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(10/19/03 5:57 am)
Manic Dwarfs at a raging start
Well, this is my second party to start with the holy quest. This time a complete diverent group of adventurers. 5 Dwards, a Rager with the brains of a fly, priest of Morrodin a bit too serious in his job, Fighter/rogue with a frost bow (do not alow it) that has a charisma of -15 and two @#%$ up dwarfs. One of them things he is a halfling (he fell into a pot when he was young and it was empty eversince he becomes what he thinks he is - matter of fact is that he is the only player that does not know that he is a dwarf for real. The other dwarf is what we call in holland an boskabouter - a forest gnome, who thinks he is a dwarf being raised by them.

It started al very inocent last week with a backgroup chatup and a trip to the Inn. it is an excellent role playing groep. Going insane on the roleplaying with all of their weird things, not knowing what was going to hit me the next week.

I gave them a quest to build a new temple of Morradin in Hommlet. Giving them a chance to get to know the country side and the town. They would need to diplomate and mingle into town. But no, why build a new one if there is a old one near nulb the can redecorate a already famous one. Although I had all major NPC have severe objection to the plan they went for it after all. A small shire should be rised in Hommlet, but they did not dare to break into the keep with Ragge using the secret tunnel to get some good stones. Later they will find out that it is Ragge's one stones and that he is a trill seeker an not a thief. But that action cause quite a dispubance in the group. especialy as they were in the keep when they found out what was goingn on.

Even when the met good old Del the group did hardly stop. The Fighter/rogue even used Del as a target practice pissing him off severly. Just as he had hinted that the missing Spoignoir was in the area.

That night they were acted by Yeth Hounds to see what they could do. The poor hounds were riped apart by the group with ease. The Dwarven Rager/fighter was having fun and tearing to bits the damage rection of 10 point. Fortunetly for the hounds the fighter/rogue had the iggy bits for 4 rounds, but after he found back his nerves the blasted the hounds to doggy icycles. The power of that bow of frost allong with this shooty setup?!? I have to cut his fingers off or find another way to slow him. With his rogue ability he has two extra d6 ontop of his 2 normal d6 of the bow. Quick shot en precise shot he can shoot two times into combat without hardly any penelties.

This became even more clearly after they entered en met the assasin in the waterside hostle. ooooh a chill - priest does decect undead - a shocked assassin charges and survives a rebuke but roles a natural 1 on this attack. Being riped a piece by the pissed priest and the searing shots of the frost bow. Only a gust of cold wind remained of the gast....

Hell of a day - many insane laughts and excelent roleplaying. Only booboo is the killer figher/rogue with his frost bow. He will get the feat close combat shooting next. Stoping me from getting him in CC. Will need to slow him down somehow. Ohh yaa... he got a -2 on dex str and can from the yeth hounds already, good start.

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