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Tenacious B
(7/28/03 6:35 am)
New Party - will they have problems?
At the behest of my players, we are beginning RttToEE from the beginning. I am excited, and concerned.

First, here is the group they selected, ECL 4

Drow Wizard 2
Drow Ranger 2
Human Fighter 4
Drow Cleric 3 (lloth - bonus lvl for playing party ruler)
Barghest 4 (3hd)
Imp 4 (3hd)

They have all the RP/politics of the party established. My fear is that the ECLs are going to get them all killed. Surely some of you have experience with this.

(FYI, this campaign is for a group that pays me to DM, which I wouldn't bring up except that I can't exactly tell them to start over and pick a new party. Well, I could, but not as easily as under normal circumstances.)

Secondly, I'm worried about the Homlet RP sections of the campaign. From my reading - these people will be most unwelcome in Homlet.

I won't be starting for about a month, so I have a little time to adapt things now. Please send help.



(7/28/03 11:15 am)
Re: New Party - will they have problems?
i'd have to say a few things first.

First, if they are paying you to DM, shouldn't you be experianced enough to know if they will survive?

Second, background helps on how homlet people will react. are they the all too overused "good drow" (i'm guessing not, since they have a cleric of lloth)
So i'm assuming lloth doesn't like the idea of this cult taking any more of her members/ or another dark god to compete with and is sending these guys to disrupt his activities.

in the first case, they will meet them with suspission, but may earn the trust of the important figures in the town once they clear the moathouse or whatever.

second case, i'd assume they wouldn't get any help from the town, i'd say if you were going to truly roleplay it, they'd get chased out of town, locked in jail... etc. etc. to get supplies, they might have to steal... makes it more interesting playing a bad guy.

Can they handle it? depends on the party tactics and yours. if they are experianced, they will probably be able to survive easily. if they have no idea what they are doing, they will probably die.
Which brings up the question, should you care? I don't know if by paying you they expect you to be on a leash, but to me, party death although it should be avoided, is a part of the game. In which case, make resurection cheap (although whos going to do it, certainly not cannoness Y'dey. ) or tell them tough luck, you chose your characters, you knew the weaknesses, and you choose to be evil, so live with the consquences.

Thats just my opinon on the whole thing.

Tenacious B
(7/28/03 12:26 pm)
Re: New Party - will they have problems?
As for the supply issue, I am adding a Kobold run underdark out-post about the same range from CRM as is Homlet. It will the same general resources as Homlet. Also, a large underdark city the same range away as Verboc (sp?). My Homlet concern is more along the role playing lines, and getting leads to start them on the moathouse path.

They are most decidedly not "good" drow. And you are correct about their motives, which may be the answer to the question of getting them to the moathouse. Possibly the cleric is specifically directed there to get the ball rolling. I hate to give up all the RP potential of Homlet, but with a Drow/Monster party, I may not have a choice. I guess I could plant some temple spies and foes in the Kobold village, turn it into an evil underground Homlet.

The ECL thing is a bigger concern for me, because I know the module is a grinder, and they are going to be behind on HPs and Caster Level. Having a six character party may off et this problem slightly. Still, I'm very interested in the experience of any DMs who have run a party with many ECL characters through the campaign.

As for being on a leash, our arrangement puts serious limits on what adventures we run and what party they play. But, once we get going, I most decidedly do not remain leashed - a fact to which they will all attest. This is our third campaign together. The first ended when the entire party was captured, and the second with a party victory over the BBEG - so we are 50% lifetime togehter.

(7/28/03 1:10 pm)
Re: New Party - will they have problems?
I might recommend that you talk to them and simply tell them that you are concerned with the raw number of PCs who are taking ECL-races, and with the overall shortage of HD, hp, and caster levels that's resulting from it. Let them know that you'll run things either way, but that a tough adventure's going to be that much tougher (at least to start) if they all go this route.

Once they've had a chance to chew on that, and still want to play Drow/Imps/Barghests, they're on their own.

I'm interested in your suggestion of an "evil Hommlet". One thing you might consider doing is to un-ghostify Nulb and instead repopulate it with the same scurrilous dregs that occupied it in the old ToEE days...just unfocused and not a real threat to anyone.

Nulb could function as an initial supply town...Lareth could even, potentially, be living there openly. It would certainly put a different dynamic on discovering him later.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

Tenacious B
(7/29/03 8:25 am)
Re: New Party - will they have problems?
I did express my concerns about the party, and I also warned them the campaign was "a grinder". But they like the idea of the party so much I couldn't really put my foot down.

We'll make it work.

After reading Andorax's post, I checking into the Nulb idea. Loved it. Will be implemented.



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