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(9/16/03 6:48 am)
Upcoming mess in the Fire Temple
Hoo boy. This could turn into a TPK.


Boddyknock, gnome Ill8 with a penchant for pyromania
Tyrion, elf Ftr4/Rog4 with a dex of 23 or something nuts
Hanks, ex-dwarf-ex-satyr dwarf cleric of Moradin
Falim, elf Rgr8 (new character)

Some of them have subdual damage on them from the two destrachan.

They had come through the smoke-filled room once before, stopping when the rogue spotted the pit. The mephits taunted them from the other side, until Boddyknock got them with Evard's Black Tentacles (DM goof: didn't see minimum size of Medium). They then retreated.

Coming back, they send Tyrion ahead through the smoke room to the trap. She disables it and then (!) yells "It's safe--the trap is down!" back through the smoke.

This wakes up the guards in 111, who bang the gong and go run to get Arlainth. (The whole place is on edge--Hedrack has warned all the temples to watch out for adventurers posing as cultists.) The party arrives in 111 to find it empty and the gong still vibrating. A few rounds later the hell hound comes sniffing around, breathes on some people, and flees through 115... where Skassik is casting bull's strength and poisoning his weapon. This is where we ended.

Arlainth, meanwhile, has invissed himself and is coming up to check it out--he'll cut loose with fireballs from his wand as soon as he sees an opportunity.

Zert will no doubt hear the fight and come investigate. Someone will order a mook to go get Firre, no doubt. But, if all these guys are hard-pressed, they'll retreat to the Fire Temple itself... but just these three/four (Arlainth, Zert, Skassik, and maybe Firre) can put some hurt on the party. Oh, plus the rasts.

However, we may have a fifth player joining, possibly a druid. I will have his character infiltrate the Water Temple and go along with the raiding party... which will arrive as the PC's are fighting. The salamanders will realize they're outmatched, fall back through the temple proper, and alert everyone... who will call all their forces back to the main temple... for a really messy three-way brawl.

Tessimon, Zert, Firre, Skassik, Arlainth, assorted human mooks, two elf mooks, a half-dead hell hound, two salamanders (Urlurg can't do that much to them because he'll toast himself--pondering having Nilbool give him an endure fire--surely he'd memorize that knowing that they were headed to Fire), six burning skellies, four rasts...

... vs. the PC's...

... vs. Nilbool, Urlurg, four kuo-toan fighters, and the water mephit, all with mage armor up from N's wand.

Sounds like a huge furball.

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