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(10/15/03 12:30 am)
roguebard's campaign log
It took me long enough, but i've finally decided to start a campaign log. I've been reading these for a while, but i never got around to doing my own.

First thing's first. This game has been going on for a while & the party is currently trying to tackle the crater ridge mines. I don't have everything fresh in my memory, but i do remember the highlights. I'll start by sharing those. Sorry, but this first post is likely to be loooooong...

The core party:

I'll give levels later. I'm not currently home, so i don't have all of their info at my disposal.

Loras of Enstad: Rog/Wiz Elf
Theclosest thing this party has to a "leader"

Joeseph the Angry: Bbn/Clr Human
This guy's fun (well... they all are, really). seems to be completely driven by emotion and reaction. is VERY good at holding a grudge

Hollyella Underbrush: Drd gnome
Played by my wife. She loves the fight & is very good at launching the industrial sized plot derailer just when the DM doesn't expect it.

Mordanis Clr/Ftr dwarf
forgets that he's a cleric when the party needs it, but always seems to remember when he's fighting things he can turn... which is, of course, when i forget that he's a cleric. i've learned that a cleric of earth domain is VERY helpful in the earth & air temples in this adventure.

Ivellios Rgr wood elf
New to the party. This guy's the archer. He's still getting comfortable with the rules (hasn't played d&d in years), but is a top notch adventurer. This guy's able to pull a great idea out of nowhere (completely blindsiding the DM)!

----this first part is from a recap that i sent to the party after we had taken a few months off----

The intrepid party first entered the sleepy little town of Hommlet on Coldeven the third. After getting themselves situated, they decided to take on the task of exploring the moathouse. After valiantly facing the blue dragon Utreshimon, they proceeded to clear the first area of the moathouse, where they were attacked by one of their own, a man they'd picked up in hommlet by the name of Chatrilon Unosh, losing only the bard, Redithidoor, who had endeared himself to the party. After vanquishing the assassin, our heroes returned to Hommlet to revive the bard and recover.

The second foray into the underbelly of the moathouse was attempted by only three of our brave heroes. Showing unmatched skill with their blades (and hammer), they swiftly dispatched the ghastly undead that awaited them & proceeded to play with an altar that ought not have been played with. One member of the party, nearly lost his mind to madness. Upon return from this venture, we find that the entire group has been framed for the murder of the town druid & a prominent shop keeper. Exercising good judgment & unwavering faith in the local justice system, our heroes allow themselves to be taken to the keep of Rufus & Burne. Though it pained them to do so, they accept the help of Telna, who expertly assists in their escape & gives valuable information about the real villains in this horrible double murder.

Back to the moathouse they go, where they discover a dark obelisk, which grants each of them a very special apple. They also encounter the Neverending Grell Machine & more than their share of insane clerics of the Elder Elemental Eye. The fight goes outside (but not before they weaken the foundation of the moathouse enough to destroy the lowermost regions), where the villains are stopped in their tracks by a well placed entangle spell & more expertly executed melee.

With their names cleared & a couple of days rest under their belts, our heroes have decided to tackle the daunting task of clearing the old Temple of Elemental Evil. They are currently in Nulb, a ghost of a town which has risen and fallen in the shadow of the evil temple. Most of the town has now been burned to the ground. The only building left standing is the inn, where our party rests. Weary from the previous day's battle, they prepare return to Hommlet with their new prisoner, Lareth. Then, they will return & head for the old temple.

----end recap----

(note: yes, they burned down everything BUT the inn. yes the ghost DID come back. yes, it was VERY funny... to me. man i'm sadistic.)

The group moved on to the Old Temple of Elemental Evil & had a merry time showing me what cleave & great cleave are really good for. the party had grown a bit for this session, so i modified this fight a bit by changing the dire ape to a girallon. I also threw in a ranger, sent to find and gauge the party's ability by grummsh himself. It seems that they had killed off the last member of an orc clan in a mine just outside a little town called Duvik's Pass a few months previous (Burning plague 1st level adventure from wizards' site).

Upon their return to Hommlet, the heroes decided to visit Telna, hoping to return her kindness. They find her gone & after a search of her home discover that she is working for Iuz. Interresting. They also find that she may have headed west, which also happens to be the direction of this Temple of All Consumption that they have learned about. Very interresting.

