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(7/14/03 2:44 pm)
Delgar's Logs
Here I will post one of my players adventure log. First I'll give a brief overview of each of the characters in the game, including their background, then follow up with the logs.

I'll do a post for each character and then start in on the logs.

By the way feel free to comment and offer me suggestions as I go!


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(7/14/03 2:50 pm)
Re: Delgar's Logs

Halfling, Tomb Raider

Stats (32pt buy, +1 dex at lvl 4)
Str: 12
Dex: 20
Con: 15
Int: 14
Wis: 10
Cha: 8

Rogue(3) / Transmuter(1)
Opposed schools: Enchant/Necro [in 3.5 do I need a 3rd for Transmuter? If so, it's Conjuration]

Fort: 4
Ref: 9
Will: 4 (+2 fear)

AC: 19
Init: +5

BAB: 2
Melee: +4
Ranged: +8 [+9, if thrown]

Climb: 6 ranks
Decipher Script: 6 ranks
Disable Device: 6 ranks
Hide: 5 ranks
Jump: 2 ranks
Knowledge (arcana): 1 rank
Listen: 4 ranks
Move Silently: 6 ranks
Open Lock: 6 ranks
Read Lips: 1 rank
Search: 6 ranks
Spellcraft: 3 ranks
Tumble: 6 ranks
Use Magic Device: 6 ranks

Spider Climb
Endure Elements
Comprehend Languages

Weapon Finesse (dagger)
Combat Reflexes

Scribe Scroll
Familiar: Toad

Rogue Abilities:
Sneak attack +2d6
Uncanny Dodge: keep Dex while flatfooted

Languages: Common, halfling, elven, orc

Johnny is a bit bookish. Shy in most circumstances, when adrenaline (or a little booze) hits him, he gets a bit flamboyant. He's most comfortable in his element, the tomb. Magic is just another set of tools to pit his mind against the devilish designers. Raiding a tomb is a game, with victory easily measured.

(7/14/03 2:59 pm)
Re: Delgar's Logs

Half-Orc Druid - Male
STR 15
DEX 15
CON 14
INT 10
WIS 16
CHA 09

HP - 36 AC - 15 with studded leather

Weapon - Scythe (+5 to hit)

Feats - Eschew Materials and Martial Weapon Proficiency: Scythe

4HD Leopard named Rasha
AC 17 with leather barding
HP 26
Attacks +7 bite and +2 claws x 2
Damage (1d6 +3 bite) and (1d3 +1 claws)
SA Pounce, Improved Grab and Rake

Grot is a 16 year old half-orc druid that was apparently cast out of his Orc'ish clan (the Scarred Eye) when he was about ten. You are not sure why, but suspect it has something to do with magic because he is very secretive and touchy about his spell casting ability. The mystery is further deepened by his adamant refusal to discuss his childhood combined with the fact that he regards others of his kind with everything from guarded suspicion to open hostility. Despite this, however, Grot is an easy going comrade that can be counted on in a fight and joked with around the campfire at night. He doesn't even seem to take offense to Orc or "tree hugging" jokes and has even been know to play practical jokes on his companions on particularly long assignments.
Although Grot started out adventuring alone, during the last two years he has been accompanied by a large Black Leopard named Rasha. He was on a trip through the jungles of Chult when he returned with Rasha, then a kitten, and has since taken the little babe with him everywhere. In fact, one of the few times Grot has started a fight in a town, was over a comment made about slaughtering Rasha for her pelt. Grot flew into a rage, beat the offender into unconsciousness, and spent the next few weeks in jail. This was one of the few times, he failed to complete an assignment. In additon, the bond between Grot and Rasha is apparently not one sided. Rasha does not stray far from Grot and will fiercely leap to his defense, even to her own detriment. Despite this fierce loyalty, Rasha is also a companion to the rest of the group. She has been raised around adventurers and has learned to co-exist in peace with people, horses, and other friendly creatures in a variety of environments. Although undeniably Grot's companion, around the campfire, Rasha is not above getting attention from anyone willing to scratch behind her ears or rub her belly.
In short, anyone that has adventured Grot and Rasha has generally had a positive experience. They are good to have in a fight and not among the more brooding and serious adventurers that seem to abound. They are effective and reliable in a fight, and fun and lighthearted wether in a tavern or around the campfire.

