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(11/9/03 4:28 pm)
9th November 2003
No game today - 3 players down (Hlin, Illena, and Gunloader).

As a note: Lenny, Hlin, and Illena have just hit 9th level. Hlin took a fighter level.

I plan on awarding Tarquin 500 xp for his first log, then 200 xp per log after that (to whomever does a log for that week) sounds reasonable?

(11/10/03 8:50 am)
Re: 9th November 2003
Sounds like too much, quite honestly. I awarded 200 each for the logs my players did. They are quite long, too (5-10 pages, 10pt font, in a Word doc). You need to tell all the players how much you will award, that way they will fight for the XP. "No, I get to write tonight's log, I need to make some scrolls!" That's the type of comments you may hear, so be careful. The players could turn the logs into magic item-generating systems.

(11/10/03 11:09 am)
Re: 9th November 2003
I'd rather reward them in character. Perhaps some famous bard or researcher is interrested in their exploits and will pay them some cash for their logs. The better the log (and presume the benefactor has a method to check the verasity) the better the reward.

Perhaps the logs will get captured by the baddies if the character is captured or killed.

"It takes an uncommon mind to think of these things, Hobbes." - Calvin

(11/10/03 9:06 pm)
Re: 9th November 2003
It might be late to introduce a system like this, but I'm trying to do reward things like this with RP (roleplaying points) instead. IMC, RP can only be spent on recovering lost XP from death, but mostly because I haven't thought of something else :) This would keep it from being competition with the game elements while still making it worthwhile for players, especially those that enjoy developing their characters.

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(11/10/03 10:24 pm)
Re: 9th November 2003
or hero points, as some people have suggested - reroll that attack/save etc ...hmm the only issue I would have is introducing a 'new' rule to the game. I try to keep these down if I can as consistency is key to me.

(11/17/03 10:20 pm)
26th October & 2nd November 2003 Take two
Journal of Ielenia, Wizard

After another successful battle, where the party killed a number of trolls, it was again back to the small uncivilized village. A human, named Victor, followed us back, wanting to join the group. After members of the group finished their different errands, we all met up in the local tavern to discuss this human.

After the pre-interview with Victor certain characteristics became evident, he is opposed, though some might say racist against Dwarfs. Although I can sympathize with him, being that I am an Elf and believe that all others are misfortunate to not be Elf’s, the Dwarfs in the group are decent enough and I have yet to find any major flaws with them, though this is not taking Gunloader’s incessant chattering into account. He also claims to be doing his bit for the colonies and that he chose his current career because and I quote ‘money, power and prestige’, not so reasonable qualities, through many of the rest are doing it for far worse.

In the middle of our conversation a strange bird landed on Tarquin, the junior spell caster’s, shoulder and gave over a note. Although he was secretive at first it turns out the note was from a group or person who is not impressed with our attempts to rid the dungeon of the various evil doers that have set up base in it. The note warned of impending danger to the group and this worried many of the party, I of course being the strong rock, suggested that we set up camp next to Victor’s forces, so in the event of the attack we would be better protected.

After setting up camp with the help of my shelter spell we set down for a quite night. In the middle of our quiet night assailants attacked, I again came to the rescue and managed to rid the camp from the five creatures, unfortunately three of Victors forces were killed, though will all blessing they should be re-born into Elf’s and better serve the world.

Though strangely one of the creatures that attacked had its right leg longer and more agile than the left and had a strange red tinge, it seems that the creature could be part demon. After another rest day we all set out east into the direction of the fire dungeon.

The room we stopped at contained a 15ft hole with spike’s surrounding it to preventing anyone from climbing out. Also the room was lined with bones, leading to the conclusion that it was a fighting pit. After volunteering my services they were declined, predominantly because the next fight night was tomorrow at midnight, though for the most part it was because of my superior battle skills that they knew would hamper their efforts.

As we left Hiln noticed a black cloak moving towards her it had wings and a tail. In the battle, hold monster subdued us for five rounds with Lenny and Gunloader the only ones exempt. Then we were panicked for two rounds with Tarquin and Victor the only ones able to escape. Luckily when I was recovered I managed to kill the monster and we all headed back to the village.

Paragraphed. Changed tile. Small corrections. :)

As you can see I got two logs from my inital request :P This time I made sure I would only get one log per session, but it is very interesting the differences. :D

Edited by: arcane12 at: 11/17/03 10:24 pm
(11/28/03 1:53 pm)
16th November 2003
Journal of Tarquin the Trancendant, 26 day of Patchwell

Having defeated the cloakers we retired back to Rastor to allow some reflection on the part of Ilhana and Lenny, their exploits having made them both wiser and stronger.

On our arrival in Rastor we were confronted by the local sheriff, a Half-orc of impressive stature, who informed us that we were no longer welcome in town, as the assassin we had killed the night before had turned up in Rastor first, and several towns people had died during the course of his questioning as to our whereabouts. Although several in our party felt that this action was unjustified, I convinced them that as the towns folk now felt threatened by our presence we should remove our selves with all due haste in order to maintain at least a modicum of good will.

By the looks of things our assailant from the previous evening had rifled through our sleeping quarters before coming to see us the night before, fortunately he had not located my chest of valuables.

We spent the night a far distance from town in Ilhana's summoned abode, something a little more permanent is in order I think.

Journal of Tarquin the Trancendant, 27 day of Patchwell

Found a nice tree under which to bury my stash of loot, best remember where I left it. Lenny decided to leave his worldly goods with Victors Sergeant, the trusting sort Lenny.

