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(8/27/03 7:10 am)
Plot Advice Needed (Again) -- What do you think of this?
Well, my group of 8 PC, using the advanced encounters, and having switched to 3.5, has defeated nearly everything in the CRM. They started at the South door, went counter-clockwise for a moment (took out the cloakers) and then started clockwise.

So far they have defeated:

The South Door
The Air Temple
The Dwarven Temple Complex
(IMC) The Psionic Lich and Company
The Fire Door
The Dragon
The Main Door
The Earth Temple
The Air Door
The Web-Enhancement
The Water Temple

This essentially leaves the tunnels past the Water Temple, The Earth Door, The Fire Temple, more tunnels, and the Water Door.

The entire group is 10th level.

With three of the four temples destroyed (alters too), the group is now thinking about a big restocking trip and then a hit on the Outer Fane.

I am busy converting the advanced Outer Fane encounters now.

Some side plots which are important...

1) Vacharan (sp?) has contacted the group once by way of a message... he left them a few potions and a note that said that the group was being spied on (scrying).

2) I have invented another Dwarven Stronghold in the mountains using some of the old Dragon Mountain maps... This is home of the Earth-hammer Clan and their King. Due to some negotiations, the Earth-hammer clan has retaken Rastor completely and occupies it currently, and has sent a force of 50 dwarves (mainly warriors with two fighter captains) to guard the main gate. In return the party has agreed to give the dwarven King, 20% of the treasure they find while defeating the cultists. The party can travel 2 days to reach this vast system of caverns to recoup.

2A) Side-Side Plot: The party missed the ? beast (with 8 legs... I can't think of it) on the South-West side of the main door and have lost 4 of their guards who have been turned to stone!!!

3) I used the web enhancement and the party defeated the aboleths and gained their tablets! I put quite a bit of information on these, most of it correct, on how things stand at the moment. The group now knows the cult is looking for the Champion (but they don't know who), and how to use the keys. They are completely unaware of how to be "blessed." The know a great deal about the Second, the Doomdreamers (at least how they are organized), the Black Spike (that it is a conduit or artifact of Tharizdun), that the Elder Elemental Eye is a subset of Tharizdun worshippers (most who are deceived), AND that the CRM is a big buffer ring/fodder/engine for powering the Black Spike.

Essentially the aboleths thought that the temples were pitted against each other on purpose, in order to feed the Spike for the release of Tharizdun (close, but not correct). Thanks to whoever thought of that gem! Basically the party is part of the overall PLAN, Dunrat was sacrificed, the artifacts "given" to the party, them coming to destroy the ring (CRM) and temples, and all of that death/souls feeding the Black Spike and the Doomdreamers...

I wanted to add something to the mix, like giving the Doomdreamers extra powers for each of the destroyed temples, that type of thing...

So that is my first question, what would those powers be?

I also thought about having the party see a procession when they next try to cross one of the bridges... Basically the coming of the Champion! My idea is to assume that Sattuu has determined the identity of the Champion and he is here to start the ritual, which will be concluded in the ToEE...

The group will start to feel the clock ticking then!

Perhaps an encounter AFTER he becomes the champion in the outer fane (I really liked the half Elemental templates applied to him) and having a few of the leaders escape with him to complete the ceremony....

ANYWAY, what would you guys recommend, plot-wise, and DMing wise to prepare for what's ahead. I've looked over the boards and have used quite a bit of the stuff that's been dreamed up...

What do I do with the Fire Temple?

What about the Dwarves at the Main Gate? In Rastor?

I could really use some help again figuring on what is to come in the near (and of-course, far) future for the party. I want to make this special, I've always felt that this module needs personalization, and so far you have all done a great job!

What to do?


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