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(9/15/03 7:07 pm)
RoTTEE Basicly Finished Early
Hey guys,

My party took advantage of some scrying and their newfound powers due to the Deck of Many things to get the jump on Imix, The First, the Second, and Lareth last session, whiping them all out. They still need to find the elemental power gems, but the adventure is pretty much over. I don't really have to time to go into it tonight, but i'll post again what all happend a little later this week. Needless to say, it was a big, crazy fight that the players all enjoyed.

I, for one, am a little releived we didn't have to do the entire Recovered Temple dungeon crawl, as the module as a whole was beginning to wear thin on me. Also, i think the best parts are up to the Inner Fane, and from then on it's pretty much wrap-up. So we just accellerated things a bit. :)

Here's the end party:

Fighter/monk/hunter of the dead/paladin/ranger CL 15
Druid 12
Bard/Arcane Archer 15 (i think he hit 16 by the end)
Rogue/Divine Seeker 12
Cleric 13
Sor 16 (lucky draw on the Deck)

Also along for the ride for that fight:
Fighter 6 (spawned from the Deck as a fighter 4)
Dire Wolf Companion
Paladin Mount (also a dire wolf)
Varachan (escaped the Fane, had atone cast on him, now a 11th level cleric of Corellon Larethian)

Yup, it was a big party and an even Bigger fight. And yes, Imix lasted about 3 rounds (but didn't get to act in the 3rd, was killed before his turn).

Stay tuned for more details and a full module review!


Runechild (mod)
Council of Magisters

(9/15/03 7:20 pm)
Re: RoTTEE Basicly Finished Early

I actually found things started to pick up once we got to the Recovered Temple -- the players all knew we were in the home stretch, the adrenalin started flowing, and the gloves really seemed to come off.

But it sounds like you had a heck of a finale. Nice job!


~Council of Magisters~
~ Arcana Unearthed ~

(9/15/03 10:44 pm)

Re: RoTTEE Basicly Finished Early
Congratulations on finishing up! My group is also in the Recovered Temple, and as Thrommel says, it revitalizes the game once the players know that the end is in sight. And for the old-timers, the sight of those old wacky-shaped rooms brings an extra surge to the table.

Siobharek is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

The guy from Belgium
(9/16/03 10:33 am)
Re: RoTTEE Basicly Finished Early
same here, one more session and it's wrap-up time

my log is still out there, i just haven't been posting it here anymore with the abundance of logs...

for those interested so far:

one more session, and i've got it all figured out into three main encounters...

first room: the altar room where they'll witness the commoner being eaten by the altar, the cleric putting on the necklace of natural armor +5 and screaming "let's get it on" while she gets behind her personal bodyguards and blasts away with spells

second room: the medusa-elemental in the middle of the room (all alone...) and an invisible chymon clinging to the ceiling in order to get the drop on the party (pun intended)

third room: imix with lareth next to him (fully buffed) with the vortex building up, they'll have three rounds before it's fully powered up and imix tosses the orb of oblivion into it... that should get things going!

i've modified the recovered temple's layout a little, but it should be one heck of a finale... can't wait to wrap it up!


(9/20/03 12:50 pm)
Re: RoTTEE Basicly Finished Early
Ok, itís the weekend and I finally have some time to sit down and break down what happened to my group. Part of the early finish was mild negligence on my part, but I think in the end it all worked out very well and the players had a great time with it all.

So, the party assaults the inner fane, makes it all the way up to the 8th level, assaults the Secondís room first (I allowed them to dispel the magical wards holding the water in the room, which produced an entertaining result to say the least. The resulting roar of water alerted the First and Third of the intruders, so they both began preparing. The First ran through the quarters of the Third and up to the Tabernacle, preparing himself to fight the PCís there. The third began buffing like mad, figuring her Forbiddance would be enough to allow her to easily dispatch the foes (arenít villains dumb? Heh). The party loots the first two rooms, claravoienced into the Thirdís room, saw she was still buffing, and assaulted as fast as they could. Even though she had Destruction readied for when they opened the door, she was dead in two rounds. Arcane Archer + wildshapeíd Polar Bear grappling her = one dead half-air elemental.

The party decided to head back and rest/heal at that point, they didnít know the First was still around. Since their helm of teleportation is only good for a one way trip due to the number of party members, they teleported home, waited a day, and teleported back. By that time Tychon, Yrthak Innar, and the First had cleaned out the Inner Fane (leaving the prisoners in sublevel 1 to die) and were shoring up defenses in the Greater Temple. They summoned Imix, and they all had a little pow-wow to decide what to do next. Now, this part may have been a mistake on my part (since Imix took the Orb of Oblivion with him so he could easily return to the Fire Node) because it put all the big bad guys together at one place that the party could teleport to. The party cleric wanted to find out where the First had fled to, so he successfully scryed on him and saw the meeting. I thought it would be a fun little scare to show them The Second, (whom they hadnít seen) Imix (whom they knew of but also hadnít seen), The First, and Lareth all together.

It never occurred to me that the party sorceress, who was lucky enough to draw the 50,000xp card from the Deck of Many things, now had Teleport Without Error and that the party would be brazen enough to actually try to fight the Triad AND Imix all at once, on their home turf. Silly me. But try they did!

Needless to say, with the surprise round the party got, plus poor rolling on my part, it was actually over fairly quickly. The Second was disintegrated before he could even act. The First was tripped and held prone by a dire wolf. That left Imix, who lasted all of two rounds. So, in one fell swoop, the party had killed Imix, the Triad, the Champion of Elemental Evil, found the Orb of Silvery Death AND the orb of Oblivion (a casting of Locate object revealed it was in the next room) in about 30 seconds, and then they were gone, teleported back to their stronghold before the forces of Elemental Evil could react.

The adventure isnít COMPLETELY over, because they still have to find the other 3 elemental power gems, but thatís a simple foray into the Fire Node, easily done now that they have the Orb of Oblivion /w fire gem.

Ok, now that Iíve posted this, Iím going to write my review of the module. Look for it soon! Probably later today.

Link to the Bard/Arcane Archer's Journal:


(9/20/03 1:33 pm)
How did they get Imix down so fast?

(9/20/03 2:07 pm)
Re: Wow
2 cones of cold (one with a failed save so he took double damage), a full attack from the arcane archer, a full attack from the paladin /w a holy sword, and an attack from a fighter with a decanter of endless water set on "fire hose" mode.

I think that was about it. Imix died before the cleric could even get there to tag him with Harm, heh.

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