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(9/6/03 2:46 am)
Chymon 1 - Players 0
Ouch. I don't know about your group but mine got the butts handed to them by this mean mo'fo! They ran screaming from the Fire Door entrance like their tails were on fire (which they were). They lost their paladin in a single round and that broke their nerve.

It didn't help that they didn't buff themselves with stat boosters and energy absorbers before moving into the room. It also did help that they ignored the fact of the BIG DEPRESSION in the coins in that room.

They were caught with their pants down in a very compromising position. Chymon now has all the paladin's gear and has recovered two lesser keys of fire and two lesser keys of earth for the Fanes.

They ran from the Fire Door and to lick their wounds in the Temple of Moradin. Their second attempt at the Fanes was directed at the Air Door with much greater success.

They managed to escape the dreaded TPK, but had a little dose of reality thrown at them as the paladin was shredded into a spray of blood before their eyes in a dreadful full-attack that included two critical hits!

I guess it didn't help that their dice also went sour that night. The wizard managed to get a Hold Monster through Chymon's spell resistance but her Will saving throw succeeded (hard not to with her saving throws).

Anyway, I ramble. Just a word of advice to my fellow DMs. Watch out for Chymon, as she can easily become a TPK with all the damage that she can deliver. The 10d10 breath weapon can easily lead to the massive damage "save or die" situation if your PCs fail their Reflex saving throw against it.


Cordo Crowfoot
(9/6/03 3:02 am)
Re: Chymon 1 - Players 0
Hmmm... interesting. My players rescued Jurrikath and heard about Chymon through him, so I have hope they will go in prepared. You never know though.

(9/6/03 8:07 am)
Re: Chymon 1 - Players 0
The burning question I have is, "Did the players have fun?" If so, don't sweat it. ;)

Anyway, it's likely many players will ignore the depression. It's only where the beast was sleeping, not where it is sleeping. However, it pays to have a see invisible prepared, but by then it's normally too late.

Just curious, are you using 3.0 or 3.5?

(9/6/03 11:53 am)
Re: Chymon 1 - Players 0
My party faced Hedrack and Chymon togeather, and i was really dissapointed when, due to how initiative worked out and lucky rolls on the part of the barbarian, they managed to take them both out with relativly little trouble. Basicly, the PC cleric got off the blade barrier before Hedrack did.

Funny thing is, that left Thrommel basicly in charge as Verachan of course couldn't turn him and was quickly vamped by him. Then they faced a Thrommel/Varachan combo that was unbeleiveably deadly. That one took the players by surprise. :)

(9/7/03 8:55 am)
Re: Chymon 1 - Players 0
They had a week to think it over and when the next time we met they all discussed where they gone wrong. They had made assumption that the front door would be held by weaker guards with the tougher fights deeper in the Fanes. It suprised them that a HUGE dragon was waiting for them at the front door.

My players are still clinging to 3.0, but I find myself pulling out my copies of 3.5 to help adjucate rules that are not clear in 3.0 (like Use Magic Device during the last game).

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