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(7/14/03 1:51 pm)
Hedrack just scried and got info--what will he do?
Oh my.

My PC's just found the Dwarven Temple. Since there's a dwarven cleric of Moradin in the party, they figure that the golem will make an effective guardian, and will use the temple as a base. The wizard had some wizarding business involving copying spells that he needs to do, so they spent a day there to repop spells and let him do his thing.

Meanwhile, Rerrid had been trying to get in touch with the party. They never met him, or much of anyone else, in Rastor the first time through--they figured it was a place similar to Nulb after seeing the orcs and after a mob threatened to kill the dwarf-reincarnated-as-satyr. (Don't bring that THING into town!) Rerrid's heard that a group is exploring the mines and killing cultists, and Moradin sent him a vision of someone finding the old dwarven temple.

So, he sends an unnamed Clr/Rog of Moradin to go check it out and deliver a message to these adventurers. During the night the party hears a ka-chunk followed by a scream. (The rogue fell down the trapdoor.) Dwarf and elven rogue go to check it out; rogue climbs down with Lareth's spidey-cloak. Meanwhile, I'm marking time since the pit triggered. Sure enough, she's down there searching the body when the door closes; a failed Ref save on her part and a failed Str check on the dwarf's part to wedge it with his warhammer, and she's stuck down there. Panic ensues as various heavy people jump up and down on the pit, play with the door, etc., until the cleric remembers his spells and Stone Shapes a way out. The elf finds a symbol of Moradin on the corpse.

That morning the party wakes up, finds the secret passage out from the temple room, and decides to leave. As they're doing their morning routine and getting ready to leave, Hedrack decides he's going to find out about these intruders. He's got plenty of things to wonder about: a suspicious group (they failed their Bluff checks and said some stupid things) claiming to be from the Water Temple wanting to get in the Fire Bridge Complex, Faschich killed and lying at the bottom of the Stalagos (Hedrack knows this), an attack on the chuul and whip tending the boats. He's scried on them once before, and Varachan has also; they've caught one of those attempts. Varachan has already contacted the party. So, Heddy decides it's time to whip out the big guns: Greater Scrying. One hour per level... he can monitor them ALL day long.

Everyone misses their Scry check. I decide to be nice: since the cleric's in a temple of Moradin, he gets a suspicious feeling of danger. He mentions this, but nobody thinks to do a detect magic. They decide to leave and go back to Rastor through the secret passage.

Back at Rastor, Rerrid meets them and they have a little pow-wow, in which Tymerian tells her story. It is decided that the party's going back to V-Town, which will take a week each way (using some crazy scheme involving fly spells and a paladin mount to speed things up). Meanwhile, Rerrid will gather some of the faithful and try to move back into the mines.

Of course, the trouble is that Heddy knows ALL of this. More specifically, he knows:

-The party plans to destroy the cult, and they're serious about it
-They are planning to use the old dwarven temple as a base, where the temple is, and that they will arrive in two weeks
-That a group of dwarves led by Rerrid is moving back to the temple in about ten days
-That there is a secret passage leading to the temple from outside that the party and dwarves plan to use
-The workings of the pit trap by the door, and how to bypass it
-That there is a guardian golem in the temple
-That the party is heading to Verbobonc using said crazy scheme
-That they've been trying to pass themselves off as Water Temple members
-That they're not careful about scrying. :P

We ended with the party in V-Town.

Now what will H do? A couple of possibilities...

1. Wait until the dwarves get to the temple and send a force to squash it

2. Glyph of Warding the secret passage to the outside (I doubt he'd go himself, so Greater Glyphs are out... he could make a scroll of GGoW, though, and give it to Naquent.)

3. Ambush the dwarves while in the passage (sealing off the temple end), using SER's to watch for their approach and striking with the assassins or a SER Sorcerer. If none escape, ambush the party when they arrive

4. Send the assassins to kill Rerrid immediately

5. Collapse/heavily trap the passage in 61 leading from the Dwarven Temple back to the mines (neither the PC's nor the cultists know about the passage north of 68/70)

6. Attack the temple in force before anyone arrives--try to destroy the golem and desecrate the place

7. Collapse the secret passage from 64 to the outside.

What would you guys do?


(7/14/03 2:16 pm)
Re: Hedrack just scried and got info--what will he do?
My take?

Send one assassin to V-town to "pay a visit" to the PCs. This also fits right in line with Hedrack's normal procedures for dealing with PCs.

Then, if you want to make things interesting...

...send Thrommel into the Dwarven Temple. Let him merrily go about smacking dwarves and then return back to the OF. Coersion to accomplish this at the DM's descretion...along with ways Thrommel might pervert the plan.

Anyways, the PCs should get back just in time to be greeted with "Rerrid the Vampire" and a host of Dwarven Vampire Spawn.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

(7/14/03 2:27 pm)
To keep things even, try running the Thrommel invasion with an agreeable player who will keep silent about the results. Have him run the dwarves.
Reason for this is that it is a Moradin temple and theres a number of holy items around(Plus that golem) that can complicate things.
Also, if you do this, don't expect the PCs to explore the 'redeem Thrommel' option. Getting tooled by a vampire will effectivly erase thoughts of mercy(Especialy if there are any Moradin/Cuthbert followers)

(7/14/03 7:57 pm)
I think I'll use Thrommel ... didn't think of him for some odd reason. He might have trouble taking on a stone golem plus Rerrid... nah. Hedrack knows that a dwarven cleric of Moradin can command the golem to stop, so Thrommel just has to get one domination off... if he turns Rerrid into a full-fledged vampire, that could be one nasty fight!

The only way Hedrack could get the assassins to V-Town in time is wind walk, I suppose, but that could work. Hopefully a death won't disrupt the campaign too much.

Thankies much for the help!

(7/15/03 9:34 am)
Re: Thrommel...
Just a reminder here, Entropius...An assassin, not "the assassins. Hedrack will only send one of his assassins, not both of them.

Another note...if there's a serious need (perhaps not yet, after all...wind walk should do the job), Hedrack can probably gain access for himself and one other individual to the Tourbillion in the sublevels of the Inner Fane and use it to transport someone elsewhere.

Finally, if he can't get someone to where they need to go, he can always substitute a Summon Monster (short-term) or Planar Ally (longer) of a creature with Teleport ability.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

(7/15/03 10:58 pm)

Re: Thrommel...
Here I might also suggest using the succubus in the Chamber of Hate. Even if she isn't boosted (as mine was) she can give the PCs a good run for their money in an urban setting.

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