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(8/25/03 8:24 am)
Elemental Grues
Has anyone used the Grues or demonic template from Dragon 285? Where did you put them? did you replace standard creatures or add them to other encounters?

My group is just comming back from a detour and will either take on the earth temple or Main gate and Air.They made brief incursions before. The players have fought some small elementals before and I want to supprise them.

(8/25/03 12:15 pm)
Some ideas
Well, I haven't used them yet, since we won't start RttToEE before the current campaign is finished and that should take at least a year, but I have that particular Dragon Magazine and I think I would use both grues and the demonically fused elementals.

Grues - I would place one in each temple, maybe somehow hidden in each of the altars. Or I could add one secret treasure room in each of the temples and put the grues in these as guardians. Their CR isn't really high but you can allways advance them. And the grue's "spell-objects" would carry the new spells, not resist elements, because I think that would be a cool way to give the party wizard acces to some new spells.

Demonically fused elementals - Okay, so Eeridik (wererat sorcerer in the eastern Bridge Complex) is trying to summon a demon, isn't he? Maybe he is busy creating demonically demonically fused elementals. The players could encounter a small demonically fused elemental (CR 2 or so). This they would defeat easily, but they would learn see it's strange powers in work. Then they could find the notes of Eerdik in some laboratory, describing his experiments and they would learn, that the elemental they just killed was only the first test Eerdik made and since than he already created a far more powerful version and has already delivered it to the Outer Fane. This would be the elder earth elemental at the earth door. You should most likely change the elder elemental to a greater elemental so that the CR doesn't get to high (A demonically fused elder elemental would be CR 14). On the other hand you could describe the abilities of a demonically fused elemental in Eerdik's notes in detail. That would help the party to prepare better for that encounter.
This scenario plays out good IMHO also because Eerdik an the Eastern Bridge Complex is described as being in alliance with the Earth Temple.

Hope this helps.

(8/27/03 2:14 am)

Re: Some ideas
I used the earth grues for restocking the earth temple. My players kept the altars intact (for some reason...) and I ruled that as long as the altars weren't smashed, they called evil earth monsters to guard the temple. At one point it were chaggrin grues, at another it were 2 dao.

I've used the demonic templates for quite a few elementals. I'd be careful though: The resulting SR makes them stick around for another round or two compared to what they'd normally do. In the case of an Earth Elemental that means another weapon sundered.

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