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(8/6/03 7:28 am)
Lightning Towers???
Okay.....quick question about the lightning towers, and getting past them......

If I read properly, the only way to move past them without getting zapped is to have the blessing from one of the temples, teleport, or ethereal....which none of my PCs have the capability to do.

Little background:

PCs took out the front gate went south, talked through fire bride complex, freed the orcs(IMC the Orcs were trapped by hydra and DGran's thugs...I took this idea of less savage Orcs from rastor), opened the dwarven temple, and took out the air temple. Dwarf in the group used that seeing stone to see his past, and saw his fore father as one of the only six dwarves to escape the invasion of the CRM's. Through dreams I had been sending him through the campaign he knew of their other five ancestors to find and reclaim the mines.

Long story short, the dwarves have returned to take back what is theirs'. The PC's are heading back to the air bridge(they have the greater air key). The other group of dwarves are heading for the fire temple(which was sacked by the water temple and mostly destroyed while the PC's were in Verbobonoc.)

The PC's in last night's game just mopped up the remaining Earth temple group(Sernac?, swordmaster, six loyal guards, and xorn) Now the group is almost to the bridge and they have no way to get across??!!??

Should I throw a scroll of teleport in the bridge complex? Should I make them really think about it and have to go back to Verbob to get one? Should I have the dragon attack them on the bridge while they are getting hit by lightning and shoot for the TPK....oh wait that was my evil DM dark half coming through....sorry!!

What do yall think?


(8/6/03 7:52 am)
Re: Lightning Towers???
What's the level of the party?

I'd say that the lightning towers do not fire bolts if any member of the group marching across the bridge are either blessed or have a greater key. Remember, however, that the greater key stays together for only 15 minutes.

Others have put forward that the towers are only meant for air defense and cannot hit the bridge. This works out if you decide that the lightning can only fire from the top of the tower.

PS Check out the second page of the FAQ for some additional comments. Also, do not throw random scrolls of teleport anywhere. That much deus ex machina should be very rare.

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