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(9/19/03 4:12 pm)
Dwarven Temple as Primary Entry
Ok, the party (5 characters - Pal5, Wiz5, Clr6, Ftr2/Rog4, and Ftr4/Clr1) are currently in Rastor, and have just helped Rerrid smash Tal Cembrish. They've heard rumours about the presence of a dwarven temple in the mountain from Rerrid, and are thinking of looking for it.

Now, there is a secret door leading into the temple (Area 64). I'm thinking about Rerrid give them an ancient scroll describing the entrance and a riddle needed to open the door. This will also help the campaign move onwards - half the party is very cautious, and will be very very very iffy about assulting either gate.

How much of an impact will it be to have the party start in the dwarven temple? The group includes a dwarf cleric....

(9/20/03 2:22 pm)
Re: Dwarven Temple as Primary Entry
well if they are not careful they will get trounced by the traps - a stone golem for a start! And the other traps aren't that easy to bypass either - could be killer. If Rerrid could tell them how to get past all the trap, but if Rerrid had all that info why hasn't he already ninja looted the place?

I would say Rerrid should give them the info they suggested, maybe even tell them how to avoid the golem, and them warn them not to touch anything- its all trapped by ancient dwarven traps! Hmm it may be better if they just go in one of the doors- also if they negotiate with the orcs how will they get the orcs out? through the dwarven temple?!

They should be able to handle the hydra, and it will be easier to attack the air temple from that way, but be wary of a total party kill if they go north to the fire bridge... D'Grann, a Hill giant, and a fighter troll make a very nasty combo (EL 12 ish + mooks)

Cordo Crowfoot
(9/20/03 11:03 pm)
I see no real advantage
I think it would have quite an impact in a negative way so would personally not recommend it. The mines shouldn't be a hospitable place and the players should be estatic when they find a safe bolt hole. If they have it from the start I think they would take it for granted.

Plus the whole process of scouting out and deciding which gate to attack can be a lot of fun.

(9/21/03 7:55 am)
Re: I see no real advantage
The Golem isn't an issue - they've got a Dwarf Cleric with them who can command it to stop, and I'm fairly sure they'd try that.

As for why Rerrid hasn't looted the place - he wants the whole CRM back, not just the temple, he's on his own, and he's old.

I think I'm going to give them a riddle describing how to enter, and see how determined they are to get in that way. I'm not too worried about them getting in over their heads - half the party is very, very cautious (so cautious, in fact, that they'll probably refuse to assault either door openly).

We'll see...

(9/23/03 4:48 am)
Re: I see no real advantage
I would also not recommend giving them the keys to the Dwarven Temple. Its fine if they know the temple exists, but don't tell them about the secret door. If they get in via the secret door they will have a great adavantage early on. They'll get a safe place to rest and the hammerspheres. Don't underestimate the advantage of both of these things. The hammerspheres are way underpriced at the 2000 or 2500 gp each. Also, this will be a bit of railroading. Let them look for ways in and decide the best way to approach.

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