(7/14/03 3:07 pm)
Re: Delgar's Logs
Nutlug Filibuster
1/2 Orc Cleric3/Barbarian1

Str 18
Dex 12
Con 12
Int 6
Wis 16
Cha 12

Feats: Barbarian1 -> Rage, Movement, Power Attack
Cleric1 Turn Undead
Level 3: Extra Turning

Deity: Kord Domains: Luck, Strength

Nutlug Filibusta grew up in a society that barely tolerated 1/2 orcs, but he was a strong savage warrior capable of frenzied battle with his claymore.

Desperate for work and sick of living off the wild, he ventured into a human civilization despite his disdain for his human mother's weak inheritance, and the disrespect he always received for his father's savage side.

Luck it seemed was his, though, for there was an arm-wrestling competition being staged by some followers outside the church of Kord, a human deity about which Nutlug had never heard anything.

After defeating a few 'tough' humans, he found himself in the money-reward final round against a middle-aged priest of Kord. Certain of his victory nutlug locked hands with the 30-something human and began.Oddly the human priest was easily his match, and Nutlug suspected foul human trickery and magic at play. Fine, if the playing field needed leveling, he was a man to level damn near anything...He called upon his barbaric ferocity, and endorphins raced through his system, adrenalin pumping. With little trouble he began to
reverse the Kordian's near-triumph and quickly descend toward victory. Suddenly, as if by divine intervention, the Kordian reversed all momentum and stunningly slammed Nutlug's arm backwards with such impact that it shattered the table.

Both men, glared at each other panting as their supernatural strength waned...and then the Kordian smiled and said, "good fight, young one, Kord smiles on you this day, but his luck shone on me" with a knowing grin.

Later on, Nutlug would catch up with the priest and learn the nature of his sudden might, along with details of his faith. Though exceedingly stupid at books and math, Nutlug Filibusta knew a trophy horse when he smelled its arse, and he readily accepted tutelage from the priest of Kord. It turned out despite his savage upbringing and exclusion, that Nutlug actually had great potential as both an able warrior and priestly scholar in the church of Kord. When he learned
that Kord's favored weapon was the Greatsword, he proudly displayed his claymore and knew a match was made.

It was the last time lord luck would laugh at Nutlug, for now their laughter and strength were one.

(7/15/03 8:32 am)
Re: Delgar's Logs
O.K. the following logs are from the viewpoint of Johnny.

Just to let you know that even though 3.5 hadn't come out yet when we started, we've been playing using all the 3.5 rules that I can find. This mainly affected the player of Grot, as the Druid has recieved the most changes of these classes.

We've also kept a record of critical hits on who, by who and for how much. If you guys are interested in that I can post it as well.



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(7/15/03 8:34 am)
Re: Delgar's Logs
Session 1:

We got a job from our boss, the Lord, to deliver a letter to a man in Homlet. This is a welcome trip, as there is much archaeology to be studied in the area: The Temple of Elemental Evil, The Moathouse of Elemental Evil, and Nuel: The Town Near the Temple of Elemental Evil. We delivered the letter, found out that hobgoblins infest the Temple, the town alchemist is missing after going to the Moathouse, and hafling juggling is worth omelets. We met a bard who wants to accompany us to the Moathouse. Ditto for a shifty, untrustworthy type too. We rest, then head out to the Moathouse.

We met a trapper on the road to to the Moathouse. He warned us about a powder blue dragon he saw land in the Moathouse. We used half-orc illusion resistance and went to dispel the dragon myth. Having failed to disbelieve, everyone but Johnny got to attack the dragon. Nuglut had a fearsome blow. Dorin took a licking, but kept on kicking. Grot had a bbq. Grot's a great chef over an open flame.

Dragon's dead, inside we fled. Bodies abound, with dust all around. We found a magic mace, which was such a grace, because along came an ooze, a greatsword we did lose, as Nuglut shocked his face!

