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(8/26/03 8:49 am)
Blue Demon Battle - Thanks Infiniti2000
Thanks to Infiniti2000's conversion work for the Western Bridge Complex, I had significantly less prep work to do before my game last Sunday, so here's a fight summary, as a thanks.

The alert level as in the second stage when the PCs decided to tackle the complex.

The PCs had initially come in through the southern entrance, and cleared out all of the orcs south of the complex. They had later gone in through the western entrance, and cleared everything north of the complex as well. Hence the alerted status in the complex itself...

The party moved south past the umber hulk lairs, did some scouting with arcane eye, and saw the trolls, Krall, Tippesh in her room, the long north-south corridor, and Slaazh in the feast hall with the chained halfling.

Armed with information, the party cast a few prep spells, kicked off an invisibility sphere, and used mage hand to keep a silenced coin in front of them as they approached.

The coin kept the entire corridor bottlenecked, and allowed them to reach the trolls without alerting them...

Except that one of the trolls was within 30 feet of the entrance to the cavern, and smelled them as they made the final approach.

They attacked, as the troll moved towards what he smelled but couldn't see, and a fight began.

Before the party illusionist could move the coin far enough through the cave to block off the southern passage that leads towards Krall's guard post, a good listen check on Krall's part alerted him to a combat in the troll area.

Krall moved forward, saw the battle underway, saw the trolls losing (one dropped as he approached), and saw the use of magic, fire, and excellent swordsmanship on the part of the party.

He was at that point spotted by the gnome illusionist who had darkvision up.

Krall runs back towards the complex, and the party finishes off the 2 trolls.

The party takes some takes 3-4 rounds for them to fully kill the regenerating trolls with fire and acid, and they then took a moment to cast a couple of more spells.

Meanwhile, the complex is being marshalled by the formerly invisible D'Gran. Krall is listening at the door leading into the guard room, ready to alert further as the complex prepares.

The party illusionist, scouts ahead, invisible, while the party prepares and finishes the trolls. He enters the guard room, listens at the door leading into the complex, and then runs as Krall opens the door in preparation to attack the lone intruder he smelled.

Krall then moves back down the corridor, and waits just inside the passage leading to Tippesh's chamber, where Rau is also waiting.

Human warriors man the wall south of the door to the guard post, ready to fire arrows. D'Gran hovers, invisible, above them. Slaazh, Vech, the gnolls, and the other human warriors are in route to the scene of the fight, but haven't had time to arrive and position themselves when...

The party enters the guard room, and one of them opens the southern door leading into the north-south passage.

Initiatives are rolled...noone is surprised obviously, and combat begins.

(*More in the next break it up a little.*)

(8/26/03 9:07 am)
Blue Demon Battle - Thanks Infiniti2000
Combat begins with the party's illusionist dropping a (near max damage) 37 point sonic-substituted fireball just east of the human warriors, where the hallway jogs slightly east before continuing south.

The sound ball hits and kills 5 human warriors, hurts Krall, and wounds the 2 dinosaurs that had been freed to attack by Huenor just before the door opened.

The dinosaurs move forward and pounce on the party bard as he and the paladin and her cohort move forward to find combatants.

Meanwhile the party rogue/illusionist (this one on his way to arcane trickster) has moved forward invisible so that he is skirting along the east wall of the passage, about level with the dinosaurs as they leap past him to attack the bard.

D'Gran appears at the end of that hall (just south of the party, where the job is), and a cone of cold hits the whole freaking party...except the illusionist, who saves and takes no damage thanks to near full cover provided because he is just peaking around the corner, looking through the open door from the guard room. The future arcane trickster takes no damage thanks to evasion as well.

(unfortunatley, D'Gran rolled less than his average damage...such is life).

D'Gran flies up 10' afterwards, to take himself away from the melee combatants.

His cone finished off the dinosaurs as well, but its at about this point that Rau steps out of the door to the west, having gone through the secret passage from the trolls' room.


Krall moves to within 30' of the group after this, as a hoard of human warriors and gnolls makes their way down the hallway...

