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(8/4/03 8:09 am)
Am I about to go too far?
Here's the situation:

After mashing down the moathouse, the party returned to Hommlet. There, the Paladin decided to visit the head of each religious organization (Y'Dey, Yether, the nature woman, and the Druid, in that order), and gave them a full accounting of what they had discovered - including the journal of Geynor Ton, and all the artifacts they found. Y'Dey, who the Paladin talked to first, recognized the holy symbol of Tharizdun, and freaked - and he related that to the rest of the priests. He also let Burne know the whole picture, and Burne set up a watch around the mill, with his Badgers.

And of course, the Doppelganger knows all of this.

So, I'm thinking that the cultists would panic, since their cover just got blown in a potentially BAD way - major attention drawn to them, no escape, etc.

Chatrilon was dispatched to dispatch the priests, Burne, and the party.

Coup de grace against a sleeping target w/sneak attack damage SO overwhelms the assassin's instant kill attack that it's not even funny. With that wand of invisibility, and his obscene move silently, none of the NPCs ever heard him coming.

The party doesn't know any of this yet, so I can retcon it if this turns out to be a bad idea.

The party spent the night at Spugnoir's house, keeping watch 2 at a time. Chat slips into the room that they're in when somebody slips out to go to the loo, and bides his time for a good target. He takes a strike at Spug (who is awake, along with one party member) and rolls a 1. I think he needed a 3 to miss.

Luckily for him, he wins initiative, and hides himself quickly with the wand again. Three VERY tense rounds pass, before one of the players gets this crazy idea to track him using her ranger tracking skills. I said what the heck, she rolls obscenely high, I let her track him, everybody takes attacks but misses, and he pops out and nails Spugnoir dead.

Then the Paladin smites him.

D20:19+9(STR+BAB+MW)+4(smite)=32, hit, possible crit.
D20:11+9(STR+BAB+MW)+4(smite)=24, crit confirmed

Damage is d8+3(strength)+5(smite)x2, or 2d8+16.

2d8:8+7=15+16=31 points of damage

I think he dropped to -8 from full. Ouch.

Anyways, the party doesn't know about the events in the rest of town yet - and I'm wondering if this really is the way I want to take it. Any suggestions?

(8/4/03 8:16 am)
Re: Am I about to go too far?
Honestly? I'd revise history and go after the PCs first. After all, offing the leaders of a community is a very poor way to keep a low profile. Nameless adventurers who haven't been here a week aren't going to cause nearly the stir...and hopefully, they still have the artifacts in question (the other really important issue to the cultists).

As well, I think you may have undersold your NPCs taking reasonable precautions, especially in light of knowing there's trouble. Would Burne not set an Alarm spell? Would Y'Day not at the very least have a lock on her door (if not an outright bar)?

Anyways...I'd suggest that you retro it to be the PCs as the first targets.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

(8/4/03 8:27 am)
Re: Am I about to go too far?
I agree with Andorax. Perhaps _one_ of the civic leaders was successfully assassinated (Yether seems like a good one, since he's the least equipped to protect himself), but certainly not all of them. Maybe the Doppleganger can be doing double duty on Yether and Jaroo, now; just don't try to get them in the same room at the same time!

(8/5/03 10:49 am)
Re: Am I about to go too far?
How about Chat sneaks into the mill invisibly, uses his wand on the others & they all escape in the night?

Their last act as they sneak away - set fire to the mill - adds confusion to the mix.

Heck Retcon so that the villains have escape (fleeing to the moathouse to meet with the wagon that's coming) and Chat goes back to finish off the PC's.
(I had one of my players shuddering on the weekend as he recalled their close call with the assassin).

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