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(10/2/03 7:21 am)
Imix's avatar as a recurring Enemy.
Hi there. I have my brand new copy of RtTToEE.
I am studying (full of happiness and interest) the module, and I am skimming forward and backward thru the manual... My RtTToEE campaign will begin this saturday (yes I am the DM ;) ).

I already have an hook to introduce the party. I also prepared some "disclaimer" sheets that I will make my players sign (for one, not to cry if the module kills their PCs) 8) ... Ok, just joking.

I would like to ask a thing to veteran DMs who cleared this campaigns once or twice :D .

Besides the EEE cult and Tharizdun stuff... is there something like a recurring character or enemy in the module? Someone they will find at the beginning, following, and at the end of the campaign? I was thinking to use this as a method to tell them that they were "going down the right path" since the story seems to me a bit "too loose" (yes, I know that the module is made with DM customization in mind, but I would like to use this method as a continuity backup) :|

In particular, I was thinking about introducing Imix's avatar. In my campaign Imix would have some godly traits. His avatar would be an half-elemental young boy, with Fighter level progression, which would have the following traits:

- first: he is Imix's avatar, but neither Imix nor himself remember of his own nature. It's more like a subconscious projection that Imix made to oversee the project from an external point of view. Hommlet and all the neighbouring towns already caused the ToEE to fall, so Imix must not leave every stone unturned in looking around for good enemies. Any lack of memory and of conscious contact between Imix and his avatar would keep the Fire Node safe from early detection while allowing the avatar to record data on potential ball-breakers :D

- second: his job is to check, study and bully all the adventurer parties that are going to hang out Hommlet and his environs. He has a sort of unnatural apathy for everything that regards the structure of the organization supporting the return of the ToEE (and of Tharizdun), but he strangely is interested in gathering information about everyone trying to mess with ToEE. He doesn't give out his information to ToEE supporters, and if he is imprisoned, he teleports away.

- third: he would progress slightly faster than the party, that is, the first time the party encounters Imix he will look like a brat that can be kicked in the ass easily (even tough his +2 sword will be his bonus), but in the end he would become more and more a challenge (while not being a TPK, or intentional cause for TPK). When the party goes to confront the real Imix, his avatar would suddenly remember and become the real thing in front of their eyes (I plan no adjustments to Imix, even if I should downgrade it because he would have enough combat knowledge about the party).

I would give him teleport with contingency (when he is captured or brought at zero - or below - hp he goes away), and his equipment to be damaging to those creatures who don't have fire elemental traits (other than rather volatile once the proprietor goes away).

Now, do you think that this is going to ruin the spirit or the balance of the campaign? I was also thinking to create a special class for him, think of a blackguard attuned to turning-rebuking (or summoning) elementals instead of undeads.

+ + + +

Ok, thanks heavens in the Fire Node casting a water or cold spell is harder than usual. I really worried that any party coming out with a fire-hose was going to wipe all the elementals, Efreets and Imix himself in a single round :D
(I assume that water-oriented artifacts and magic items would have the same difficulty to operate in the node...)

Runechild (mod)
Council of Magisters

(10/2/03 7:49 am)
Re: Imix's avatar as a recurring Enemy.
Another thing you may want to consider is that if any one of the existing cast is a recurring character, it's probably Lareth the Beautiful.

He's in Nulb, you could certainly have him mentioned in the CRM (maybe it was logged as he passed through a gate) he could make another appearance in the Outer Fane before his big show in the Recovered Temple.

Maybe you can combine your ideas and have Lareth become the avatar of Imix. Although I wouldn't put too much emphasis on the Prince of Evil Fire Elementals - he's the big baddy, but he's really only one of four Princes. The big baddy is of course, Tharizdun.

Too big to fight, as it turns out.

-Thrommel, who, on the other hand, is the only Crown Prince of Furyondy! (Assuming that two-timing fiance of mine didn't go off and marry some guy from the Scarlet Brotherhood.)

~Council of Magisters~
~ Arcana Unearthed ~

(10/3/03 5:12 am)
Agents of the church
I think it is a good idea to have some sort of method to keep party cohesion. I chose to use a patron instead of an arch enemy. All the characters IMC are agents of the church and their patron was involved in destroying the original ToEE. The initial hook was that he was having disturbing dreams like Xaod is. He then sends the party to investigate Homlet and the moathouse.

Since this adventure is quite deadly I recommend thinking how you will deal with party deaths and how you will deal with a TPK. IMC the patron gave the characters several homing pigeons which they send back at regular intervals. That way if there is a TPK, the new group will have the same tactical knowledge about what is going on.

(10/3/03 9:22 am)
Re: Agents of the church
Smetzger, you are my saviour... I was thinking about the TPK problem (which I fear, since I am not an expert DM at all), and the solution you gave me seems to be so elegant and attuned to some ideas I had to introduce the party in the quest (more in my future log).

Thrommel: thank you too.

My problem with Imix is that I see the encounter with him too much underestimated in a story sense. I mean, he is neither certainly the "last baddy", nor the most important one, but in the meanwhile he should have some importance. Fighting with the elements is important. Fighting with a colossal element must be more important than coming, and whacking, whacking, whacking him until he drops.

I have plans to continue the game to have a "last leg" which will bring the party to destroy the orbs and maybe to fight a figment of Tharizdun which "began to escape" (still he wouldn't be out). I still have to study the adventure better. (This campaign is very well done).

(10/3/03 9:38 am)
I personally think..
I personally think fighting all three Triads (possibly resurrect) will be MUCH better challenges than Imix himself.

(10/6/03 11:31 am)
Re: I personally think..
Another thing I tought... what if this avatar of Imix had a romance with one of the female PG? ;)

(10/6/03 11:53 am)
Re: I personally think..
Well, it doesn't affect much about Imix personally, but one idea I had put forward was to introduce Imix's "influence" on the surrounding lands after he is summoned...and likewise if any of the other Elemental Lords gets called. It's one of the last Best of the Boards posts.

Another option is to do something similar to what Monte Cook has put together in this "free, original adventure". Instead of using Imix himself, you could have one of the PCs be one of his distant descendants:,3

The original is oriented towards Yan-C-Bin (and I suppose you could, alternately, switch which node is opened), but adjusting it to Imix shouldn't be too inconceivable.

Imix's presence at the Recovered Temple (just summoned) could even account for the reason the ritual goes horribly wrong.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

(10/7/03 9:16 am)
Re: Agents of the church
I saw the post about the influence of the Evil lords on the four elements... I really think my players are going to be scared to death :D

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