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(7/17/03 3:57 pm)
Reactions to Hedrack's death.
A long story short, Hedrack has been slain, yet most of the other powerful people are still about - the Triad, Lareth, Tessimon, and Thrommel, to name a few.

I was just wondering how some of them might react to this - who could the Triad appoint to take his place? Would Thrommel start acting differently, and take advantage of the situation? (I was somewhat under the impression it was Hedrack keeping him in line).

(7/17/03 10:58 pm)

Re: Reactions to Hedrack's death.
How public was his death? If it was done quietly, Varachan (being second-in-command) will step up to the plate and begin helping the PCs in earnest.

Siobharek is a tale
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(7/18/03 12:13 pm)
Me too! Me too!
Well, I too am interested in this as Hedrack was ambushed and killed IMC just last week. I have some thoughts but would like to hear others as well. IMC most notable Outer Fane residents are still there (it was a teleport hit and run specifically targeting Hedrack on his way to the Great temple to worship) too.

Here are my thoughts (not necessarily to be used together):

1) Varachan will take control of the Outer Fane. I don't think he will be too thrilled with this prospect. He has trouble going in a few places in the Outer Fane and he is safer not being noticed. If I were him, I would quikly and quietly leave! which leads into...

2) A power struggle between Naquent and Varachan ensues. Their relative rank was not cast in stone and now that Hedrack is gone, Naquent may make her move. Varachan has been acting strange and avoiding certain duties lately. Perhaps his madness has incapacitated him. Now is the time to take him down. Long story short, Varachan is found out when he doesn't defend himself in a confrontation or refuses to enter the temple, etc. HE is deposed and killed. Naquent now rules the Outer Fane.

3) Thrommel. Perhaps Hedrack and Varachan were the only ones able to keep him in check. Neither can oppose him now. I am very seriously considering this option. He carfully Vampirises Naquent and/or Varachan. He then gains control of the Outer Fane. His ultimate goal being to escape the CRM and wreak havoc on the world at large. The problem with htis one is that I don't see him sticking around to fight the PCs. Would he?

4) If precautions are not taken by the party, Hedrack's remains will be taken to the Black spike. He will be raised/ressurected by the first and put back in charge.

5) If Hedrack or Naquent are in charge, gloves come off. No more assassins and Invisible stalkers. Some serious scrying happens, the oracle is pumped for info, and a posse is created. Chymon or Thrommel are set loose on Rastor or any other community that has been known to support the party. The outer fane should have a patrol that regularily passes through each area. Use the bugbears or Orges.

Those are some of the things I've come up with, but it is definately not an exhaustive list... Anyone else?

(7/18/03 2:39 pm)

The temples are not fighting each other to death. Hedrack is no longer able to stop the temples killing each other off


Dunrat and Jaroo may end up returning to thier temples since they haven't retrieve their order for such and such a long times

3) Varachan and Nanquet will ends up fighting each other. Since Varachan is possibly Hedrack's favorite, he will have an upper hand and dispose Nanquet. Keep in mind, Nanquet will probably have a blessing of Fire Temple, while Varachan will have the supports of everything else.


The Triad will not do anything. They just don't care. Overall, Hedrack is smarter and more organized than the Triad.

If you want to make Triad smart, Triad can appoint one of their doomdreamer rank to assemble the control. This will not SIT well with Nanquet, whom will fight that appointed one to death. Triad will laugh it off, but become a bit suspicious if Varachan didn't get involve directly.

5) Imix will appoint the half fiend/medusa to take over.

6) The evil druid will prance and dance around. He will be so happy that he'll inform the party well done and even give away his stuffs.. nearly for free, that is.

7) Simply put, chain of command broke down completely..

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