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(8/24/03 12:18 pm)
ThirdWizard's Log
The first session is a go! We're starting up under 3.5 rules, and I plan to make extensive use of the conversion going on here, thanks everyone who's worked on that!

Here's the run of characters:

Corr, a halfling barbarian with a giant sized temper
Gearstomp, a gnome bard who's very good at convincing
Bogo, a halfing cleric of Fharlanghn
Zeber, a gnome sorcerer who likes to blow things up

Notice a pattern? ;) By next session I want a name for them to call their group, and I expect some very intersting names to come up. One of the things that will make this challenging is that we had planned on picking up two more members, but we couldn't find anyone interseted in playind D&D who wasn't already playing in a campaign, so Corr and Zeber are played by the same person and Gearstomp and Bogo are also played by the same person.

I ran an opening session with them in Verbobonc hired out to guard a caravan headed for a gnomish city I added to the Kron hills (to give them an alternative to Verbobonc and since half the party is gnomes I thought it would be interesting). I let them name it and they called it Ak'anon (EQ refernce sadly enough). Then the caravan went to Hommlet and we'll start the next session in Hommlet beginning the adventure.

I'll post the session log as soon as I have their character descriptions up on the weblog thing I'm using for the adventure ( I've already got it written and I'm just waiting to post it. This is gonna be a lot of fun. Can't wait to get into it!

(10/3/03 12:00 pm)
Re: ThirdWizard's Log
The small ones return after not playing for... a while. I've got campaign logs posted at right now. They've met some individuals in Hommlet and are about to head out to the Moathouse. This next adventure is going to be very difficult. The players arn't used to dying, and they're about to face up with Big U. Anyone played him in 3.5 yet? He's a bit different , eg. no hover & more feats, than described, and I still expect him to be very difficult to handle. They're bringing Chat with them, which could help and hurt them at the same time. ;)

I'm just hoping I don't get a TPK in the first encounter of the module!

And the updated Moathouse should be a great help since I'm running 3.5!

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Congratulations... You are officially the idiot who killed a dragon with your foot.
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