The group sets out for Rastor. Spending very little time getting there & less time staying. They find supplies, gear up, & head out. Having taken enough robes from their fallen foes, they pose as cultists. They actually fool the guards & even gain an escort to the earth temple. Unfortunately, they are unable to fool the troglodyte swordmaster. Furious melee ensues & only one of their gnoll escorts survives. The confused gnoll is handed a bag. Inside is more gold than he makes in a year. He is no longer confused.

In the battle with Miikolak, Mordanis flexes his Earth Domain muscle by turning her pet Earth Elemental against her. Enraged, she turns it back & a game of Earth Elemental pong ensues. This distraction proves to be her undoing as the rest of the party takes the opportunity to run her into the ground.

The battle at the altar of the earth temple goes from fast and furious to slow and deadly after the cleric casts hold person on Joeseph & Holly responds with spike stones. Joeseph may not be able to move, but neither can the trogs, which they soon realize after they watch a few of their number try to charge the party & end up impaling themselves. The fight turned to ranged weapons & the druid's flaming sphere being used to clear the room of enemies.

The altar is destroyed, ruining the trog swordmaster's sword, & causing a cave in. The group frees the prisoners (one of which is Ivellios' sister) & rests.

The next day, our heroes come to the room with the athach. Quietly, they listen at the door & are able to catch him off guard. Joeseph rages & the Heroes swarm the giant. The battle barely lasts 2 rounds. Joeseph, still raging, bursts through the only other door & charges down the hall, Loras trailing behind calling out "NOOOOOO STOP!!!! JOSEPH!!!"

The party catches up with Joseph at an intersection between two hallways. Several guard posts have been alerted & within seconds they are swarmed. Blades clash and arrows fly. It is a furious battle, but it is going well for our heroes. Loras, who is near the intersection of hallways, critically wounds one of the guards & sees another pull him aside. He uses his rod of invisibility & sneaks around the corner. He sets himself up behind the guard & kills him with a well placed blow, becoming visible. Seconds later, he hears a deep voice from behind say "what are the odds?" and turns to see an enlarged duergar materialize as a dwarven waraxe is burried in Loras' shoulder.

The Bargheist spends his time confusing the party with his illusiory self. Ivellios keeps firing arrows at it, but hits only air (& one unlucky guard). Joeseph charges the illusion & passes right through. At this point, the lever is pulled & the chimera is set free. The few guards still alive flee. Mordanis & the gnoll have joined Loras against the duergar in the eastern hall. The bargheist closes on Holly & Ivellios, who have held back in the southern hall, while the Chimera engages Joeseph in the northern. The Chimera enters the intersection of halls & Loras decides to attempt to capture it with a bead of force. Both the chimera & Joeseph are able to stay out of the bubble, but now the intersection is closed by a bubble of force. The party is devided, with no easy way to get to one another.

Joeseph ducks into the barracks & heals. The chimera stands up, wounded & angry. Ivellios & Holly go toe to toe with the bargheist, making no headway. It is a stalemate. The duergar cuts down the gnoll & mortally wounds Mordanis. Soon Mordanis is cut down & Loras is alone. The fight is furious, but Loras can't seem to damage the fiend & eventually falls. Joeseph, now partially healed, bursts through the door & finishes off the chimera. He then jumps over a shorter end of the bubble & slides down the other side to assist Holly & Ivellios. They dispatch the beast, but are too late to help their friends. All they can do is wait for the force bubble to fall while they listen to the taunts of the dark dwarf.

Angry & thirsty for revenge, they remember that Holly's sword can use the passwall ability. It is used to create a passage to the room where the duergar sits, waiting. Catching him completely unaware, they all charge, delivering devistating blows. The deathblow is delivered by Holly, who charges in, jumps on his knee, then chest, & comes down on his head, burying her scimitar in his head.

Holly reincarnates the fallen comrads. The dwarf, Mordanis, comes back as a centaur & Loras tje elf returns as a human (yes, this is what they rolled. no fun, huh?). They decide to quest for a way to get their bodies back. Loras isn't too thrilled about the cut in lifespan & Mordanis misses his beard.

The quest, being quickly put together & rather short results in the party freeing a djinn & being granted 3 wishes. The first two are used to return the elf & dwarf to their original forms. The third, they are sitting on. Mostly because they are scared of me, i think. I'm evil & sadistic. I'll giv'em what they want, but unless it falls within the realm of simple & easy for a wish to accomplish, i'll take great pleasure in messing with their lives. heh heh.

