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(9/28/03 9:04 am)
Naquent's final speech
Inspired by some BoB postings, I worked out the following speech. Please keep in mind, that my English is not the best :(

The situation: The party has completed the CRM and most of the Outer Fanes. Unfortunately they failed and where captured, tortured, etc. for weeks (by Hedrack, for example). Now Lareth is traveling to the Temple of Elemental Evil and Tharizdun's return is imminent. Naquent is leaving, too, but before she does so, she visits the party for a last time, telling them the following:

"Well, this is how it ends, I guess. Soon Tharizdun will return, inducing the era of destruction. You, I'm afraid, won't live to see it. Master Varachan will take care of you. I think he likes you -- he told me he has devised a very special treatment for you. No idea, what he means by that, and I don't care about it, either. We don't need you anymore. You were a fair aid when you took apart the CRM. The wave of destruction, death and pain you sent to the fanes helped us a lot in completing the rituals. Now everything is set up, and I -- if I may add -- will feel a lot better when you die. I hate your type!

"It were guys like you who killed my parents when I was kid. Never will I forget that night when I -- merely 12 years old -- played on the shores of the Lake of Swords. I didn't hear them coming, those who burned my home, who destroyed my childhood. But later I saw them. They were so-called heroes, hired by our king to protect our land from the orc raids. But they didn't. They robbed the homes of innocent people and blamed the orcs. And they were never sentenced.

"Today I understand that lesson. This experience taught me so much about the true nature of things. That's why I'm here."

(Probably the players will now start telling her about the fight of good against evil, that she must believe in the victory of justice, and so on ... This is a good possibillity for the GM to show that he actually always wanted to be an actor ;) . He should stand up and talk as enthusiastic as people act when they finally get the possibility to talk about something that they have thought about so often and finally have the opportunity to tell somebody.)

"No, this is wrong! You don't understand anything! Look ... (she thinks for a moment) ... when you see - for example - a castle, you look at it and enjoy its beauty: The high towers, the strong walls, the statues and reliefs. But that's an illusion! Maybe the beauty will last for a hundred or even a thousand years, but eventually everything will turn to rubble. Smooth walls become misshapen fragments of stone, shapes will blur until there is nothing left except a pile of dust. And this dust, these ugly edges have always been there. They were just hidden in the stone. It's the same with a statue. Inside it's cold, dead stone. The artist gives it an illusion of beauty, but it will expire.

"And that's how the world goes."

(now she turns to some of the chars. The following two paragraphs are just examples)

"You, for example, are quite strong. Do you think this will last forever? If you had never come here, if you had the possibility to get old, you would soon feel the weakness of age. And there's nothing, anyone can do against it.

"And you, archer. I bet, you seldom miss a target, do you. You should be grateful that you won't have the opportunity to experience the burden of time. The day, when the gout crawls into your hands, when you can't hold a bow without your fingers trembling ... it's inevitable.

"Deterioration takes over every man, as it takes over every creature and every thing. Life can be undone, death cannot.

"Splinters are the fate of every glass, like Master Hedrack used to say.

"Don't you see how shortsighted it is to believe that the world itself will not suffer the same fate? The way of the world is destruction, and that is the only truth I need to know. Everything that men like you do is doomed to failure. Because it's against the nature of creation. Because eveything that was ever created must be undone one day. This is why Tharizdun must come. He must complete evolution by dispelling it.

"Led by him, the armies of darkness will wage war. They will spread pain and blood, tears and despair. He will bring us huge thunderstorms, purple tornados, acidic rain, until everything except a few devtoted followers of the Dark God will be burned to ashes.

(soft, longing) "That day, only hours before the final extermination, I will stand on the shores of the Lake of Swords, a dead, cold land ... knowing that everything is over, and finally ... my revenge will be complete. (or: I will be free, but that seems to be a bit too pathetic)

She turns away, starting to leave the room. But suddenly she stops.

(in a more serious, unemotional tone) "There is only thing that bothers me, and you'll allow me to ask you only a single question.

(she turns around) "You tried to stop us. You entered the ToAC, faced hundreds of soldiers, monsters and all those other dangers, knowing that the followers of the most dangerous God in existence were only waiting for you. Did you really, seriously think, you alone could defeat us? The most powerful forces of evil?"

(beat ... then she smiles and shakes her head, pityingly) "You never had a chance."

(optional Cliffhanger-Ending if it's the end of a session)
As Naquent leaves, Varachan appears in the doorway. He is a bad-shaved older man. With a manical grin on his face and pointing to a basket containing crude torturing devices in his hand, he just says: "My turn"

So what do you think about this. Too pathetic?

(9/29/03 3:13 am)

Re: Naquent's final speech
Not pathetic at all! If you're players are up for that kind, it seems top notch to me. I look forward to hearing how the players took it.

Siobharek is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

(9/29/03 3:33 am)
Re: Naquent's final speech
I think it is quite good!

Anything that makes the PCs understand their enemies motivations better is an enhancement.

On the other hand, the whole situation reminds me of the typical evil archvillain in the older James Bond movies:

Sooner or later J.B. gets caught and the villain explains his mastermind plan to rule the world to him in great detail ... then, instead of just shooting him right there, he leaves him to his clumsy assistants (or some shark/alligator/piranha dethpool)...


(9/30/03 6:24 am)
Re: Naquent's final speech
I think the final speech is great. Your party will certainly not think it pathetic or trite and should enjoy it a lot, particularly when Varachan doesn't actually kill them. He won't, right? ;)

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