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(8/11/03 6:19 am)
Water Temple assault on the Fire Temple?
How exactly is this plan supposed to play out? In the module, it says that the Kuo-Toas and the mephit enter via the doors to the Eastern Bridge, but how do they get there?

Do they have access to Lake Stalagos from the Water Temple? The map shows a dotted line as part of the boundary of the temple, but the description doesn't say anything about it. Is that supposed to be a removable net or something that lets the Kuo-Toa and the Water Mephit swim to the eastern bridge? That would also explain how the water temple was able to secure access to the Water Door boat launch without clearing the intervening areas. But how do they avoid the Chuul?

IMC, the party may be about to enter the Water Temple. They have a habbit of attacking first, asking questions later, which I'd like to try to change to introduce a bit more RP into the CRM. What I'm planning is for Kelashein to have a note from Varachan, informing him privately of the arrival of four "mercenaries" sent to assist the Water Temple in their assault against Fire, and to assist the human Water cult in their ascendancy over the Kuo-Toa. (Varachan, of course, just wants to destabalize the CRM as much as possible, while giving the party what assistance he can.) So if the party starts a fight in the Water temple, Kelashein will arrive and order a halt to the fighting, and negotiate safe passage for the party if they join the assault against Fire.

But if the party agrees, how would they get there? They're not swimmers (and one member wears full plate), and the CRM route seems pretty dangerous, with the bugbears in the way. Could the party get to the inner wall of the crater from the water temple, and then climb along the outside to the eastern bridge while the Kuo-Toa swim below?

(8/11/03 6:51 am)
Re: Water Temple assault on the Fire Temple?
Kadiss (see CRM 171) is parleying (unsucessfully) with the bugbears to align themselves with the Water Temple. Your players may be the key element to either sway the bugbears to join in on the attack, or be eliminated. Either way, the players then have to deal with some other "natrual hazards" (darkmantles and displacer beasts) before negotiations with the Earth Bridge is possible.

The Earth Bridge commander, Eeridik, isn't likely opposed to intertemple fighting (especially between Water and Fire) and would likely allow them passage for some negotiated payment (cash, magic or other). Depending on how beat up your PCs and the Water Temple forces are then Eeridik may bully them on their way back through the Bridge Complex.

Alternately, I assumed that the dashed line was the part that was underwater and had the exit out into the lake. A series of spells (waterbreathing and fly) on each character could get them anywhere in the lake, including the Water Door. The Chuul can be commanded not to attack by the kou-toa cleric, Poolidib but that doesn't mean it can't also be commanded by Nilbool. So, if a Water cleric accompany them it is an easy ride out to the Water Door (perhaps through the Fane!) to the Earth Bridge Complex.

One way or another they'll have to deal with Eeridik to follow the attack plan of the Water Temple.

(8/11/03 8:29 am)
Re: Water Temple assault on the Fire Temple?
IMC, it was Moolowik (the Kuo-Toa Rogue that is near Vranthris, area 28) who parleyed with the party and negotiated for them to assist in the raid on the Fire Temple.

The deal was...return tomorrow at Sunset, I'll bring the boat, you'll come with me and we'll meet up with the rest of the group.

PCs showed up. Moolowik borrowed the boat from the Water "Bridge" (I ruled the Chull won't attack Kuo-Toa), towed it over to meet with the PCs, and towed it back to the Earth Bridge where the assault force had swam to meet the PCs.

Eeridik charged them a nice little bribe to let them through, and away they went. Attack proceeded apace, and (long story short), the big NPCs Word of Recalled out, the other surviving Kuo-Toa fled, and the PCs emerged victorious anyways.

Unbeknownst to them, the minor Kuo-Toa met with a full Warrior/Ogre/Troll ambush on their return and had nothing to pay the "return toll" with, summarially being smashed and having their heads stuck on spears.

The PCs, of course, would be politely let through back to the bridge itself, at which time Eeridik would offer to *sell* them the boat that the Ogres had hauled up and stored in a side room after the PCs had arrived.

However, it didn't happen...the PCs managed to bash their way clean through the Fire Temple and emerge out the far end...beaten, battered and bruised...but alive.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

(8/11/03 8:48 am)
Re: Water Temple assault on the Fire Temple?
I'd have preferred to do it that way, but my party hasn't gone south from the main gate yet, so Moolowik isn't in the picture.

(8/11/03 9:27 am)
Re: Water Temple assault on the Fire Temple?
As the party goes clockwise they must first cross Gouquog's pool. That would be a good place to parley. Perhaps the Water Temple has heard about the adventurers and Kelashein has set up Nilbool on the other side to negotiate and order the hag to stand down if the negotiation works out. If the group demands to act before talking then you should explain to them OOC to not force initiative, that talking before initiative does not give someone a disadvantage and being the "first to say they act" is not the person to first act. I'm not sure if this is what is happening, but it sounds like it. In other words, unless it is an ambush of some sort, you should almost always have time to parley before a fight.

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