Now we needed to rest, so we holed up in a room with a door marked: break in case of emergency. On the second watch, Nuglut and the shifty guy were awake. The shifty guy tried to kill Nuglut but missed. Nuglut screamed like a manly half-orc. We awoke. The shifty guy tried to kill him again. Nuglut was wounded! We stood up to his rescue. The assassin took off down the stairs. We chased. Grot summoned a wolf. Grot, Rasha, and the Wolf demolished the assassin. Grot demolished the ghast. Two gnolls got hit with collateral damage. Note to self: don't piss off Grot. Grot just cut a gnoll in half with one swing. If I could enchant some knives with that power, I bet I could make a fortune selling them as kitchenware. They slice! They dice! They can cut scalemail and still cut this tomato! We retreated upstairs to finish out the night.


(7/15/03 8:36 am)
Re: Delgar's Logs
Session 2:

Having rested the nite, our band of intrepid explorers, were led by the semi-renowned archaeologist, Johnny. He stealthily scouted the hidden passages while wearing a glowing coin stuck to his forehead by spit. First stop: room with 4 gnolls and a human female cleric with a closet full of skeletons. Nuglut sound bursts the cleric and skeletons. Rasha and Grot kill every living thing in sight. Nuglut and the Bard chase after 1 lone gnoll. We'll get back to them in about 8 rounds. Grot & Rasha & Johnny attempt to destroy the skeletons, by using bladed and blade-like weapons. Grot & Rasha succeed. Time passes. Nuglut & the Bard finally slay the single wounded fleeing Gnoll. We meet at the cleric's picnic, laid out with black magic. We don't have a clue what any of it does.

We find more secret passages leading to another staircase down. But knowing it's bad to leave things behind us, we head off through the non-secret doors. And thus, we meet: The Alchemist, aka Spooge Noir. He's a frightful wizard with no spells memorized who tells us of an Evil Excavation, and is willing to lead us there, though we already know where it is, having found the secret passage. For a snack, we kill a few paralyzing undead in the torture chamber, finding a gold ring that Grot puts on. I think that means he's engaged. I hope I'm not the fiance. While loitering around as Grot admires the ring on his finger, I leaned against a pillar and it opened! There was a ladder down. So I scouted it out, and heard scraping noises behind a door. Sounds like a job for Nuglut the Door Opener of Power [NDOP for short]. Pop goes the door! Pop goes undead! Pop goes my eyes as I'm in a room with 14 sarcophagi. What a moment of ecstasy! I'll write more when this feeling passes.

I've taken notes on the sarcophagi. It's worth going back there and recording the burials in detail. But upwards we go, back the way we came. Though there's an exit out, we've voted to go back and find the staircase. That way we can quick retreat out at need, instead of having to pull Rasha up by rope. So we go back to the second secret passage, and take that down. Aside: backtracking sucks. It's much better to see the new discovery around the corner. Silly Rasha can't climb ladders. Grumble.

So we came down the other way, and hit a hallway with a gnoll at the end. Nuglut and I charged forward, and a portcullis dropped behind us. So we dispatched a dozen gnolls, while a more buff human ran away from us in terror. Then I found the secret winch room, and let everyone else in. These rooms are living quarters worth investigating. If those we are dispatching already raided the Moathouse, their belongings may contain stolen relics and artifacts. Not to mention stale coffee. The half-orcs believe in Kill-now-Search-later. So off we go after Mr. Not-Dead-Yet.

Aha! The pseudo-archaelogist posers have been found. Mr. Not-Dead-Yet and 2 clerics. Though they attempted to use their evil magics against us, we prevailed through might and right. I charged the ranger. The clerics were cowering around the corner out of sight. They cast puny magics at me. In fear, they cast protective magics on themselves. Nuglut charges the ranger. Nuglut swings a pretty mean Glaive. I harass the spellcasters, threatening them to cast a spell, to make my day. Grot joins the fray. Ranger down. Cleric #1 down. Grot and I tag-teamed on the last cleric. As we slayed him, he fell down a pit. Time for a cold drink and then a look around.


