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(8/5/03 6:26 am)
Psionics in the Temple...
One of the characters in my group is a dwarven psionic warrior. He is only 4th level now, so his psionic abilities are still limited. However, soon he'll be able to use stronger abilities and psionic attacks.

Beside Satau the mindflayer, there aren't any obvious psionic creatures. I do want to add some psionics to the adventure. Is there anyone who changed/added some psionics to the RttToEE?

At least one evil NPC should be a character of importance. Is there a character that would be a good or obvious choice? Also I'm thinking of adding some psionic powers to Tulian's eye.

Are there any good /neutral NPC's that would be a good choice for adding some psionic powers? I hope you guys can give some useful advice...

(8/5/03 6:42 am)
Re: Psionics in the Temple...
Take a look at the splatbook suggestions in the BoB. There you'll find a nice suggestion from Boden Blagden on Kadiss (Telepath), and even a small change to Nilbool (using the Mindbender PrC though, not really psionics).

Other suggestions:
1. I could easily see Tippesh as a psionicist. If you want to go out on a limb, you could make her a mindflayer in disguise, apprenticed to Satau, and sent into the CRM as a experience-gathering exercise and to keep an eye on things.

2. Although the idea of Naquent becoming a psionicist is possible, without her, Hedrack would have to rely on Varachan too much, and that would quickly uncover his treachery. Instead, perhaps one of the drow would make a get psionicist.

3. Kellial or Zert would make a good psychic warrior.

(8/5/03 7:02 am)

i posted some stuff a while back on changing some of the more elite flunkies of the Temples to psychic warriors, and i also made Tal a telepath in my game. Links here:

Tal the Telepath:

Flunkies as Psi Warriors:

I changed Kellial to a psychic warrior with great effect; check out the Mind's Eye for cool powers and prestige classes. In my game, Kellial worked really well using Reach and his whirlwind attack with the Sword of Air against my PCs, and the biofeedback power is useful when fighting lots of PCs. If you like, you could make a grim psion or dread champion as one of the cultists - both are prestige classes focusing on undeath and vile material from the Mind's Eye.

Check out the Mind's Eye here :,3

hope this is useful!

(8/5/03 7:59 am)
Re: psi-links
That's most certainly useful. Thanks, all good ideas. Has satau played a significant role in your campaigns? Beside being a oracle, satau isn't an important NPC, or am I wrong?

I guess I will change a number of NPC's to psionics, or psi warriors... How about items? Are there any objects that could be changed in psionic items?

What could be the risk of having a powerful psionic in the game? Is there a change that it changes the balance of the game? I have decided that I will handle psionics as a kind of magic. Therefore magic resistance will work against psionics. Hopefully, this will keep balance in the group. Is there anyone who has experience with this?

(8/5/03 9:55 am)
Re: psi-links
Theoretically, Satau is the one who uncovers Lareth as the prophesied Champion and presents this information to Hedrack. Once he does so, then his usefulness is over. Satau probably even realizes this, so if you come up with additional plans for Satau given this information, that would be great.

IMO, it is a must to treat psionics as magic. If you do not, it will greatly unbalance psionics, the biggest concern with it in the first place. No one in the cores has any immunity or resistance to psionics.

(8/5/03 7:02 pm)
magic versus psi
for the purposes of both game balance and enjoyability by everyone around the table, it's best that you allow Spell Resistance to work against Psionics as well; otherwise, you'll have very disgruntled spell-casters.

Another suggestion in the Psi-Handbook, on page 39, may work; i think the option for "specialty spells and powers" will work very well to keep game balance alive, while still allowing psionics and magic to have distinct flavors. In case you don't have it handy, the option talks about adding the following spells to your game:

Detect Psionics - Level 2 spell
Dispel Psionics - Level 5 spell

they do the same thing as Detect Magic and Dispel Magic, except that they take up higher-level slots to reflect the specialist nature of seeking to affect psionics with magic.

You could also add these powers to the psi list:

Detect Magic - Level 2 power
Negate Magic - Level 5 power

Ergo, the same as before, except this time it works on magic. (Note that disgruntled wizards can be appeased with the fact that they can choose to simply buy a scroll and scribe it into their spell lists, unlike psions, who have to burn another power slot to work against magic.. disgruntled sorcerors, let' em grunt away as they've got more spell slots than psions get spell slots anyway :-P)

I've also experimented with making SR less effective by 5 against psionics and PR less effective by 5 against magic. It's not that big a change, makes both sides happy, and keeps the flavour alive; the only difference is that there's a bit more book-keeping to do, so your mileage may vary.

Also, if you plan to give psi a bigger chunk of importance in the game, i've found that occasionally throwing in psionic treasure tends to help. If psions and psychic warriors are gonna play a bit of a role in your game, you could toss in some psi-flavored equipment, just to show that your PCs aren't the only psions running about.

Lastly, if you're running an Oerth game, linking up with the clergy of Xan Yae, Goddess of Mental Power, Twilight, and Shadows, and Zuoken, Demigod of Physical and Mental Mastery, may work well as story hooks for your PCs. The Clergy of Sardior, the Ruby Dragon, Draconic Master of Knowledge and Psionics, also can play a role in being psionic-equipment-merchants, if your PCs want psionically-flavored equipment, training in prestige classes, or access to old lore.

Hope this helps!

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