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(10/30/03 7:10 pm)
Naquent's Commune
Sitrep: Infidels have wiped out half the FT, including Tessimon, Firre, and Zert, but have not affected the altar or the platform. They have also completely wiped out the ET, not including Reokallitan, and destroy the altar. They have wiped out everyone in the WT except for the HWE and the advanced (corrupted) monitor. Kadiss, his guards, and 11 of the human warriors have joined sides with the infidels and are guarding the NBC. Thrommel has taken one of the guards, and Victor sent it's head to the party as a warning, the night after a failed assassination attempt.

Hedrack orders Naquent to obtain a status report on the infidels the night after the elf-head warning. Naquent decides on a commune.

Edit: changed divination to commune.

1. What questions does she ask?
2. What else would she do?

Edited by: Infiniti2000 at: 11/1/03 9:37 am
(11/1/03 2:44 pm)
As it costs 25 GP per cast, and only gets one question I would say she would ask only the vital questions. Also as Satau (sp?) the Mind flayer can predict the future I usually assume laziness on behalf on the clerics and have them ask him for info when needed.

The party is definately on it's way into the fanes as they have destroyed a majority of the temples or the temple forces, and it is obvoius they are on their way in. As the CRM is mostly a defense to slow the party down and deter any attacks that are half-hearted it is doing it's job by dieing :evil

Q's: "Will they breach the fanes inside a week?" (time frame on how long they have to prepare)
"Do they have the components to make a master key?"
"Are they aware of the nature of the Cult of Tharizdun?"

Other actions:
Consult the Mind flayer.
Scry. (Possibly send an assassin to collect items to help with scrying) As there is on defined scrying apperatus present in the fanes, I would say the unholy Font (to bless people to get past the golems) could be used.
Send an assassin to spy.

Apart from that, the people in the fanes don't really care until the party actually breach the doors, the CRM is there to slwo them down, they send a half hearted response to see if it is an easy fixed problems, then wait until they reach their homeground of the fanes to use all their tools at once.

missed your edit, sorry :P
Commune, I guess same q's and a few more :) I think she would be leary about wasting XP on this when Satau has a 75% chance (more or less) to answer the questions and predict the future. More q's for commune: Will they come in the air door? (most likey to be least defended if the assassins are sent out and killed, also easiest to get in, esp if they have taken out the earth and water temple) Do they have a arcane caster with them? Do they have a Divine caster with them?
Prorblably other questions to determine strengths and weeknesses - adamantium weapons? If not then the flesh golems could be a good help in combat. Holy weapons? no? then the barbed devil could be of use (if it can be convinced to fight). Can we rely on Thrommel? ;)

Edited by: arcane12 at: 11/1/03 3:20 pm
(11/1/03 3:38 pm)
And if they can rely on Thrommel
If they can rely on Thrommel, I don't think the Kadiss and his crew on the NBC is going to be alive very long. I think it would be very cool to have the party come back to them and find them as vampire spawn. To me, leaving a military force of mooks to guard a bridge to the Fanes is WAAAAY too insolent to be allowed to continue.l

(11/2/03 7:33 am)
Re: Commune
Re: Kadiss et al
We had another session last night. Minor one, though, the party travelled from Khorasan (Verbobonc) back to Rastor. They encounter Vranthis and the white dragon about to get into a fight outside the mines. Vranthis, who talked to them after the WT battle and setup a truce (he works for Fachish now) said things like, "Ah, my allies of the Air Temple. Help me kill this insolent White." The white dragon said, "Ah, my allies, remember our deal to kill Vranthis? Help me, and I shall reward you. Let's defeat the Temple together!"

Got side tracked there, sorry. Anyway, they got back to the NBC and their mooks were still alive. Thrommel dominated one elf and forced him to walk the bridge and enter the Air door, to then be killed. It was his head sent to the room. Anyway, I figure the OF does care to wipe that force out yet. They are inconsequential and still provide a service by controlling the NBC. Moreover, they give the PC's a false sense of security. Also, they can be easily converted at any time.

Re: Satau
This task was given to Naquent and I don't think she'll want to talk to Satau at all. She has commune and divination, so she will not gain outside help unless it is absolutely vital. So far, it is not vital IMO.

