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(7/24/03 10:35 pm)
Changes to flunkies
my players were getting kinda jaded with fighting the elemental temple flunkies, so i thought i'll try a little surprise, and it certainly shook them up. here, i present the slightly boosted, a little bit more elite, unsung heroes of the Stalagos - the "Level 1 Warriors", with a "Psychic" throw into the mix.:evil

i don't think i should throw them out too often, because the PCs may get jaded otherwise.

Temple Fanatic

Level 2 Psychic Warrior
Race: Human CR: 2

Strength 16
Dexterity 12
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 12
Charisma 8

BAB: +1
Melee: +6 (MW Long Sword)
Ranged: +3 (MW Throwing Axes)
AC: 18
Power Points: 3
Inits: +1
HP: 18
Damage: 1d8+3 (19-20, x2, longsword), 1d6+3 (20, x2, throwing axes)

Power Attack
Psionic Weapon
Weapon Focus – Long Sword

(3/ day free)
Third Eye

Jump +10 (+8, -2 Armor check penalty)
Tumble +8 (+6, -2 Armor Check penalty)
Concentration +7
Autohypnosis +6
Stabilize Self +7
Listen +1
Spot +1

MW Long sword
MW Chain Shirt
MW Large Steel Shield
MW Throwing Axes x 2
Potion of Cure Light Wounds
Potion of Enlarge (5th level caster)
2 of the appropriate element alchemical items – Alchemist’s Fire for Fire Temple, Thunderstone for Air Temple, Acid for Earth Temple, Unholy Water for Water Temple.
20 gold pieces each
Elder Elemental Eye symbol

This is how i used them:

Upon entering the fray, the zealots will invoke prayers to the elder elemental eye, and perform a flurry of flailing, forceful cuts in the air with their long sword in the shape of the corresponding temple symbol, and they will cut their own foreheads with their swords in a bid of religious ecstasy. As the blood from the wound seeps off, the wound glows with hidden power and transforms into a seething Third Eye (level 0 power), and they will toss their Throwing Axes as they are guided by the eye. Unlike the other flunkies, i made these guys co-operate together, they flanked, aided each other, and power-attacked in unison, and the glowing red/silver/brown/blue-green auras of energy around their blades (psionic weapon) made my PCs think, WTF?


Hope this is of use to somebody. Ta!

(7/25/03 6:24 am)
Re: Changes to flunkies
Very cool! I think I might very use them, though I might tone them down to 1st level or reduce them in half or just use a couple in a group.

How about instead of regular potions and masterwork items, how about some psionic gear?

(7/25/03 8:47 pm)
flunkies' gear
i was thinking of tying in these more elite warriors to having been "touched" by Satau the Illithid Oracle, therefore triggering their nascent psychic powers. It is therefore not inconceivable that they have some bits of psionic gear..

what could work well would be tattoos of biofeedback or vigor on their bodies - did anyone play Samurai Showdown 64, on the arcade, when it came out? There were these bad guys who would appear out of nowhere, the landscape would rumble and a burst of ochre, purple lightning would erupt into the landscape, and strange purple/ blue skinned men with funny eye tattoos across their entire body would come out to fight your character. Imagine an entire lattice of tattoos, spreading over the zealots' body, in an emblem of the Elder Elemental Eye.

You could make the zealots wear a vaguely S-and-M-inspired mask, that deprives them of hearing and seeing normally, and part of their psionic gear could be a power stone or tattoo of "Feel Light" or something.

Then, hrm, these guys as i ran them were having a bit of a field day counter-tumbling my PC rogues and bards. They were not as useful though, due to their lower skill totals, so you could perhaps give them access to some "shards" of psychic resonance crafted by Satau that grants them a one-time, one-use, bonus to Tumble?

(7/27/03 3:34 pm)
Re: flunkies' gear
These guys sound really good, and I have been looking for a way to shake the campaign up a bit.

Just a couple of questions:

1: Do these guys have any Psi combat modes? If so, what are they?

2: Where did you get the new powers from? They are not in the PsiHB.



(7/27/03 7:25 pm)
power modes and new powers
hola, oops, to clear things up..

1, they have "Empty Mind" and "Thought Shield" as their power modes; they've been moulded by the military engine of the Cults into becoming efficient, confident, undoubting enforcers.

2, as for the source of the new powers, here's a link to the Mind's Eye, which has lots of iffy goodies for psionics. there's a PDF file in there that collects most of the new stuff up to the end of 2002, but check it for monthly updates for psionics.,3

hope this helps out!

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