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(7/15/03 8:39 am)
Re: Delgar's Logs
Session 3:

Ooooo! This is what I've been looking for! What we've got here is a post-eletian era hand-carved statue. It depicts 4 individuals: 1) Man in Black with wavy black sword. 2) Green Masked Man 3) Red 4) . I'll be taking this back for further study and eventual submittal to the Museum of Archaeology. This was found in the room with the pit. Surprisingly, there is a large circular capstone for this pit, similar to the types used to seal outsiders away. It doesn't appear to have any magic left in it, and as its open, I wonder if what was in there is out now. Just makes it safer to explore. We'll head down there in a bit. Boy I hope there aren't any snakes down there. I hate snakes...

We've searched the ransackers belongings for purloined artifacts. Have they no shame. Archaelogy is a union trade, they can't just take stuff willy-nilly. They didn't have much anyways, and frankly, we killed them, so I shouldn't hold a grudge. Found a journal that basically says they are working with the gnolls, but don't want to be. That the dragon ate their leader and they're stuck down here in fear. And that one crazy guy went down the pit to hang out with the creature, in fear. Obviously, any creature that was down there would have died of starvation by now. Note to self: these posers like hiding acid-filled water weenies in their chests as protection. They haven't aimed low enough for us sexy, short types.

The Pit. Interesting device to get in and out. We lower ourselves on a small platform by rope and pulley. Eventually we reach the flat top of a column, that is black and veined in purple. The veins seem almost alive in the stone. There are no markings to be seen on this part of it. Perhaps on it's sides or at the base. We'll have to check. The capstone would fit around here, and completely block the passage. However, it widens out at this point, and there's another platform/pulley set to the side. It's also cold down here. Brrrr frickin Brrrr. Endure elements cold and some chicken soup hit the spot, and we're off to the lower platform.

So we're lowering ourselves down via the second platform, and all of a sudden a bunch of tentacles fly my way. I dodge and jumprope my way through it. Decent exercise and it does help banish the cold. Nuglut looks cold. No sooner do I think that, then the tentacles fly at him! He jumps a few, then gets caught on the ankle. That sends him tumbling over the edge, and we still can't see bottom! At the last second he grabs the edge of the platform and hangs by one arm as his glaive falls out of the other. Ah, must be a new day, another Nuglut weapon gone. He pulls himself up, gets hit and this time freezes up. We kill the floating jellyfish before it eats Nugs. And down we go.

Hey Nugs, look, I found you another Glaive! We've hit bottom. I'm eager for the opportunity to explore an outsider's prison. There's a pedestal holding up the purple veined, black stone column. There's a depiction on the ground too. It has a black sun and a ziggurat on it. I've drawn it for my records. I haven't seen this depiction before. It may be evidence for a heretofore unknown ancient civilization, that was lost. I shall call it Atlantis. Hopefully I'll find more proof that Atlantis existed, or clues to its location, somewhere in this cavern. Time to look.


(7/15/03 8:41 am)
Re: Delgar's Logs
Session 3: continued

As we start to explore the cavern, a crazy cleric charges us, muttering about the Water Temple. With my companions, charging us proves he was crazy. Back to archaeology. We find steps up to the top of the pedestal/base of the column. Grot touches the column and disappears! We wait. Grot reappears. Grot explains what happened in excrutiating detail: "Stupid Room. Stupid man give stupid fruit. Stupid moons. Eat fruit. Grot here." There are very few living reports of being inside an outsider's prison, so I must reach forth and grasp this opportunity. When I touch the column, I'm transported into an empty room. A voice tells me that to free it, I need to bring together the 4 hearts of the moons, and they can sunder this prison. Then a piece of fruit appears in my hand, and the voice exclaims: eat of my fruit and be blessed. I eat the fruit, since I've deciphered Grot's ramblings to mean that upon eating the fruit, he reappeared outside the prison. It makes me hardier, and I do reappear outside. I'll have to write this up and publish it in Proceedings of the Academy of Archaeologists (PAA!). They may want to send a field expedition to study this artifact. Assuming they get the funding they need this year. Oh, Nuglut also went through and got blessed. He's got a bit more going on behind the eyes. But it may only be planning his next omelet attack.

