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(9/2/03 7:20 pm)
Where have all the keys gone?
I was looking for a way for Varachan to help the party and realised that no one in the outer fane has a key. No master keys, greater keys, or even lesser keys! And no-one is 'blessed' by said keys.
So how does one leave the fane? I assume that most of the inhabitants are 'blessed' by at least one greater key or how else did they get in? I guess the towers don't shoot at unconcious people (hence prisoners) or they are brought in by the Fire/Air doors(towers aren't close enough to shoot), probably Fire as it is closest to a gate.
My thoughts are that the Master keys can 'Bless' someone, probably done in area 23 (don't forget your woolies and your Holy symbol) saying some sort of Anhiliation phrase. This should key you to open any door.
Interesting note is that the master keys don't really have a purpose except as a master key. It is noted that they are needed to get into the outer fane, but the door there is descibed as beinf intelligent and it chooses if someone can enter or not, no mention of the master key.
So I guess what I'd like to ask is who do you think should be blessed by what for entry/exit of the outer fane? I think At least Hedrack should have a master key, or the Triad? I think i will give the two main leaders (Hedrack and Varachan) master keys and the free willed forces a blessing by the closest door. I though of not giving the warriors a blessing, but that would mean they could not get in?? Oh and is the blessing permanent? I thought I read it wasn't but can't find the note again.
Any comments would be much appreciated :) (except spelling comments ;) )

(9/2/03 7:55 pm)
Re: Where have all the keys gone?
"And no-one is 'blessed' by said keys."
My opinion is that everyone in the Outer Fane is considered blessed, much like the tower guards. Btw, capturing a tower guard is a great way to get into the Outer Fane. If anyone's group thinks of this, give them some virtual XP from me. ;)

"I guess the towers don't shoot at unconcious people..."
I still subscribe to the theory of the towers not shooting at anyone who is blessed, possessing a greater/master key, or in the company of such a person. That's my compromise for allowing the towers to hit near the bridge. Also, I assume they can be instructed not to fire, such as when someone visits the Outer Fane and then leaves (unblessed).

Re: Master Key and the Inner Fane
Although it doesn't mention the master key in the section with the door, it is assumed you need to not only possess the master key, but you must convince the door to open. It's quite a good safe guard, actually. If you can defeat both methods (without violence) then things are fine. A fight with the door will last a little while, giving the inhabitants plenty of warning.

The blessings for the Outer Fane doors (and against the towers) are permanent until discharged once, by opening a door. I don't think it would be a bad idea to assume that all Outer Fane inhabitants can get blessed in the Greater Temple by a tentacle rod or something. On the other hand, Hedrack could just order the towers to stand down if someone needed to leave.

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