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Cordo Crowfoot
(10/18/03 4:10 am)
RttToEE/Incursion link
I'm not sure if my players are going to want to continue with the same characters post-RttToEE, but just in case I'm considering laying the groundwork for an Incursion arc.

While it isn't absolutely necessary, I've thought it would be nice if the backstory/reasoning for the Githyanki invasion had something to do with the events in RttToEE, even if only peripherally.

Any ideas?

Just some simple brainstorms:
* The lich-queen worships Tharizdun, derives part of her power from Tharizdun, or the result of the ritual would have made conditions right for her ascention to demi-lichhood. She makes her move on the prime material after the triad botch the ritual thinking that she will personally take a more direct role this time.

* There is a significant breakaway cell of Githyanki worshipping Tharizdun on the prime. The queen hears of this and part of the purpose of the invasion is to punish these heretics. In this case I could even substitute in Giths for the Drow in the Outer Fane (Drow don't really exist in my campaign so I needed to do something with those two anyway.) In that case there may be some major friction as Satau is so close, but they may even sieze upon the arrival of the PCs as an excuse to create an alliance to kill Satau (which could be interesting).

"They were immediately and absolutely recognizable as adventurers. They were hardy and dangerous, lawless, stripped of allegiance or morality, living off their wits, stealing and killing, hiring themselves out to whoever and whatever came... They were scum who died violent deaths, hanging on to a certain cachet among the impressionable through their undeniable bravery and their occasionally impressive exploits" China Mieville, Perdido Street Station

(10/18/03 8:35 am)
Re: RttToEE/Incursion link
I'd have the prison of Tharizdun actually be located on the astral plane (I think it's more appropriate anyway). If your players encountered it on their trek through the crypts, then just have it exist simultaneously on both the ethereal and astral planes, or possibly ALL planes. This last bit makes some sense that all deities worked together to imprison Tharizdun, so maybe they all want to look at the prison together.

So, where did this 'prison' come from? Githyanki are famous for their castles. Perhaps this is merely an appropriated castle, and the Githyanki are trying to take it back. "Nah, that Tharizdun doesn't exist, we want our uber-castle back!" This idea is thin, but maybe it can be worked into something more plausible. Or, maybe they just don't know about Tharizdun in the first place so they don't realize what they are doing.

Anyway, attacks by the githyanki have weakened/killed the solar and released Unariq Voltasimol.

Another idea stems from something that has been bugging. The triad itself is based upon the wrong number. Their are FOUR elements, not three, so I'd think Tharizdun magic number should be four. There is a fourth member of the [insert name similar to Triad but meaning four and sounding cool], probably a Githyanki or even half-githyanki [as Cordo creates cool template class and posts it on the forum], and ready to finish what the useless Triad failed to accomplish.

Cordo Crowfoot
(10/20/03 9:47 am)
Re: RttToEE/Incursion link
Hmmm... Cool ideas, the whole prison connection slipped my mind and I agree it makes more sense to be on the astral plane. Also a very good idea with the number there, and that the lich queen could be the fourth--the proverbial shadow behind the throne manipulating events.

I'm not sure if my players are going to go into the crypt area though as I seem to have scared the crap out of them when they sent an arcane eye down that way and I described the massive number of shadowy undead figures that were flitting about. :D

(10/23/03 5:35 am)
Re: RttToEE/Incursion link
I've just had a Githyanki scout/raiding party attack a large town about half way to Rastor (from Verbobonc) where the players were present (Astral Skiff's and all).

Pretty much my motif for the githyanki’s attack was that they are hoping to besiege the world to eradicate their hated enemies, the denizens of the Underworld.

The Lich-Queen having only the power to infrequently send minimal forces through the ‘Gates’ has found a way in which she can unleash her armies en masse. The black/purple obelisks symbolic to Tharizdun (Moathouse, etc) that have been found by his faithful, can be use as anchor points to form a huge gate/tear between the Astral and Prime material planes. (She still has to find the Obelisks…)

IMC, I figured that these large mysterious monoliths, were not only the prisons of parts of the essence of Tharizdun, but with the proper rituals (still undiscovered, maybe a linked with the binders) could free Tharizdun (or inadvertently could done by the Lich-Queen). The outcome of her actions is still undecided but one way or the other the Lich-Queen will bring on the incursion.

I’m still working on it (to flesh it out), as it was more impulse at the time than planned.

On the number ‘three’ I’d leave it, because ‘333’ has been symbolic of Tharizdun since GW4 ‘The forgotten temple of Tharizdun’. That number is like the number of the beast, ‘666’, making it four seems sort of lame.

I hope that made some sense as I’m buggered (Australian colloquial for exhausted) from too much work and too many late nights.


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