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(7/14/03 6:51 am)
3.5 conversion: Dragon hoards?
So, I've got one of the three dragons to convert (Vranthis). While I haven't got my new MM yet, the Red Dragon update posted on the WotC site implies that Dragon hoards have changed from 2xStandard to 3xStandard. Also, Dragons apparently have gone up one CR across the board, from the looks of things.

Should I increase the size of Vranthis' hoard in the 3.5 conversion?

If so, the way I've always handled "double standard" is to roll twice on the treasure table, rather than rolling once and doubling it (this is consistant with how crit damage multipliers are resolved), so the right thing to do seems to be to roll a 1xStandard treasure on the CR8 treasure table and just add that to the hoard. I think I'll just ignore the CR change on the existing hoard -- Vranthis already seems to have more gems than a CR7 dragon should, anyway. Any objections from the section leaders or whoever will be converting Utreshimon and Chymon?

(7/14/03 7:09 am)
Re: 3.5 conversion: Dragon hoards?
I'm thinking we should maintain CR overall in the mines. I don't know the change in dragon CR (maybe Cordo can comment), but he should remain CR 7 if they've changed dragon stats. If his stats are not different, but merely his CR has changed, then I would suggest leaving him as is, including the treasure.

(7/14/03 9:10 am)
Re: 3.5 conversion: Dragon hoards?
On a related note I suggest putting rust monster tracks leading to the cave with the pool (and pacing back and forth). They could be found if looked for. This would provide a good hint that something that 'interrests' the rust monster is in the area. And that gives the PCs a better chance at finding the hidden treasure.

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(7/14/03 10:17 am)
Re: 3.5 conversion: Dragon hoards?
As before, if something's within 1 CR of it's original, we're going to leave it as-writ. Only for major variations will we change anything from as-writ.

As for the might not be "fair", but the campaign is written assuming the treasure present, and changing the amount of treasure in the campaign changes that balance. Again, there are those DMs who don't agree with that balance...but that's imposing an opinion, not providing a very close to literal conversion.

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(7/14/03 12:01 pm)
Re: 3.5 conversion: Dragon hoards?
I always think more info is better and the best info is going to come from those who are knee-deep in conversions. I like the idea of noting what has been removed (and not changed) as noted in the other thread.

I also think it would be very worthwhile to record random opinion thoughts like this to aid those who do decide to rebalance for whatever reason. However, I think it should be out of the stat block section and in an Appendix. It doesn't necessarily have to be organized like the rest of this work, imho, just recorded for posterity.

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(7/14/03 12:10 pm)
Re: 3.5 conversion: Dragon hoards?
A juvenile green dragon is indeed a CR 8 monster now. Apart from that, not too much else seems to have changed.

And yes, Treasure is listed as "triple standard".

Oh, and on a sidenote, the MM Entry is named "Dragon, True" now.


Edited by: Daeinar at: 7/14/03 12:12 pm
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