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Roland the red
(10/7/03 6:17 am)
Main Gate Reinforcements
The party has decimated the main gate and have moved counter-clockwise to the Fire Bridge complex. They have defeated Vranthis and everything in between.
At one point they rested in the Umber Hulk area, beleiving denizens of the dungeon would avoid it. Rolling random encounters, I decided to treat all entries such as "orcs" or "Temple Guards" "Cleric" etc. as reinforcements for the Main Gate (They had destroyed it, rested outside for a few days before returning, finding only a gelatinous cube munching on the corpses...)...anyway, they had avoided Vranthis up to this point and after resting headed back up the other "track" towards the main gate, fighting and defeating Vranthis, then fighting the Main Gate reinforcements they had witnessed throughout their rest.

There is a Dwarf in the party who is from Rastor who has dreams of restoring the mines to their former glory. He is the nephew of ...his name eludes me, the Cleric in Rastor, the elder of the town...and served as a 'diplomat' to the local orc tribe. This dwarf is a Barbarian, who has adoptred many orcish customs. His build for his character involves the frewnzied beserker prestige class, and the leadership feat, and the landlord feat from stronghold builders guide...

So, the idea (and the point of this rambling discourse) is this:

The outer fane recruits some orcs from this tribe outside of Rastor, lead by a cleric of Gruumsh, to garrison the Main Gate and to essentially seal it shut since it is hardly used anyway. The next time the party passes through the main gate, we have the opportunity for some role-play between the cleric of Gruumsh and the Dwarven Barbarian. The cleric of Gruumsh recognizes the Dwarfs comnnection to Rastor and is willing to allow the party passage (discretely) for a price...Of course, if the party discovers the secret entrance in the dwarven complex, this deal is moot, but...

When the Dwarf chooses Leadership at 9th level, I am thinking one of the possibilities for a cohort could be this Orc Cleric of Gruumsh (I like to role-play possible cohorts well in advance, and when the the feat is taken, the cohort 'chooses' the character, not the other way around...)

This would add a very interesting dynamic to the party...

(10/7/03 6:28 am)
Re: Main Gate Reinforcements
Orc cohort to a dwarf? That's almost like cats and dogs sleeping together and mass hysteria! :b

I'm thinking it might be better to make the cleric a half-orc, which would serve better as a link to future full orc followers. Orcs hate dwarves only slightly less than elves, though, of course your campaign could be different.

I've had Thandain and the addicted dwarves of Rastor be quite friendly with the orcs. If such is the case in your campaign as well, then you could quite easily fit in a relative "like" or at least respect for dwarves by the orcs. In fact, Kreugna (the barbarian orc leader) might admire the barbarian-ness of the dwarf.

Roland the red
(10/7/03 9:24 pm)
thats how it is in my campaign. The orcs are "indifferent" to the folks of Rastor. The character developed a great background, all the way from the original ToEE for his Dwarf: how his clan was driven from the mines, how his father made peace with the orcs rather than face destruction of the clan, how he was sent to act as emissary and grew up with the orcs (thus a barbarian dwarf)...etc. He is really a dwarf who was raised in his early adult years by orcs...

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