I wonder what this trapped outsider and the Water Temple have to do with Atlantis. Could it be some sort of Jellyfish god, whose avatar attacked us on the way down? Is Atlantis still a viable civilization that avoids contact with the rest of the world? Maybe it used strong magics to transport it to another plane. As evidence for the last, I put forth the arched gate we found along the cavern wall. Upon touching it, an avatar of the Jellyfish god is created and attacks. Direct divine intervention, like that, is a lock that I can't pick. I don't want anyone else travelling to Atlantis before me, er us, so I ask Grot to use our stoneshaping scroll and close the door. For now. The discovery of Atlantis will be mine. I vow it. Someday, every child playing Rangers and Jellyfish will recognize Johnny, the Supreme Archaeologist. The Hafling who brought us news of Atlantis the lost civilization, that had moved to the elemental plane of water, under the protection of its Jellyfish god.

According to my maps of this complex, there are a few places left to check. One short corridor just led to another bedroom, devoid of anything interesting. We also explored a rough hewn series of tunnels, looking like they were eaten instead of made. In it, we find a cavern with a palpably evil altar, and a column with the depiction of the Four, again. Are they the evil enemies of Atlantis? Did they drive the atlantean jellies into hiding? Fine inspection of the column leads to finding a secret compartment in each picture. We collect a brazier, incense, chimes, and a small drum. Obviously, these are the components for a ritual to be performed at this altar. I must research this. The behaviors and belief systems of ancient people is a passion barely second to that of discovering material evidence of past civilizations. Besides, it's worth another paper describing it. Must pad that CV if I ever want to teach at the Academy.

The last item on my list to explore is a new wall blocking off an old passage. We eventually break through the wall and follow the passage to a room that was housing 3 cockatrices. A bucket of extra-crispy later, we find the skeletal remains of a cleric. This cleric seems to be an ancestor of the modern day clerics we've encountered herein. I'm taking the skull for analysis. Perhaps the patterns of bumps on it will explain their behavior. I've got a theory about that, and my evidence is building. I think I'll call it phrenology. Anyways, that was the last piece of the puzzle in the moathouse. We're off to Hommlet and some much needed rest.


(7/16/03 3:15 pm)
Re: Delgar's Logs
Session 4:

So we gather our specimens, including the stone block statue, and ready ourselves to return to Homlet. I politely ask to ride the dead dragon into town, while Grot & Nuglut drag it. I mean, why not? Besides, it'll throw the other rival archaeologists off track. I don't want them to go to the Moathouse and compete with me for proof of Atlantis' existence! Let them all think, ah, he's that crazy hafling ego-hero. Hope it works.

We return to Homlet, and immediately go to the Flour mill. That note I deciphered stated that there was a creature in the flour mill, along with other Agents of Evil. Upon entering the mill, we encounter 2 workers. Restraining others' aggressive tendencies, I portray an inspector worried about river seepage and damaged foundations. So we needed to see the cellar. Alas, Grot says: we need see bad men in cellar. So much for a plan. This approach worked better in the end, because I don't think the 2 workers understood any words over 2 syllables. Sigfried & Roy up in their castle don't seem to be doing much in terms of education. Nor is the church and whatshisface the cleric. Is this what happens to retired adventurers? Do they all turn to hedonism, drink, and stupidity? If so, why do they have to infect everyone around them? Our future depends on education, and knowing the past. I'm a doer not a teacher, but at least I do my part in unearthing knowledge. Now, where was I?

Ah yes, the flour mill. So once Grot spoke the workers' language, we were ready to head down. I cautioned Grot about his use of fire. "Grot," I said, "flour dust will explode with a flame. Please don't flame on, or our goose is cooked!" Grot said, "Really?" I said, "Most definitely: BOOM!" Grot chuckled at my Boom. Note to self: practice yelling Boom at one octave lower. So we head down the stairs to the cellar and approach 5 individuals. They warn us off. We bare our chests and howl. They pose menacingly. We show teeth. Then it's combat! I lay claim to the cutie with the small horns. Grot burns most of them with greenfire. Luckily acid doesn't set off the flour. Unluckily, that dropped my cutie. Another star-crossed lover. So I head over to the evil cleric who was speaking for their group. Time to fight words with words, and we're the 2 best-armed individuals. He mumbles a spell and leaves me speechless and unmoving. I think what he said was: Nutlug sold me naked pictures of you and I posted them around town. In my paralysis, the rest of my hearty band of archaelogical helpers cleanses this flour mill cellar of evil. My one moment of true fear came when I saw my shadow start flickering as if a might 7 foot column of flame was moving around behind me. Grot wouldn't do that after my warning, would he? Oh, if only I could have groaned, it would have caught the ears of the gods. I come to my senses in about a minute, realizing that the fool had tricked me with an illusion! Nutlug can't paint! Oh, I won't fall for that one again...

