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(10/18/03 1:43 pm)
Some changes
I'm in the process of making some changes to the adventure. Hopefully most of these will allow the group to have a lot more role-playing opportunities.

Some of them:

-having the 3rd start a war (or is it the 2nd? the aboleth) between Veluna & Furyondy, so that the Temple's activities go unnoticed. (These two nations wouldn't go to war if they're both Good, as the Gazeteer says, so I switched 'em to neutral. One of the "sparks" has to do with Jolene and the poisoning of Verbonic's water supply.)

-changing Chenashi into a deep-cover agent who hangs out in Hommlet, making sure things are safe for everyone. She becomes a Rogue 7/Disciple of Baazelbul 2 (Book of Vile Darkness), with a +25 Bluff and +22 Diplomacy. Her main role in the adventure is to create an NPC to use as a love interest, give the PCs someone to redeem, and to give the PCs information about the political situation in the Velverdyva river valley (Knowledge (Verbonic) +10, Knowledge (nobility) +10).

-changing D'Gran so that he is a Mortal Hunter (BoVD prestige class, again) and not a half-fiend. He takes on the persona of Daga Saar, a mystic wanderer who roams the land and gives out prophecy. He's well known by people in the Viscounty and respected. His point is to be able to sneak around in Verbonic and Hommlet if he needs to - and to work as an assasin when the Temple needs to kill Y'Dey.

-a whole set of events triggered by Gren/Dunrat bringing back a book found in the moathouse. This leads to the sacrifice of Y'Dey in a ritual that reveals the Champion and the ritual needed to annoint him.

-making Mereclar less suspicious and ready for battle and more of an opportunist. He sees a group of powerful people enter his gate and doesn't expect them to take out the entire Temple of All-Consumption (who would?). They're just what he needs - a powerful group of allies that can expand his power in the Temple. Mereclar's purpose in the adventure is to give the PCs an "in" into Temple politics. Mereclar thinks he is using them to further his own ends - by getting Vranthis to ally with the Main Gate, or by "selling" the PCs "labour" (acting as their agent) to the other Temples to increase his wealth - but really the PCs are given a great opportunity to cause havoc in the Temple. They are being paid to do what they normally would - kill the bad guys.

-drawing maps of the CRM. Not maps as such, but pictures of the CRM to give me a good look at what things are like down there.

That's about it.

Oh yeah: Using the bigot in Hommlet (Naresh?) to mess up Jennithar Rhengold and eventually have her end up as a prisoner of Garrick. Using this event to drive exploration of the moathouse and to use Naresh & his sons more in the module.

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