...prooviding a nice grouping of mooks for the party priestess to drop with an area spell. Made her feel good about things just before Tippesh then spider climbed into view at the top of the wall, and dropped a fireball into the middle of the party.

Same drill as with the cone...rogue and illusionist take no damage, and the rest get hit.

This drives the party cleric back into the guard room, as her poor reflex saves have left her in bad shape.

The invisible rogue/illusionist readies an action (its a new round now) to smack Tippesh with Scorching Ray if she starts to cast again.

Rau further steps in front of the party, ready to lay some smack down on these adventuring chumps...and misses both attacks...lucky Paladin!

Huenor comes out of invisibility at this point to slam two small magic missiles into the paladin's cohort.

D'Gran flies forward (high enough to be out of melee weapon reach), and takes a swing (and a miss!) at the paladin.

The party focuses their attacks (bard, paladin, cohort fighter, hippogriff mount) at Rau, and he takes severe damage (35 hp left after that).

About this time, Vech pokes his head out of the same door Rau came through. Oops! He takes an awkward swing at the cohort as he squeezes out of the doorway, and misses, but will be well set up for his next series of attacks!

Slaazh runs forward to within 15 feet of the party as well now.

Finally, to top off the round, Tippesh goes for another spell...the invisible party rogue/illusionist fires his scorching ray at her...

He misses! Wait....he spends a hero point (we use hero points as rewards for exceptional plays), rolls again, and hits....critical hit!

8d6 damage later, Tippesh is dead, and hangs limply from the wall near the ceiling thanks to sticky hands and feet.

(8/26/03 9:13 am)
Blue Demon Battle - Thanks Infiniti2000
We left it here, to be picked up next week.

As it stands, 8 human warriors and several gnolls are dead. The rest of them are making their way towards the fight from down the hall.

Of the major players from the complex, only Tippesh is dead. Krall is wounded, but regenerating, and with his immunity to fire (thanks to the potion he drank in prep), I expect him to do well.

Rau will certainly drop before he gets to act next round, but Vech will get his 2 swings, and his pet dire wolverine will make a showing as well.

State of the Party:

The front line warriors (paladin & cohort) are within 1-2 swipes of a hill giant club of dying. The party cleric is still within 1 swipe of death, but safely back in the guard room....making it tough for her to heal anyone else though!

The party rogue/illusionist....well, he's not in a good spot. He's at full HP, but Krall is within 5' of him, ready to full attack. Slaazh will charge him as well.

Not only that, but D'Gran is about to lay down unholy blight on the paladin, her cohort, the bard, the hippogriff mount, and perhaps one of the others.

I can't wait to follow up with our game this Sunday....


(8/26/03 9:27 am)
Re: Blue Demon Battle - Thanks Infiniti2000
That is great! :D

Thanks a lot for posting that. It seems like your group had a lot of fun. I think it was cool to use a hero point, but it seems like additional hero points will be used before the combat finishes. :)

After the unholy blight, if things look too bleak for the party, D'Gran might call for a parely, something along the lines of "Leave the paladin", but the rest of you can go. He might then "sell" the paladin to Tessimon for a few salamanders and a minor item or two to supplant his missing trolls and dinosaurs. The paladin can play the cohort, so there's not much downtime for the player other. Anyway, just an idea for you to think should you require an on the spot parley.

(8/26/03 9:31 am)
Thanks Everyone
Btw, I'm just one jelly bean in the jar, as the saying goes, so I'd like to (if I may) pass on this thanks to the whole conversion team. I've already used Delgar2 and msherman's NBC, and I'm sure others will be using other pieces soon enough.

(8/26/03 10:39 am)
Blue Demon Battle - Thanks Infiniti2000
That's a great idea, on the parlay from D'Gran if things go bad next round.

Amazing that so much can happen in the first 2 rounds of combat, really, but with 5 8th level players and a 6th level cohort (plus hippo paladin mount) up against that many bad guys and mooks...

I'll keep that parlay option in my back pocket. Previous attempts to parlay with this group (the kuo-toa whip, the kuo-toa spy, a couple of others) have been cut off quickly by the rather chaotic gnomes (illusionist and rogue/illusionist), whose favorite responses to bad-guy conversations is "HADOKEN!", followed by a fireball.