These are my questions so far then:
1. Will the intruders attempt to breach the Outer Fane? Yes.
2. Will they breach the Outer Fane inside a week? No.
3. Will they breach the Outer Fane inside a month? Yes.
4. Will they come in through the Air Door? Yes.
5. Do they have the components to make a greater key? Yes.
6. Do they have the components to make a master key? Yes.
7. Are they aware of the nature of the Temple of All Consumption? No.
8. Will they continue attacking the CRM? Yes.
9. Do they have outside help? Yes.
10. Is this outside help located in Rastor? Yes.

I figure it will take them more than 1 week to clear up portions of the CRM and they will likely come in through the Air Door. I can easily change that on the fly if necessary however. The help in Rastor is a garrison of dwarven guards and paladins, summoned by Rerrid. Naquent will give this info to Hedrack and when the time comes, he will send Chymon to raze it.

(11/2/03 12:14 pm)
Re: Commune
Sounds like Victor got away, which means he can continue to shadow the party (or at least recon Rastor from time to time, and figure out where the party rests). If Naquet reports the party has the ability to make a master key would Heddrack continue to send forces to kill them? I found out (yesterday) that if there are a couple of mooks to take the initial Fendish Dire Lion charge they are easily dispatched (six 8th's took them down without losing anyone except for three War1's and having five more dropped)

The reason I suggested Satau is the XP cost for commune (should be nothing to her but it's still xp ;) ) and the fact that it mentions that they all view him as a valuable resouce, but I did not take her pride into account :P

How long does it take them to get to a large city and back? If they decide to do some shopping before entering the outer fane this could set back the schedule by 3-6 weeks :)

(11/3/03 8:11 pm)
Is Tal Chammish still alive? Will he get a warning or just a warm breeze, courtesy of Chymon?:evil

A tanbrosh epidemic in Verbobonc would be cool. OTOH, if he hasn't been able to keep the infidels from receiving aid in Rastor, he may not be worth the risk of a message. I could see you playing it either way.

Good call with the NBC're right. The immediate hammer isn't necessary.

(11/3/03 9:56 pm)
Re: Commune
"Sounds like Victor got away, which means he can continue to shadow the party (or at least recon Rastor from time to time, and figure out where the party rests)."

Yup, he made his death attack and beat everyone's initiative, breaking a refuge stick (ordered to be given by Varachan, and thus alerting Varachan to the party's presence for the first time). Victor will be given one more chance, this time probably to get a prisoner. Naquent needs more information. And, it will probably scare the bejeesus out of the players more than a death attack would.

"If Naquent reports the party has the ability to make a master key would Hedrack continue to send forces to kill them?"

Sure. Having a master key just means they have a chance to enter the Inner Fane. If you mean greater key, however, I'd still say Hedrack would stick to the plan.

"The reason I suggested Satau is the XP cost for commune..."

I agree that the XP cost would be something to think about, but it also says that the people of the Outer Fane do not like Satau. Mind flayers eat the brains of humanoids, so I can't picture Naquent even wanting to talk with him. She rarely needs to use up XP, so I think in this case, it's perfectly okay.

"How long does it take them to get to a large city and back?"

The wizard is now 9th level and has teleport. It took a few days, but he teleported everyone to Khorasan (Verbobonc) and they made items. In particular, he made a +4 headband of intellect, granting himself another 5th level spell (making teleporting the party easier for one thing). To teleport into the city, the Silver Consortium required he use a registered teleport point (paying a 2gp fee each time to come and go). He then asked about purchasing time at the Astral Lab, and therefore made about 2 months worth of items in mere moments real time. Solves the whole making-items-takes-too-much-time problem.

"Is Tal Chammish still alive?"

Yes, he's alive, and he's still supplying the CRM. He was kept alive by Rerrid for just this purpose, to make the CRM believe everything is okay. Once the OF feels that Rastor is no longer necessary, Tal is no longer necessary by default. He just gets a warm breeze. :)

However, I had another idea. The orcs from the orc camp will attack Rastor (1/3 their force) and in that attack Tal will be killed. The supplies will stop, and the PCs will have a problem. I figure it will be something unusual and therefore will be interesting. If anyone has ideas on that, I'm interested.

RE: epidemic in Verbobonc.
Based on other DM's experience, I've preloaded the gun to show that everyone else in the world (as the PC's know it) is busy. A large nation nearby, now known to be in the control of a powerful lich queen has attacked the main capital. All of the bigwigs are working on that problem and cannot help the PC's anymore (outside the dwarves in Rastor, the 2 scrolls of true rez, and the wand of neutralize poison). I did this so that PCs will feel the pressure to do things on their own, and not get more powerful heroes to save the world. ;)

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