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(10/4/03 2:31 am)
Varachan Revealed!
After defeating the Dark Prince Thrommel and accidentally killing Tuborg they decided it was time to escape from the Outer Fane to patch their wounds.

Low on spells and in spirit they marched mournfully through the dark, purple-veined corridors of the Outer Fane making for the Air Door and the bridge beyond.

An anguished cry arose from the group when they found their way out blocked by six ogres, two fiendish dire lions, a demonic-tainted troglodyte cleric of EEE and a DOOMDREAMER! It was certain that they had finally over played their hand and were doomed. After all they had heard about the Doomdreamers they had each been fearing their first encounter with one in the Outer Fane.

Resolutely, the heroes engaged their foe.

The look of surprise on the player's faces was a thing of beauty when the Doomdreamer pulled out a scroll and flamestruck the ogres and troglodyte! The Doomdreamer called out to them to fight valiantly against the Darkness and fought four of the wounded ogres single-handedly.

At the end of the victorious battle Varachan introduced himself. He told the story of his conversion from evil and how he'd been misleading the forces of the Doomdreamers by sending them on wild goose-chases. Considering him incompetent, Hedrack took Varachan's crystal ball. Varachan used this last opportunity to help them by setting an ambush against the last defenders of the Air Door.

We had to end the session there, but the players were very enheartened by this turn of fortune. Varachan is going to donate everything in his chest and give them as much information about the Fanes as he can. He will even accompany them, as a warrior, if they want because he fears that Hedrack plans to kill him soon anyway.

Plans for the future include raising Tuborg, teleporting to Greyhawk (and then Furyondy) with the remains of Thrommel and gearing up for a final assault on the Outer Fane. However, some of that may change when they learn from Varachan about the excavation of the ruined Temple of Elemental Evil. Varachan knows that the champion has been found (and has the force equipement), so they may not even bother with the rest of the Outer or even attempt the Inner Fane.

Accept for the lure of the Talisman of Pure Good, I don't know if they'll want to tangle with the rest of the Fanes.

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