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(9/1/03 8:23 am)
Moolowik & Reokallitan
Two questions:

1. When/if Moolowik returns to the Water Temple, where does he reside? For now, I have him in the 'lair' behind the altar (197), but I'm not sure where Monte intended him to live. Did I miss it?

2. Probably in almost every campaign, the party takes out the Earth Temple before getting to the Earth Bridge. How long does Reokallitan stay at the Earth Bridge? How long does it take him to find out what happened in the Earth Temple? If Reokallitan finds out what happens and realizes he is the last surviving member of the Earth Temple, what will he do?

Cordo Crowfoot
(9/1/03 6:46 pm)
Re: Moolowik & Reokallitan
1) I would guess 197 as well since it seems to have a catch all phrase that everyone else without a specific lair lives there.

2) I figure it would probably take a few days for Reokallitan to learn the fate of the earth temple. At a minimum, Hedrack or Naquent would find out and then let the earth bridge know. If I was Reokallitan, I would stay at the Earth Bridge, and submit a request to the outer fane that I be put in a position of more responsibility when the temple is restocked. Then 5 to 10 weeks later when the earth temple is restocked (if ever) he could move to the earth temple.

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(9/2/03 3:12 am)
Re: Moolowik & Reokallitan
I did both Moolowik and the Water Temple for the conversion project, and I put him in 197 in the "frequently found in" section.

(9/2/03 4:35 am)

Re: Moolowik & Reokallitan
IMC, when news of the fall of the Earth Temple reached Reokallitan, I had him approached by Ukemil in the Outer Fane and for security, Reokallitan submitted to him. made for an interesting ambush with Reokallitan, Ukemil, and the lions.

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