A brief and uneventful trip back to the Temple and the room where we meet the cloakers.

With our dwarves leading the way we continued on, and found a room full of pots and broken crockery, so much for dwarven instincts.

Deeper within we came upon a large room dominated by a mighty set of doors
bearing an unfamiliar hammer and anvil symbol. Lying in the middle of the room was a dead gnoll, killed by many slashing wounds, curious, but not that worrying. Opening the doors we found a large room, an armoury of some sort, haunted by the spirit of some dwarf or other, a very mad dwarf by the looks of things as he is surrounded be a whirling arc of flying weaponry, needless to say he attacked us and we killed him (more so).
It is hard to tell how this would have gone had Ilhana not fired missiles at one of the weapons, but at lease he is at rest now.

Having acquired a room full of metal working tools we decided to take these back for use in Victors camp for future use.

We headed back into the TOEE later that night, in order to attend the gladiatorial combat planned for that night, although we were none to sure what we would do when we got there, we felt that attending could help our cause and was worth the risks involved.

After paying the 5gp entrance fee we were lead once again into the viewing area around the spike lined fighting pit, only this time the pit was surrounded by assorted members of the TOEE community, among those present were representatives of the fish people who dwelt in the water temple and the monk who had previously done so much damage to us. The first fight between a small spider and a dog was decidedly uninteresting, however during the fight I noticed that our two-dwarvesh companions had popped outside for a chat with the leader of the fishmen (I still don’t know what that was about, I do wonder though). The second match looked to be much more interesting as our cleric Lenny had offered a challenge to a mysterious house opponent, I was greatly amused when, instead of the vile monster Lenny was hoping to
face, an aged dwarf was brought forth in chains and, armed with a small dagger, was promised his freedom if he could beat our fully armed and armoured holy warrior. Trusting in Lenny's ability to deal with this situation without harming the dwarf I was denied the opportunity to capitalise on the situation to gain an advantage over the crowd of evil present when nobody took me up on my offer to bet 10gp on the dwarf, a little odd that such a despicable crowd wouldn’t take on such a sure bet, oh well, we'll have to make do with general mayhem rather than controlled mayhem.
While I waited and prepared to blast bad guys with a storm of ice at the first sign of trouble, Lenny circled his dwarven opponent while he presumably tried to find a way out of his situation that kept his honour intact.
Gunloader then jumped into the ring to save the dwarf, but found herself under attack by one of the smaller gargoyles that ran the arena. Choosing to throw the dwarven prisoner out of the arena so Hilana could shuffle him off to safety, Lenny then charged towards the larger gargoyle with his mace raised to strike, the larger gargoyle struck first and would have precipitated my attack had not Lenny, Victor and Ilana been too close to avoid a friendly-fire incident. Aiming now to prevent the many hostile forces in the
room from adding to the situation I made myself Invisible and flew into the air to be ready to fire my best spells at the first one to join the combat between our fighters and the gargoyles. After disposing of the gargoyles and boosting Gunloader out of the fighting pit Lenny found himself unable to climb free, even when I loaned him my precious ring of climbing Lenny was not able to climb free, seeing the need to leave quickly was rapidly becoming a matter of importance I transformed Lenny into a duck, who was then able to fly free under his own power, I quickly followed.

It has occurred to me, in view of today’s events, that good and evil both engender a certain lack of objectivity in there proponents, I must strive now to rise above such petty concerns and gain the power I need to attain total independence from the so called "Lawful" authorities. I will then be truly free to act, judged only by the gods and my own conscience.

(11/30/03 6:39 pm)
24th November 2003
Journal of Ielenia the Wizard

One week after my last entry I begin my tale again. After again returning to the fighting pit, Lenny our cleric decided to take up the opportunity to fight in one of the rounds. Lenny was paired against a dwarf who after a time in the ring seemed to be lacking in both decent weapons and fighting skills. After this was realized Hiln, managed to rescue and save the Dwarf and take him to safety, while I was able to destroy his captors and create it seems a better fight for the paying crowds.

After we all managed to get back to camp I informed all of my party members about a strange conversation I had with a creature from the water temple. During the first fight this creature offered us the opportunity to destroy the fire temple, by helping out the water temple. After much discussion we all decided that aligning ourselves with the enemy on either side was not a good idea and to attack both temples individually. After this was decided we all went to the water temple and Victor the Human told them of our decision.

The next day we visited the Dwarf and I gave him some gold for his troubles, and wished him happiness in his future, the Dwarf temple were arranging his safe passage back to his home once he was more able. After failing to get a water breathing spell from the wizard in the nearby village, the party, apart from Lenny and Victor, all decided to travel to the elf village to do some shopping to ready ourselves for an attack on the water temple.

In the town Tarquin put up fliers to attract some adventurers for help in our mission. I visited some distant relatives and we exchanged family information and spent some time discussing my adventure and the glory it has bought for my family. After a week or so in town we all traveled back to Victor’s encampment where we learned that Lenny had created a winter shelter for us in the old air temple.

Once in this hideout Gunloader pulled on one of the tapestries, where she was taken under some type of spell that made her think we were evil doers out to get her. After rescuing her from this spell we realized that a demon was trying to attack us, we managed to destroy this demon and after getting the Dwarf from the temple, he created a war hammer that came up from one of the alters and Gunloader used this to destroy the alter and the evil passed away. This, however, was not good news for Hiln whose weapon was destroyed after this incident and is now without a decent weapon.

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