In searching the bodies for illegally looted archaeological artifacts, we find a note! Deciperhing it, I read that the oafs were to take any stolen artifacts from the Moathouse, and cart them off to a crater outpost outside of a town a week away from here. Knowing our duty as archaeologists, we vow to root out this nest of plunderers! But first, time to sell the belongings no longer needed by the evil twits. A band of archaeologists has to provision itself, neh? Sell we do. Nuglut gets surprisingly good prices for a man of little words and large glaive. Before we leave, we also question those who had cleared out the Moathouse years ago, as to any knowledge they have of the people depicted on the statue, or the hearts of the 4 moons. Little is forthcoming from the drunken sots. We shall have to rely on my wits instead.


(7/16/03 3:17 pm)
Re: Delgar's Logs
Session 4: Cont'

So we head down to the town near this crater. We hire a wagon and load it up with rocks and cover it with a tarp, so it looks like we're laden with booty. The plan must have worked too well, for we were ambushed. Nutlug and I started on the guys to the right, while Grot and Rasha handled the ones on the left. One briar web later, Grot and Rasha were helping on the right. Nutlug was going toe to toe with an ogre, Rasha fighting tooth and nail too. I danced amongst gnolls, and then tweaked the cleric's nose heartily. Nutlug and Rasha took down the ogre. We mopped up the rest. Ambush averted successfully. Why are these elemental eye people so intent on stopping my discovery of Atlantis? They obviously don't come from there themselves. What is their angle? I'll have to ask one, if we ever leave one alive...

So we approach a set of solid doors in a mountainside. We knock on the door, and bluff our way in, stating we've brought the artifacts as requested. The doorman doesn't really know anything about it, but lets us in anyways. Apparently, we look harmless. Ha! The doors open up into a hall going down to another 2 large doors. There is another hallway crossing it. As the doorman advances forward towards 2 gnoll guards, I skip ahead and down him with a well-aimed strike of my dagger. At which point, I notice the guard down the right hall sitting next to a large bell labelled 'Ring me in case of attack.'. I yell out to the others about the bell, and start praying. Nuglut charges forward and casts a spell. Then he gives me a sly wink. Grot and Rasha take out the 2 gnoll guards. The guy near the bell attempts to call out and ring the bell, but not a sound is heard! Nuglut, you're my hero! Nuglut dispatches him and grabs the bell. I motion that we should go through the big double doors, instead of down any of the side halls or doors on them. While we have the element of surprise, I feel we should charge into the largest frays. I mean, why go with real strategy when charging headlong into danger is working so well for us? I motion to Nuglut to toss the bell in the room as soon as I open the doors. And the knob turns...

into a large mimic! No, just kidding! I swing open the doors and Nuglut throws the bell at the only thing menacing in the room: a huge porcu-dog! This thing is chained to the wall next to one of the doors in the chamber, which is obviously a messhall, as it has tables, benches and a number of doors leading off in various directions. The thing attempts to howl, but nothing is heard. I and the bard attack from range with our bows while Rasha, Nuglut, and Grot barrel into melee. The howler pokes Nuglut a few times, leaving him with 3 pricks stuck in him. These seem to slow him down. However, he prevails and slays the beast. He quickly heals up and we approach the door that was guarded. Again, Nuglut's ready to throw the bell of silence. Ironic, isn't it? Though I must point out, it is not as ironic as the fact that we're still undiscovered and haven't set off any alarms.

