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(9/22/03 2:28 pm)
Half Orc Heros - Suggestions please
My players have a group of 4 half-orcs, 3 of whom are barbarians. (also a Dwarf and Human) The Role playing of the Dwarf meeting and joining with the 1/2 Orcs was very amusing.
Any suggestions on how the populace of of the towns and cities in this area would deal with them. One of the 1/2 Orcs is NE, the rest are all TN, though they act fairly good. They are uncultured, loud and boorish, except for their leader, a Bard. I had the Homlet folks view them suspicously and the town militia questioned them. The did get a room and service at the inn. I have a assistant DM playing all the cultists. They've run into big U and Chat (played by my assistant) for some reason became terrified, turned invisible and hid in the ruined tower. The party killed U and now they assume that Chat led them to the dragon. So they want to kill him.

Any suggestions as to where I should go with this and how this party should get treated by the local populace?


(9/22/03 3:12 pm)
Re: Half Orc Heros - Suggestions please
As to the 1/2 orc thing, I personally wouldn't go too overboard, unless they actually do something bad, but I would have a mixed reaction as halforc ARE a standard race, so they shouln't be that uncommon, especially in Hommlett, which sees more than it's fair share of adventurers. However a lot of the elves will be skitish, while humans more accepting, but it comes down to personal taste - some NPC's will be accepting than others, so just try to think how much of an open mind you think that particular NPC has.

Now Chat (or Mr C) will be motivated by his primary goal of warning the cultists, and helping them escape, now that the dragon is taken care of. I made the mistake of allowing him to try and get one little death attack on the wizard while the others were busy looting (the wizard was about to see the Holy symbol on the dead Cleric and Mr C decided that prolly wasn't a good idea), but it doesn't take more than a hit or two to take Chat down (lowsy 1/2 orc barbarian ;) ) and after he's seen them take down a dragon with ease perhaps caution should be advised.

Now unless they have a see invis memorised (dountful) he should be able to sneak past them without a prob, and the invis will last 30 mins so that sould get him away.

(9/22/03 3:54 pm)
Re: Half Orc Heros - Suggestions please
I think it all depends on how they act and what they do.

The average human commoners of Hommlet and Verbobonc are likely wary of large groups of half-orc barbarians and would look to the authorities quickly if they got too rowdy.

To their benefit the half-orcs travel with a dwarf, as long as the dwarf publicly behaves "normal". The average dwarf (Lawful Good) would not just hang with a bunch of murderous half-orcs, so its likely assumed that the half-orcs would show honorable traits. If not then its the dwarf's own honor that can be called into question. However, if your dwarf''s behavior is atypical (unconventional alignment and habits) then it might even make the average commoner even MORE nervous of the group. Four barbaric half-orcs and a crazy dwarf equals trouble just waiting to happen.

It is important to note that just being a half-orc barbarian, or just being detected as evil, is not sufficient grounds for arrest. However, nobody is naive enough to not have heard of groups wild half-orc barbarians that sometimes blow into town full of piss and vinegar ready to rumble and tumble. I'd suspect that people take the normal precautions that they might in a world filled with strange and colorful races. The biggest trouble I can see is the evil half-orc.

Any good cleric (of Pelor, Cuthbert, Trithereon, etc ...) will likely scan a group of half-orc barbarians that come to his door for evil. Any negotiations are going to be flavored by this taint, as the worst is expected from this individual and not likely trusted. Indeed, the presence of evil likely off sets any benefit from the dwarf being around (again assuming the dwarf acts typical). Then again, a evil half-orc is not beyond redemption and just being evil isn't a crime. It is just that once identified as a "bad apple" the half-orc shouldn't expect too much trust from good-aligned NPCs.

I imagine the reaction of the average D&D human commoner to be like in the American Old West where citizens get nervous when a gang of rough look cowboys ride into town. If they behave themselves things are cool. If they get too rowdy and innocent people start getting hurt then its time to call in the authorities (first Elmo and his Badgers and then Y'dey, Yether, Rufus and Burne if neccessary) to keep the peace. Having the taint of evil among them just means that they need to be watched that much more closely by those who like to keep crime under control.

That's how I'd work it.

(9/23/03 7:44 am)
Re: Half Orc Heros - Suggestions please
That is...with all else being equal. Things aren't equal.

The cultists will USE this to their advantage, if they can. I've seen good-aligned parties be smacked around as a result of having evidence planted, alter-self using cultists posing as them, etc.

How much moreso when they're such easy targets? Definately have the cultists get them into trouble if you can, and let them deal with prejudice problems. If they can get through it, they'll find a warmer welcome in Rastor (where Half-Orcs are alltogether common). Heck, they might even be contacted by the CRM guys as potential recruits!

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

(9/23/03 8:44 am)
This can get really REALLY really really REALLY ugly when those half-orcs travel into Air Temple. I think you can understand why... hehehehe...:evil

Beside, a dwarf and a band of half orcs will be seen as a great curosity in Rastor. That will be a great RPG opportunity.

Hedrack will be definately confused to see a pack of half orcs, probraby dismissing as elite guards for their orc tribes. Of course, Hedrack will not let this ruckus continues for much longer.

Water Temple is more likely to trust Half Orcs more than anything else. Really. It leads a way for WONDERFUL RPG opportunity!!!

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