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(9/30/03 1:09 pm)
A couple questions . . .
I have just started taking a party on RttToEE, and we are having a lot of fun. I have read through a couple threads on the boards concerning who (which clerics) know what about EEE and Big T, and I have read through the history prologue several times trying to get it all straight. I have no previous experience with the original module.

So I have a couple basic questions that I am looking for a bit of help to sort out.

1) The original party (Rufus, Byrne, Elmo, Y’dey and Elmo’s dead brother) went in to the ToEE and banished a demon back into the abyss. The demon was Zuggtmoy, correct?

2) So the originals believe that Zuggtmoy was the EEE, correct?

3) If the EEE clerics know that the EEE is not Zuggtmoy, then who do they think they are worshipping? Do they think there is a separate entity known as the EEE?

4) If the party captures a cleric from the moathouse (Gren in this case), and brings him back to Hommlet for questioning, what does he know? How do you think Y’dey would respond to being asked for help interrogating him? Would she be willing to use some high powered spells to find out about the rise of the EEE after so many years?

Thanks in advance for the help.

(9/30/03 1:54 pm)
A couple questions . . .
0. Welcome to the boards!

1. The original party is one composed of PC's. It is likely that Elmo joined them, but not Otis (Elmo's dead brother) or the others. Y'Dey was the fake herb shop owner in Nulb (where Lareth ironically resides) and was in disguise. Otis was also there and is why Elmo blames Y'Dey for his death, for not looking out for him. The demon was indeed Zuggtmoy, the Lady Demon of Fungi. However, in RttToEE, she is not truly banished, but imprisoned in the Black Spike/Temple.

2. I don't recall the EEE being mentioned in the original. However, the three 'deities' involved were Lolth, Iuz, and Zuggtmoy. RttToEE (via Monte) now stipulates that all three were dupes of the EEE.

3. They think that the EEE is a deity in of itself and that it duped all three other deities. They laugh at worshippers of Lolth, Iuz, and especially Zuggtmoy.

4. Gren knows about the EEE, but not much more. Some suggest you change Ysslansh's symbol to an EEE, but if you do not then Gren also knows about the obex, but not its significance. Regardless of if the party finds the connection to Tharizdun (Big T), they will not connect Big T to the EEE as being one and the same. IMO, Y'Dey would make the party question the cleric. As a high priestess, she would not undertake such things herself. She would instead make someone else do the work, such as that 'supposed constable, Elmo'. She should be fairly sure that the EEE priest have no connection to the ToEE and would want more proof before expending any real resources. The existences of Big T is concerning, particularly the obelisk, but the truth will need to be uncovered. There is a slim chance the party could get Lareth to spill all the beans (if you choose to allow it), at which point she might take a more active interest.

(9/30/03 2:18 pm)
Re: A couple questions . . .
Mostly spot-on, Infiniti2000...but one or two things:

1) You're right that Elmo blames Y'Day for not saving Otis' life...but as I recall, that was because Elmo, Otis and Y'Day had all thrown in their lots with the past generation of PCs and aided in the attacks on the Temple.

You don't think Otis got killed in a smithing accident, do you?

Rufus and Burne, however, were the "local lords" from before the ToEE module started. One might presume they were in on the VERY first attack on the ToEE...the Battle of Emery Meadows and all that...and that it is their triumphs there which earned them the lordship of Hommlet.

2) Yes, the EEE was a focal point of the first module. The priests of the various elemental temples had no clue about the Iuz/Zuggtmoy connection just like the present EEE priests have no idea about the Tharizdun connection. Hedrack was a cleric of Iuz at the time, though, and knew what (he believed to be) the truth...that the EEE was an invention/proxy of Zuggtmoy and Iuz.

Zuggtmon, Iuz, and Lolth all three mistakenly believed they controlled the EEE, while it was really an aspect of dread Tharizdun which gave the aforementioned deities just enough of the power it gained to lead them on, but was (and is) truely an instrument of his own will.

4) Gren, btw, is female.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

(9/30/03 3:20 pm)
Re: A couple questions . . .
Just a quick note outa interest: If you have a look at the list of deities from the greyhawk gazzetter? on the wizards site (they have a link, it may be hidden) it lists the EEE as an intermediate God, so yes the clerics do believe they are worshiping a real God (and anyone who does a knowledge religion (DC 18?) may get info on the EEE as a God)

(10/1/03 5:14 am)
Re: A couple questions . . .
Thanks for the info guys. That certainly helped clear up things. I looked for that link on the wizards site, but didn't find anything.

Cordo Crowfoot
(10/1/03 5:51 am)
Re: A couple questions . . .
I agree with Andorax as far as #1 and have done something similar for my own campaign. True, original module doesn't describe Y'dey, Rufus, Burne, etc. as actively participating in the strikes on the ToEE but that's because it is written with the obvious assumption a group of PCs will take care of it. If you haven't run the original module or the players don't know it, I think it's fine to say that the more powerful members of Hommlet banded together to save the proverbial day when no convenient band of benign thugs showed up to help.

"They were immediately and absolutely recognizable as adventurers. They were hardy and dangerous, lawless, stripped of allegiance or morality, living off their wits, stealing and killing, hiring themselves out to whoever and whatever came... They were scum who died violent deaths, hanging on to a certain cachet among the impressionable through their undeniable bravery and their occasionally impressive exploits" China Mieville, Perdido Street Station

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