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Priest of Chaos
(10/23/03 7:03 pm)
attempt at a campaign narrative..1 (somewhat long)
        The early year breezes made the hot day a bit more tolerable as the group left the sight of Hommlet behind then on the path. The clouds did well to hide much of the sunlight, making the day seem lazy, and the pace comfortable.       
        The group was led by Limhaldi Na'Darrit, a man that labeled himself 'the sheathe'. The friends from Port Norath, a young man named Chess Lee and the halfling Daramon, followed behind by silently moving into and out of the shadows cast by the trees.
A stocky red bearded dwarf that went by Barduke, obviously a warrior by his attire, seemed to cut his own path through the dust and grass that made up the old, unused trail. A couple more men walked with the group, Garthanox seemed to keep to himself, but Dominique spoke openly with the group.
        The trail was quiet that day besides the friends, and they only came upon one other soul on the road. A trapper was returning with his trappings of the day and me the group with a warning of a dragon at their destination, the moat house.

        "Well met travelers," the trapper called out a greeting to the friends, "it's not often that I see others traveling this road."
        "We are looking for a man who is said to have been missing for quiet a number of days now. His daughter claims that he regularly explores the areas around a place known as the moat house." Limhaldi spoke with a calm manor, and the trapper's eyes widened with protest when he heard their desination.
        "The moat house? If I was you, I would stay clear of the moat house. There's a dragon in there. I saw him just last night." The trapper moved his bundle of furs from one shoulder to the other and looked down the trail beyond the group.
        Barduke turned to look in the direction the trapper looked, and seeing nothing faced him, "A dragon ya say? Ive `eard of em, fire breathing lizards they say." He turned to the rest of the group, a twinkle in his brown eyes, "and gold they say. A dragons `oard could make us rich beyond our dreams. Sounds like fun." He gripped his dwarven bow-hammer and slung it onto his shoulder.
        "Well if you insist on facing him, then may the gods grant ye luck." He readjusted his grip on his furs then continued down the road, calling back a farewell.

        After a short discussion the group decided that if the dragon was as deadly as those they have heard about, then the trapper would not be around to warn them of it. So with the day young they set out to find Spungua.
        Despite what the friends told each other about the dragon, as they got closer to the moathouse things seemed to quieten down, the friends stopped talking and listened as they walked, all a bit nervous. No life could be heard in the woods surrounding the path, the breeze became a chill.

        It wasn't much past the half-day when the friends come upon a small ruined fortress, little more than a stone manner and a walled courtyard with a tower, now collapsed. The second story was mostly wood, but has apparently been collapsed for years. The group found a freshly cut board over the ruined drawbridge and made into the courtyard with the bravery of hardened adventurers, or possibly the stupidity of young explorers.
        They cautiously walked through the courtyard. Time seemed to slow as they made their way up the stairs and through the large doorway leading inside. In an instant glowing yellow eyes flashed open in the darkness, and in response limhaldi through his hood back revealing an ever burning torch and lighting the room for the rest. A young blue dragon roared, and with the swiftness of the gods themselves dove into the courtyard. Garthanox was prepared for such an event and with a few incomprehensible words and a strange hand gesture shot two small bolts of sparkling energy that hit the dragon in full as he turned to face the group. A bolt from Barduke's bow-hammer hit solidly on the dragon, piercing his scales.
        Limhaldi dove down the steps, landing in a roll that closed the ten feet between him and the dragon, coming out of the roll long enough to strike the creature with a rapier loosing more than a few scales with the blow. He then reversed his motion and swiftly tumbled back toward the steps as another bolt flew wildly past the dragon. Garthanox quietly mumbled to himself and pointed behind the dragon as a badger appeared from seemingly nowhere to pounce at the dragon only to be killed with a swipe from the dragon's talon.
        This distraction was all Barduke needed, and he charged the dragon landing a solid blow from his hammer, breaking scales and bone with it. The dragon screamed in pain and with a single flap of his powerful wings soared ten feet up and thirty feet back onto the collapsed tower in the southern corner of the courtyard wall. Before even looking down to his combatants he was hit by two more bolts of sparkling energy.
        Without hesitation the dragon took in an enormous breath, and its eyes flicked to focus on Limhaldi.
        Limhaldi's eyes widened as he realized what was happening. He tried to dive away but was hit in the torso with a five foot wide bolt of lightning from the dragon's mouth. As the dragon was hit by yet more sparkling bolts, Limhaldi pulled a vial of white liquid off of his belt and quaffed it without hesitation. Gripping his rapier he ran twenty feet toward the tower, leaping with all the strength he had in his body. Barduke watched in amazement as the fighter cleared the ten foot gap from the ground to the dragon. Garthanox was silent as Limhaldi rapier pierced the dragon's neck. Limhaldi watched with a calm in his eye as the dragon fell backward from the tower.

(10/24/03 4:56 pm)
Re: attempt at a campaign narrative..1 (somewhat long)
Welcome! Sounds like a good beginning. For once, a group that believes Ole Del! :)

Edit: I'd suggest changing the title of your first post if you plan to keep the log going, and please do!

Edited by: Infiniti2000 at: 10/24/03 4:57 pm
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