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(10/22/03 12:15 pm)
South Gate & Air Temple Restocking Issues
My party has made several assaults on the South Gate and Air Temple with in a 2 day period and wiped them all out. They are currently using the barbican as a ad-hoc base of operations, but will be moving on with in a day or two as they have found the dwarven temple area.

What Iím trying to figure out is who will show up first to notice the gate area undefended and then the Air Temple empty. The party has not destroyed the Air Alter as of yet, and Iím not sure if they will or not.

Iíve read the info on restocking, but with the party not leaving for any length of time, not even over night currently Iím not sure how this would be done with out the few forces showing up each week getting killed as soon as they get there.

The closest Temple is the Fire Temple, with them being the most powerful currently will they try to fight past the Ants and Destrachan to take it over, or even just raid it and destroy the temples alter?

And what ever happens the big question is how quickly? You thoughts?

Right now Iím thinking a few human warriors with a very low level cleric of the Air Temple will arrive at the gate and start investigating, about 4 days after the temple was cleared out. Depending on where the party is they may encounter them while they are here or just find signs of them showing up.

If this group slips in & out with out the party stopping them, what would they do next?

Also, how quickly after a temple is wiped out would the Outer Fane notice?

Sorry for all the ?ís, just trying to keep this fun for the group and have the dungeon be alive as suggested by Monte and everyone here.



(10/22/03 4:12 pm)
Re: South Gate & Air Temple Restocking Issues
Well this is the entry point into the mines for the fire temple, plus the water temple may use this door to get to their boats.

The fire temple clerics would only have to be able to cast 2nd level spells to bypass the Destrachan (silence on a stone carried) and the ants would not attack unless they are disturbed (usually the first thing a party will do :P ).

What happens? This would depend on who is left. Now at the moment the air temple is down, so first things first, is just to worry about securing the door, then worry about repopulating the temple. This is the main entry, the other door actually being less used, so it is a pretty high profile spot. The earth and water temples may go a week or so before being noticed as missing, but the fire temple being strongest, and air temple being on the main enterance would be noticed in days.

Once the orcs are gone the fire temple has basically free access to it's bridge so they are most likely to be moving into the area - the loss of the air temple would greatly help them (less people to bride/deal with to get to the bridge).

Of course as a stop gap measure walls of stone/stoneshape can be used to secure the area until reinforcements arrive. I would follow the standard rules set down for replacement of gaurds, who would ignore the air temple and concentrate on securing the door.

The fanes would assume on of the temples had made a move for power, or one way or another not care at this point if a temple had been taken out. After seeing if anyone steps up to the challenge of securing the door they may send a small force to hold it (an unaligned force). perhaps 8 warriors and a rogue (for a change of pace, more than likey a monster type race) leader? Once these guys are wiped out they would realise they have a problem and send more competent forces to hold it (orges from the outer fane, plus a leader maybe Firre?) until a decent batch of regulars are found.

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