Vhran, the female Paladin of Helm, is the party leader, and a request that she be left behind in the wake of a surrender would bring some real hilarity if nothing else!


(8/26/03 12:54 pm)
Be prepared for things to fall through. Players can be notorius for not wanting things like this to their characters. This could break the group as well since the Paladin may prefer Death to Dishonor and will decide to scrap the character instead of going through any torture.

(8/26/03 1:22 pm)
Blue Demon Battle - Thanks Infiniti2000
Thanks DestyNova1. I will definitely be preparing for the possibility of a major shake-up among the party.

I have a hard time seriously considering that the party would abandon the paladin, no matter how hopeless it seems, as she has been the rock the party depended on for a while now, and has seen to the raising of a couple of its current members when possible as well.

Beyond that, her death alone would likely result in a major re-alignment of the relationships in the party, and would be interesting.

I have it on good knowledge that the player of the paladin would be neither upset by dying, or anything else that happens in game though....since she's my wife and all.

She's also a good player, and used to run this game before I took over and started them on the path towards the temple.


(9/2/03 6:56 am)
Things get ugly
(We played again last Sunday...)

Picking up where we left off, the party illusionist fires off another Scorching Ray...splitting his 2 rays between the badly wounded Rau, and the unwounded Vech. He assumes a single ray will finish Rau, and is wrong as it only takes Rau down to 16 or so.

Rau is finished off by the paladin and cohort, but managed to get off a good attack of opportunity at the bard in the meantime.

D'Gran drops unholy blight, sickening several, and doing further damage across the board...not to mention scaring some of the players a bit.

At about this point, Krall edges forward and lays a full attack down on the now visible rogue/illusionist, badly wounding him. HIs buddy Slaazh follows up by moving forward and dropping a single (critical) blow on the rogue.

Its hard to remember, but I don't think it was these attacks that killed the rogue/illusionist. I'm pretty sure it was his failed tumble check later that round, followed by the attacks of opportunity. Ouch.

1 dead.

At this point the whole of the complex's forces are in position and chewing away at the party.

The next round sees not much done to the enemy, the gnome illusionist running forward (improved invisible) to try to rescue the corpse of his fallen cousin (the gnome rogue/illusionist)....

For the forces of evil, however, its a good round. Between an angry Vech, Slaazh, and Krall, the paladin is badly wounded, and her cohort sent into single digits.

The retreat is sounded, and on their way out our friendly little blue demon criticals the paladin. hmm...6d6 + 20, I believe? She dies (-16).

Her hippogriff mount bites into her armor, and drags her back into the guard room as the party makes its way there.

D'Gran, however, goes invisible that round, as they retreat.

A judicious use of Grease slicks up the area in front of the door into the guard room as the party gets into it (thanks party bard). Unknown to him, this still leaves the improved invisible gnome illusionist and his now invisible corpse of a cousin on the other side....but a fly spell, followed by flying pas the grease proves this isn't a problem.

Slaazh, isn't so lucky though, as he charges after the party only to fall on his ass in front of the guard room door.

The party is surprised, however, as after half the party has left the guard room into the cave beyond, the party cohort moves to follow only to take an attack of opportunity from an invisible D'Gran, who had entered the guard room and was blocking the exit for him.

The cohort bravely attacks D'Gran, rather than try to run past...and freaking criticals him, putting D'Gran temporarily unconscious.

D'Gran wakes up, and goes invisible before anyone can try finishing off the demon (not that they knew how to kill him even).

The party retreats, corpses lashed to hippogriff, and goes back to Rastor to do some magical communication with contacts they have to aquire 2 raise dead scrolls.

(9/2/03 7:04 am)
Better, better
Four days later, the party has shelled out over 13,000 gold to aquire 2 raise dead scrolls from Waterdeep (through magical contact), and raised both fallen party members.

A thoughtful divination from the party cleric, Veela, warns of a highly alert complex (obviously), but also warns that fire will be of no avail.

They prep, plan, and attack again as soon as possible, not wanting the complex to have time to restock.

