
(7/11/03 3:32 pm)
the eye
Also check the wizards spell list...many spells use diamonds as part of the cost...although these are typically high level.

I wouldn't otherwise make it harder for them to find it by purposely adding protection spells, however, it is entirely possible that the Saltheart Clan lined the room with lead to prevent the spell from working...

(7/11/03 9:44 pm)
Re: the eye
Are they at least close to it when they cast (i.e. do they have an idea)? If so, let them have it, I'd say. Why is that much different than finding a secret door by chance? At least they are actively seeking and knowing somewhat where to look.

Even if they are running around the whole CRM doing this, you got to give them credit for persistence and use of resources! ;)

But, do make it realistic by making sure it's really locating the closest one. I just wouldn't throw a random one in to make it not work to find the Eye.

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Dan Harms
(7/11/03 10:13 pm)
Re: the eye
This one's easy.

"You cannot specify a unique object... unless you have observed that particular item firsthand (not through divination)."

That should stop them. Also, don't forget that it won't show them where exactly that secret door is, and it won't get them past the trap.

(7/11/03 11:55 pm)
Re: Locate Object for Tulians Eye
The volcanic rock which the CRM were dug out of have been described in the adventure as kimberlite (A rock formation containing peridotite, in which diamonds are formed). Therefore what are the chances that there are hundreds (or thousands) of tiny uncut diamonds all around them in the surrounding rock?

Looking for a diamond (a raw uncut diamond is still a diamond) is a very broad catagory, as is looking for a gem (a cut diamond). The more specific the object you want to find the more specific you must be in the mental picture needed to successfully cast it. Indeed, such a unique item as Tulian's Eye likely requires you to have seen it before - which none of your players have.

My players found it by casting multiple Detect Secret Door spells.

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(7/14/03 10:13 am)
Re: Locate Object for Tulians Eye
Ok, they did a Locate Object on the "Cursed Diamond". They were in the Destrachan area, so well within the area of Locate Object for an 8th level Cleric.

I checked all the encounters in that area of the mines and no-one is listed as having a diamond. I also had them check their characters to see if anyone had a diamond.

So, I let them find it.

BTW Secret Doors are no problem for this group. Rogue has +12 Search and a Lense of Detection for another +10, so thats +32 when taking 10.

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