Holly left the party while they quested for their original forms (she liked the new ones fine... ingrates.) & enlisted the help of local druids to attempt to hold the cleared area of the crater ridge mines long enough for the party to return. Ivellios' sister is doing the same with local rangers & elves.

Now, Holly has rejoined the party & they are preparing to return to the Crater ridge mines. This will be happening this saturday. After which i will post with the further (and more detailed) adventures of this intrepid group of heroes!

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(10/15/03 12:28 pm)
Re: roguebard's campaign log
great log :) Loved the burning down of Nulb, and the Elemental pong :D When one of my parties found that Wat had come back they burned the Inn down to spite him, flucky son's of a ... ;)
I like the quick recap style, and may have to do that for the second party I am running, I feel my logs are a bit long :o I still love how the party refers to the death by Rend from the dire ape - they decided to decribe it as the ape pulled the characters arms off and beat him to death with them :/

(10/15/03 5:12 pm)
Re: roguebard's campaign log
i just love dire apes. dire lions are fun too. in a different game, my wife had a dire lion for an animal companion & enlarged it when we came accross a barbarian hill giant. he took out over half the thing's hp in the first round! claw! claw! bite! rake! rake! ...scary.

my group burned down the inn after Watt came back too. now all that's left of Nulb is nutrient rich soil.

the druid is happy. she says that the land has finally been returned to nature. :lol

(10/19/03 6:09 pm)
10/18/2003 campaign log
okay, here's last night's session. man, that was fun. :)


The party returned to the mines to find that the area that they cleared has indeed been held, with the exception of the bridge complex past the earth temple. They are informed that the druids & rangers cannot hold the area for much longer, but they will hold the area for a few more days before leaving.

It is decided that the group should head in the opposite direction, toward the air temple. The party takes a little extra care, now that they have hired porters & warriors to assist with carrying supplies & treasure as well as to guard at night. The first challenge is nominal. A monsterous spider that manages to cement Loras to the wall before Joseph cuts it in twain.

Our heroes come next to a cavern with mine carts & two sets of rails. They experiment with the carts & decide that they are too loud to risk using. With an invisible Ivellios as scout they head down the eastern tunnel. Worried by the lifelike gnoll statues that they come accross, Loras takes point & advises caution. He and the basilisk see eachother simultaniously, but Loras moves quickly. Both he and Joseph are able to get in mighty blows before the basilisk can react. And react it does. It catches Loras with it's gaze attack & the party becomes the proud new owners of a lifelike Loras statue. Ivellios pegs the basilisk with an arrow & Joseph finishes off the creature. It is decided that the final wish will be used to bring Loras back.

Pressing onward, the group takes a side passage & walks right into the new home of a pair of thoqqua. Hardly a challenge for OUR heroes, these creatures are ended as quickly as they are discovered.

Vranthis the green dragon prooves to be a greater challenge, however. Mordanis sees him in his chamber long before anyone else, but the dragon sees Mordanis before that. Ivellios attempts to draw first blood by running into the cave, along the wall & firing his bow, barely missing. The dragon moves next by trotting up to the party who, with the exception of Ivellios, are conveniently huddled together in the entryway. The beast lets loose with a cone of corrosive acid gas wounding our heroes & killing 3 of the 4 shiny new warriors. The survivor takes the porters safely away from the action.

The adventurers attempt to surround the dragon while casting protective spells on themselves. Vranthis takes the opportunity to knock down the ceramic pyramid & summon a fiendish girallon. The melee is furious & bloody, but Ivellios' dire wolf trips & mauls the girallon while the fast blade work of the party & a final arrow to the throat of the dragon end the battle. Camp is made, bodies are buried & the dragon is skinned.

The next day the end of their rail line is found as well as the end of the line that the party had chosen not to follow. Just as it is decided that they will follow these back & close the loop, they are attacked by an ochre jelly. Having faced these in Nulb, the party is quick to sheath their weapons & concentrate on using spells & fire to defeat the creature.

As they continue along the track, they find that a section near the entrance to a side cave has fallen prey to rust. There is also a derailed iron cart which has an abnormal amount of rust damage. Joseph and Loras say in unison: "rust monster." Having come accross these before (Joseph lost an ancestral sword to one early in his adventurning career), the decision is made to go a-rust monster-a-huntin'.

Unfortunatly, the plans were made aloud. Just outside the cave.

