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Offgall Fizziwigg
(7/31/03 10:57 am)
Main Entrance Prisoner
My group took one priosoner at the main entrance. They will likely interrogate him. He would certainly spill the beans about the Earth Temple there because they two groups are neighbors. Would he know about the ettin and the dragon to the south? I figure this guy has no loyalty to the Temples or Big T, so he wouldn't mind giving away some good info. On the other hand, he will want to do harm to the party. After all, most of his friends just died at their hands. I think he would try to steer them south to their doom, without warning them of the dangers.

If he manages to escape, I am going to run him to the Earth Temple, where he will tell them all about the PCs, and what he knows of their capabilities and gear. Then he will be sacrificed to a Xorn. :lol

(7/31/03 11:55 am)
Re: Main Entrance Prisoner
I agree that he would know about the ettin, possibly even the dragon. I would not, however, have him tell the party about the dragon. He probably also knows about the basilisk, though he might be able to skirt that a little bit, but I can't offhand think of a way to get the party to wander into the chamber without thinking about danger.

I reason he would know about Marlgran because the module says something to the effect of Marlgran letting guards past for a small fee. If you wanted to throw a red herring in there, maybe you could have the prisoner suggest to the party, "Make sure you tell Marlgran that you're with the Air Temple. He loves the Air Temple." You can then have Marlgran actually hate the Air Temple, if you wish, and see how the group reacts. Perhaps a truth spell would reveal differently, but they should expect the prisoners to lie.

"Then he will be sacrificed to a Xorn."
Love it. The more the merrier! :)

Offgall Fizziwigg
(8/1/03 5:10 am)
Re: Main Entrance Prisoner
Yeah, I'm trying to find a good way to trick the characters, but the psion will probably use her powers to see is the prisoner is lying. It will be hard to dupe this party, but I need to figure out a good lie anyway. He's afraid for his life, so he'll give some good info. He also hates the PCs, so he will also try to lead them to their deaths. The trick is figuring out the way he will present this information. That is my sticking point.

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