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(8/11/03 4:31 pm)
funny moment from the temple ruins

Just had to share a moment from our session yesterday. Basically, the group has previously cleared the main hobgoblin contingent at the temple ruins, and had gone back to Hommlet to raise their one fallen comrade. In the two days it takes them to get to Hommlet and get back, I decided that the tower hobgoblins made a truce with Alubya, moved into the main ruins, cleared out the treasure the party left behind (oh, they hated me for this one) to a safer spot, and started actively looking for new recruits.

The tower guys have met the party - the party found the tunnel originally (after stumbling on and speaking to Undra) and thats how they came in. The tower hobgoblin leader "negotiated" with the party for "safe passage", knowing all the time that the party would probably easily wipe the floor with his little troop. He remembered them well and was very cautious, knowing they were the one that cleaned out the temple, and expecting them to return (that's why the treasure was cleaned out).

So the party came back, and sent the rogue invisibly to investigate. Nothing came out of that except that she heard the tower leader (whom she recognized) mention a meeting later on in the day with Alubya (whom she did not). So the party, being the paranoids that they are, set up an ambush on the trail leading to the front gate, not realizing that Alubya is in fact in the temple area already. They buff up, giving bull's strength and mage armor and various and sundry to everyone, while I am holding myself from laughing at their being so afraid of a few hobs!

Time passes, and night falls. They realize they must have missed the mysterious Alubya. So the Rogue goes in again. This time, she goes through the temple all the way to Krebbich's old room, where the tower leader and Alubya are sleeping together (hobs have needs too, you know). She comes in the room, and sees the statue... the only thing the hobs left in the room because it was too heavy to move and they were planning on breaking it anyway... I describe it as a statue of an elven mounted warrior goddess... the Rogue loses to Alubya the move silently/listen opposed roll, Alubya wakes up and sniffs around, waking the leader up as well. They both smell "elf", but they cant place it (rogue is invisible), so they figure it might be the statue somehow and the leader mentions they will break it down in the morning.

Now the fun begins.

Our elven Rogue, enraged at the notion of the hobs breaking the statue of an elven warrior goddess, stands in front of the statue and booms at the sleeping hobs: "How DARE you think of violating my likeness?!!!". As they wake up startled, she keeps hurling loud, abusive sentences at the hobs, making fun of their race in general and of them in particular, and imploring to try, just TRY to break her statue likeness apart.

The rest of the players are now all in various stages of rolling on the floor laughing.

I try real hard to keep a straight face and play Alubya and the tower leader as confused and worried, and then we roll intimidate/diplomacy opposed checks. The leader fails, and runs screaming from the room. Alubya makes it, casts detect magic on the statue, which comes in positive (since the rogue is there).

At this point even I cant keep a straight face anymore as the rogue player keeps insulting Alubya's intelligence and looks while maintaining the elven goddess facade. So Alubya figures out whats going on, throws a pillow at the statue, and calls upon the rogue to reveal herself.

She eventually does by stabbing Alubya, who immediately surrenders realizing she's overpowered. The leader comes back in the room, sees the rogue whom he quicky recognizes, and quickly negotiates her leaving in return for a promise of allowing the party to search through the ruins the following morning under his supervision, which is what ends up happening.

Oh, and he gave them the statue.

(8/11/03 5:38 pm)
Talk about being pissed on by your DM!
LOL. RP wise the party had no choicem but player wise you must have been hearing teeth grinding teeth :evil

U r0x0r! :rollin

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