I open the door. The bell gets tossed at a ranger behind a desk. Rasha demolishes him. Nuglut stabilizes him. I tie him up. We move on to the next door while we still amazingly have the element of surprise. We open the door to a barracks. I throw the superbly silent bell into the room. We quickly pacify this room of awake and sleeping humans. Opposite this room is another identical door. Lo and behold, another barracks! Another bell. A room of pacified gnolls. Well, with the (non)innovative architecture going on here, I predict the final door will have a room like the one the ranger was in. And thus another leader. Of course, I made this prediction before a gnoll got out, screamed like a little girl, and a large ogre got ready to pulverize us with his greatclub. It ended up being not-so-great-a-club as we sandwiched him, and then he was toast. Adrenalin's running high! It's been a mighty sweep through the outpost so far. Gotta stop a minute and catch my breath. At the very least, calm down before this writing turns to more pun-nishment for posterity.

We heal as we need, and I hear voices outside the double doors. We quickly charge! It is our entrance of choice, after all. We encounter a few more guards, who then call out the rest of the guards from the rooms off the cross-corridor. This is a hardfought battle, as we're assaulted from all sides, split across the hallway and one of the guardrooms. Just when we turn the tide of battle with a lightning storm called up by Grot, a dozen zombies arrive! Now my effectiveness is reduced, but I call for Nuglut to holy handgrenade them. He steps out of the guardroom and turns a few. He also mightily chops 2 of them in half with a single sweep as they attempt to shamble past him. It's as if their legs kept moving while their upper halves just hung in mid-air. That's a hell of a glaive. It deserves a name now. I'll suggest that to Nuglut later. Right now, I'm fighting for my life, as 2 guards surround me and are killing me. Grot drops the one behind me with a lightning bolt. I take the opportunity to flee, and drink a potion. Another evil cleric arrives, with 2 zombies guarding him. What is up with evil clerics? There's gotta be a tree around here that they grow on. When I find it, I'm chopping that damned thing down. Why not a tree of cute women with sexy horn nubbins? No, it's gotta be an evil cleric in heavy armor tree. I blame the evil druids tending evil groves. Oh yes, back to the fight of my life. Grot stands pat, that manly lug, and continues to lightning away. Nuglut steps forth, and gets into a holy/unholy control battle. Nuglut loses and is shocked into paralysis. Rasha charges the evil cleric. Grot charges to assist. I stay back and try to clean up the remaining zombies. It's slow going, like trying to dig a well with a tea-spoon. Rasha and Grot play pile-on with the cleric. I start slicing him with my dagger. The bard aids me. This guy's armored up more than an armadillo. Nuglut shakes off the hold and joins the fray. Eventually Mr. Evil Cleric gets the life squeezed out of him. Made the armor really messy. Not my size anyways.


(7/16/03 6:02 pm)
Definatly one of the more entertaining posts here.:lol

(7/17/03 7:38 am)
Re: Hehee
I love it! Thanks for posting Johnny's Log! Awesome! Give him some virtual XP from me!

(7/17/03 8:13 am)
Re: Hehee
The player is great, he's sticking to his Indian Jones persona to the tee. But he also gets help from Grot and Nutlug (or as you read through his journal Nuglut, which happens in character as well).

Both are Wise, yet not so smart Half-Orcs and both play them to a tee. The whole Mill incident with Johnny telling Grot, no FIRE and then to be stunned (Tharzidun's Touch) and see this big looming wreath of Fire (Body of the Sun) coming up behind you was priceless.

They fared very well in the CRM for their initial assault, mainly due to Nutlug's silence spell allowing them to sneak in with impunity and go from door to door and shock the inhabitants.

However, they did decided to entirely bypass, the Temple and Nulb, sensing that some immediate was afoot. I'll have to somehow let them know that it's not AS immediate as they think or they're just going to get killed pressing much further than they should. Although in Johnny's next update we may see this!

Johnny's player will love the praise


(7/19/03 7:48 am)
Re: Delgar's Logs
Session 5:

This mining operations portion of the complex is currently empty. Before going further, we backtrack to the other side of the complex where the Evil Cleric We Turned Into Jam came from. I say we, but I mean Rasha and Grot. Tigerhugs look as dangerous as bearhugs. I wonder why they're only called bearhugs? Back to business! We explore down that end and find the cleric's room. A quick search reveals some niceties to check out later. We continue down the passsage and find 2 openings. One has stairs and is guarded by 2 troglodytes. I'm not sure which of our groups was more surprised. I do know which of our groups was faster, as we quickly send one to the afterlife. The other however, was fleeter of foot, and took off down the stairs. The tigertwins and Nuglut chase after him? her? I didn't get that close a look, luckily. There's no way that I can keep up, so the bard and I set up watch on the other passage. All goes well until we hear cries for help from down the stairs. It's the halfling to the rescue! Here he comes, here comes short Johnny, he's a demon on foot. He's a demon and he's gonna be chasin after some trogs... Yep, the bard is singing as we run. Nice song though.