The complex doesn't, except for 2 things. First, D'Gran negotiates with the inner fane to aquire a few minor magic items (2 potions of fire protection for the trolls, a potion of see invisibility for D'Gran).

Second, Hedrack (or maybe Naquent...didn't really need or have time to decide who) sent an invisible stalker to aid D'Gran in finishing off the party.

More importantly, the stalker is to report back to Hedrack on the abilities of the party if the party prevails.

D'Gran has all torches snuffed out through the complex, except on the bridge guard room and the southern guard room, which are the only areas manned by human warriors now. Everyone else has darkvision.

To allow the humans some ability to operate, small lanterns are bolted near the ceiling, insuring that there is only shadowy illumination at ground sneak attacks and bad eye site for the humans in the party, I thought.. IMC the ceilings were 20' here.

The stalker is positioned where the 2 trolls lived, by the pit, watching for the party's return.

D'Gran is pacing the hallway invisible, angry, and ready to fight.

The rest of the complex is spread out so that they can hit the party from multiple sides. There is noone in the northern guard room or the hallway just past the guard room, in order to sucker the party out into the hallway where they can be immediately hit from multiple sides.

OH ya, and Huenor leveld up from the party's defeat earlier, and took fireball as his 3rd level spell. Good for him.

(9/2/03 7:18 am)
Fight fight fight
The party approaches the troll room with torches lit and armor clanking. The stalker rushes back to alert the complex.

The party stops to prep, giving the complex plenty of time to position itself, and drink potions or cast prep spells.

The party opens the door past the guard room, and moves forward. The improved invisible gnomes lead the way, spider climbing along the walls. One gnome, the straight illusionist has see invisibility up.

Huenor, invisible, moves out into the hallway in front of the party, and readies an action....

The invisible, newly aquired party cohort barbarian, moves forward and stands next to the door leading to the Slaazh/Krall home, and sees a dire wolverine galumphing towards him. Invisible, he stands by the door, and readies an action to smack it when it comes out.

The other party cohort, the fighter, moves forward.

At this point, seeing a front line fighter move forward, Huenor's readied action goes off, and he drops a web spell to separate the party. The web fills the guard room, and the hallway up to the door the dire wolverine is about to come through.

This excellent tactic leaves the barbarian, the illusionist, and the rogue/illusionist as the ONLY player characters free of the webbing for several rounds. Ouch.

D'Gran, invisible, shoots forward to just before the improved invisible illusionist (thanks see invisiblitity), and grapples him! Success.

Slaazh and Krall move to flank the barbarian. The barbarian, a powerful foe, power attacks, doing 30+ damage with one hit.

Respecting that, Krall grapples him instead of facing his sword, rendering the barbarian unable to deal damage for 3 rounds while the two trolls continually attack and grapple him into low numbers of hit points.

This tactic even renders the barbarian vulnerable to 3 good blows by the gnolls, who rush forward to take advantage of the dex-less barbarian.

Meanwhile, the gnome rogue sneak attacks the also dex-less D'Gran for significant damage.

D'Gran makes his grapple check, and moves himself and the grappled illusionist back 40', out of site of the rest of the party.

D'Gran's luck goes bad though, at this point, as the gnome illusionist casts his (voice only) Shout spell, doing just enough damage to render D'Gran unconscious.

Huenor feeds D'Gran a potion of cure serious wounds. D'Gran gets up, only to be knocked back down by another spell. This is basically D'Gran's fate for the rest of combat.

From here, things look up as the party burns away all webbing (after 3 rounds of being tied up in it), and proceed to drop the trolls before they can finish off the barbarian.

Meanwhile, the invisible stalker has been smacking the barbarian each round as well, plus taking attacks of opportunity against other party members that move past.

He is a mysterious opponent, that puts the party on edge.

The fight is won, with only a single gnoll escaping. The stalker flees after the gnome illusionist (with see invis up) hits him with a scorching ray.

Hedrack will receive his report in full.


(9/2/03 9:08 am)
Re: Fight fight fight
Simply awesome. Thanks for the great recount. It gives me some good ideas for when my group gets there. In particular, I like the lighting. Glad to see the party succeed. :)

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