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(10/20/03 8:17 am)
Old Earth Temple
Can anyone point me to anyones speculations on the old Earth Temple? The one slaughtered by the Fire Temple?

The reason I ask is I was thinking about how vents for D'Gran's Gaseous Form might have been constructed in the Wetern Bridge Complex. Definetely not something the dwarves would have done. The only way I could see to install it later is a combination of Stone Shape and Meld Into Stone. While any sufficiently leveled cleric could use these, I think Earth Temple clerics would be the most appropriate.

So then a link hit me...Tessimon hires D'Gran to pull a con job on the old Earth Temple. D'Gran hires the Earth Temple to build the vents, then "pays" them with the Amulet of Inescabable Location. Tessimon uses the Amulet to somehow scry (I'll have to check the books later on specifics) on the Earth Temple to plan their assault. She then leaves the amulet there where it is found and taken by Uskatoth.

All this is something that happened in the background but I could write up a neat cut-scene for the party about it and not give too much away (at least once they discover exactly what that amulet they sold the merchant friend is).

(10/20/03 9:20 am)
Re: Old Earth Temple
The old earth temple was mostly human, from what I understand, based on comments in the module. In any case, your idea is great. I can't think of anything else to add, except that maybe D'Gran would get Heunar or Tippesh to pull the job, as they would be more 'trustworthy' inasmuch as trust is ever considered in the ToAC.

(10/20/03 12:32 pm)
Re: Old Earth Temple
hmm, yes, they could have attacked the temple when the forces were split between building vents and gaurding the temple. As a thought, the altar in the earth temple could be new, the old one being in the room where the manticore is - the destruction of the altar would explain the rocks (cave in) and the rings on the hand there. The amulet of inesapable location could have been a relic already dug up/found in that room, with perhaps more buried deep?

(10/20/03 12:48 pm)
Splitting forces
Hmm....I really like the splitting forces idea...I think I'm on to a thought here. Several of the Earth Temple clerics use up their spells building the vents...and are then given proper "thank yous" by D'Gran and his squad. Meanwhile the Fire Temple forces strike at the Earth Temple and kill everyone there...

I definetely want the Amulet to be from the Fire Temple though. The fact that it will cause the death of Creeper, who is by far their favorite NPC ally, is going to be huge in this campaign.

(10/21/03 1:37 pm)
Re: Splitting forces
Ok, so D'Gran does everything in fair trade knowing that the Earth clerics have prepared themselves for treachery by D'Gran while Tessismon and her crew of salamanders, etc. kill the skeleton (literally?) crew that was left behind. When the earth cleric return after the job the fire temple forces spring their ambush set up for their return. Due to the preperations for treachery from D'Gran the earth clerics don't have the best spells prep'ed for fighting, and having used some on the work.

(10/22/03 1:45 pm)
Hmmm.. great idea.. I really like this concept, it add more thinking and creativity!!

This is what I will do. The half of the forces are smash and destroyed. Some become flaming skeletons, and other transform with fire elemental templates. That is only fair. With the blessing of Hedrack and the Triad.

The remaining half of the forces will then decides what to do. for this reason, they became a guerrilla unit. Hoping to get back their temple. For this reason, they harass the supply line, establish for the Fire Temple. It was actually effective.

This all changed when Spider Rider unit are deploy, forcing the unit to find other measure. It didn't helps, either that it was taken over by Trogs. For this reason, they have became a rogue unit, possibly sold themselves to Water Temple. The most devout one, though, remains an outcast, possibly with Tarren, and increase greatly in level to be a counterPC unit.

Hedrack will not deal with them personally.. After all, if they succeed.. they deserve their own temple.. if they did not, they can just die and rot away.

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