We round a bend and see Nugs and the TigerTwins beset upon by trogs with spears and 1 guy wearing a forge. We wear them down, but the guy in heavy armor gets away. We're all wounded horribly, and exhausted from a long day of archaeology, so we decide to barracade ourselves into the room which had the howler. There were 2 ballistae facing the door. I daresay whoever disturbs our rest will get the point to not do it again, ever. And thus, another day ends in the life of Johnny and the Half-Orcs.


Edited by: Delgar2 at: 8/2/03 9:40 am
(8/2/03 9:39 am)
Re: Delgar's Logs
Session 5:

After a surprisingly uneventful night, we wake up Energized, like
bunnies! We carefully sneak out the door and back down the
passages, and see noone else around. As we go down the trog
passages we're attacked! 3 trogs with spears, I'll call them Pointy
Trogs, and more. We must be nearing that damned tree. Another
cleric in heavy armor. Rasha tackles a Pointy Trog. The other 2
engage whomever they can get their point across to. The Heavy
Armor Trog, HAT, summons up some elementals. Rasha's
meanwhile finished her Pointy Trog snack. While I keep the other
Pointies busy, the elementals bracket Rasha and start bashing her
the way earth elementals do. Nuglut downs the baby elemental!
Then, realizing where his true power lies, he drops his weapon,
pulls out another, and really starts laying into the trogs. Grot aids
Rasha, I dance around the trogs, Nuglut's on his
weapon-drop-inspired battle rage. The tide has turned for Mr.
HAT. Where he was previously brimming with confidence, he is
instead about to be tipped over and boxed. At least we have our
tactics down pat, when it comes to fighting HATs. Pounce,
pounce, surround, aid, poke, strangle, smush into paste. We win.

Now, for the real purpose of our mission. We explore these
tunnels in search of evidence for Atlantis. After all, these are the
artifact thieves, are they not? Note to self: look for arrow traps
before they hit the tall guys in the band, next time. We discover
the HAT's bedchamber, and root through it. We find a few
modern day items, but nothing old and interesting. We follow the
passages a little further. Using my keen sense of underground
navigation, I determine that we've done a circle, and have seen all
but what's down this one passage. As we advance in that
passage, we come upon a cavern with a lot of stalagmites and
stalactites. A small path has been cleared through it to the other
side. I suggest to the Half-Orcs that this is a good place for an
ambush. Grot calls out: Is anyone out there going to ambush us?!
Lo and behold, the tactic worked as a manticore started throwing
spikes in our general direction. I scoff at thrown spikes, just like I
do at arrow traps. Can't tall people see that they're impaired? Big
targets just waiting to be knocked over? Along with being sexy
and irresistable, us short folk also have all the survival traits from
natural selection. I'm not sure tall folks will be around in a few
thousand years. It's a pity, as some of them are nice. Anyways,
back to the manticore. Grot changes into a flying turkey and
attacks it in midair. The rest of us can't reach. Grot gobbles all
around it, herding it down towards us on the cavern floor. At
which point, we attack! I black out for a few, probably due to my
excitement. The beast is slain, Yay Grot! Yay Nuglut! Yay Rasha!
Surprisingly, for all that we deftly avoided the ambush by calling
out our attacker, we've taken much damage, and need to rest.
Back to the ballistae room. If there are any trogs following, our
Points are bigger than your Points. Now scram!


(8/2/03 9:43 am)
Re: Delgar's Logs
As of this point the players have made it to level 7.

Grot: Druid 7
Nutlug: Bar 1/Clr 6
Johnny: Rog 6/Wiz 1

And everyones favorite NPC!

Redithidor Halfmoon: Brd 5

Redithidor survived the dragon, he survived the moathous and he survived the CRM Northern entrance. He's a survivor and his singing ability is improving!


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