Armed with an iron oil lamp & torch, Joseph takes point, with Loras behind & the rest of the party in the entryway. With his ability to see in a lower level of light, Loras sees the rust monster first, as it comes toward them from the darkness. Just as he readies his bow & takes aim, a longspear comes from the darkness & plants itself firmly in his thigh. Joseph charges the rustmonster & throws his lantern at the beast. The rustmonster, happy for the treat, turns the lantern to dust. This, in turn allows the flame from the lantern to connect with all of the fuel while splashing accross the creature's body. It is at this point that the ettin is seen for the first time. The beast throws it's remaining longspear & picks up it's greatclubs. Joseph runs back to the entrance & Mordanis takes a que from Holly by casting spikestones on the entire room. The party begins pelting the beasts with arrows. The rust monster impales itself on the stones & the ettin wounds itself, impeding it's movement. The ettin pauses, contemplating it's next move when Joseph begins taunting it & flashing it by lifting his kilt. The ettin becomes enraged & charges him, shredding itself on the stones.


And that's where we left off. Lots of action this week. we're all lookin' foreward to next week. that spike stones is an EVIL spell! :evil

(10/19/03 7:12 pm)
Re: 10/18/2003 campaign log
wow that is evil! Still the party would have had a fun time trying to move foward from there...ther would have to backtrack and go the other way. 20' square/level 1d8 per 5' moved through 1 hour/level?? ouch :o

(10/30/03 7:24 pm)
10/25/03 campaign log
Sorry for the late post. Jeez, we're playing the next session the day after tomorrow already!

Mordanis was unable to attend this session & Joseph was late, but otherwise the gang was all here. Good game. Much fun was had.


The party finished the loop by following the tracks north to where they began, entering each passage along the way. Except, for some reason, the one with the stairway. And a green slime. grrr... I was looking foreward to that... Darned adventurers & their "gut instincts."

The party, short a cleric and a barbarian, hired a cleric to make up for the loss of supportive magic & continued their trek through the mines. Loras recommended caution when they entered a cave with droppings on the ground. The roughly circular cave had many ledges & nooks above where creatures could hide, waiting for the best time to strike. Ivellios volunteered to use his hookshot* to get to the ceiling & survey the situation from above. It was a decision that he immediately regretted as he was met with a spray of acid from the digester who was lurking there. Ivellios dropped to the ground & the party wasted no time attacking while the cleric-for-hire tended to the ranger's wounds. It did not take long for the heroes to defeat the creature & they thanked their respective gods that it did not have a chance to use it's acidic attack again. It was at approximately this point that Joseph caught up with the party.

A collapsing ceiling & purple fungus later, the adventurers came upon a young umber hulk, and soon after, an old one. The encounter ended with the death of the monsters & a battle royalle between the confused Ivellios & Joseph.

Comment: You just haven't experienced fun until the confused ranger is randomly compelled to attack the nearest creature, which happens to be the confused barbarian. The barbarian is compelled to attack his attacker for an entire round per the text of the spell confuse. Then, in turn, the ranger does the same. Hilarity ensues. At least I didn't have to roll the random action anymore. ^_^

Next, the intrepid explorers encountered a pair of trolls. The battle was furious & in the end, the trolls were dead & the party near dead, but still alive. After a bit of recovery, they pressed onward & found the first man(or dwarf)- made wall that they had seen in two days. Adorning the eastern half of the wall was a door. Loras carefully listened at the door & peeked through the keyhole. To his dismay, the room contained a third troll. Unlike the others, this one wore armor & was sharpening a double edged sword. The party, ragged, weary, and almost out of spells, decided to backtrack and rest for the evening. Tomorrow. Yes... tomorrow will see much bloodshed for sure. But whose? We shall see...

*Yes, the hookshot here is based on the hookshot from Zelda. It's just such a cool tool that I had to create one for use in D&D. Very fun, very durable. It definitely gives the adventurers a new and interesting way to get themselves out of (and into) trouble. In my world, though, it was created by a race of dwarves that disappeared mysteriously hundreds of years ago.


See y'all next week!

(11/3/03 8:15 pm)
Confusion Pong
Comment: You just haven't experienced fun until the confused ranger is randomly compelled to attack the nearest creature, which happens to be the confused barbarian.

I too have seen the joys of confusion's a beautiful thing. :evil

(11/3/03 9:45 pm)
Re: Confusion Pong
I am sure my party will always remember the rogue and sorceress knife fight while the rest of the party valiantly tried to hold of Fachish, and his cronies :evil
Of course they did a grand total of 10 damage each, but hey... (rogue had no weapon finesse and 8 str)

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