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(7/13/03 11:47 pm)
What a way to go...
Last saturday, my group and I (3 characters: fighter 8, rogue/wizard 3/5, rogue/cleric 1/7) moved on into the Return To the Temple of Elemenetal Evil and encountered some ancient dwarven fortress.


We had had a good days adventuring and was feeling on top of things.
Then we entered the obviously trap-filled corridors of the abandoned dwarven stronghold. First, a classic floor-trap dropped the fighter and the rogue-cleric into a pit, dropping them to 50 and 45 HP respectively. But we felt so confident that we didnt want to heal our wounds yet. Mistake number one.

Then we saw this small room with a basin cut out of a single 5-foot wide gem-stone. There was obviously something fishy about this, so we checked for traps but found none. Detect Magic showed that the gem-basin was very magical. Curiosity made us decide to put some water into the basin, just to see if anything happened. Mistake number two.

I was playing the cleric, and instead of just putting a little bit of water in the basin, I reasoned that A LOT of water was probably better. So I cast Create Water. Mistake number three.

Our GM looked worried. Not a good sign. ”How much water do you create?” he asked.
”All 14 gallons” I said.
”I hope this is American and not english gallons” the GM replied.
”Erh, - yeah” I said.
”How many pints is that?” the GM asked.

After a bit of calculating we came up with :

”About 106 pints” We were getting worried.

The GM then told us the following:

”The gem-basin turns all liquid poured into it by a non-Moradin cleric into steam, doing 1 Point Of Damage for each pint put into it. Please save for half, or you take a 106 PoDmg.”


”But we have 50, 45 and 38 Hit Points!!!”

”Yeah,” the GM replied, ”what a way to go.”

The room didnt even have a challenge rating. It was never meant to be a trap. Nobody expected anybody to pour 106 pints of water into the thing.

As he said, what a way to go.

Cordo Crowfoot
(7/14/03 2:03 am)
Re: What a way to go...
I think you aren't the first group to die this way, if it is any comfort. :)

I probably would have been a little less strict about interpreting the letter of the law, seeing that it isn't supposed to be a death trap room... But that is the way the room is written in the module.

Oh and you aren't really supposed to be here.

(7/14/03 3:21 am)
Re: What a way to go...
I know I´m trespassing, but where else could I put this nice little story? At least there will be lots of GM's who can now sit out there and wish that they had players as curiuos/inventive/dumb as us. :x

(7/14/03 4:45 am)
Re: What a way to go...
Nah, no DM wishes such a fate to any PC and they all pray their players are a bit more paranoid about the font ;) Though perhaps now those DMs with overly curious and risk taking PCs will now calculate the max amount of water that can be put into the font and use that as a max amount of damage. Cordo is right though, your group is the second one that did exactly that. My PCs put in a few drops of water and even then only one of them was in the room. You are right though that this is the only place for a player to savely get the burden from his chest and as long as the player makes it perfectly clear he is a player there should be no problem of unexpacted spoilers ;)

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