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(11/16/03 12:25 pm)
Very interesting happenings in your game The downside
to this is that they lose the temple as a safe base(A stone golem makes an excellent guard) The upshot is that they get to fight evil with evil and do all sorts of nasty things that would normaly be of limits.:evil

'After lots of interrorgations and decapitations':lol

(11/17/03 10:17 pm)
White Wash and Red Death
Day One:
The Secular Republic of New Duderoem is established and the executive council formed, High Patriarch and Chairman Morino presiding. High Captain Solit organizes the Invincible Army of New Duderoem, Magistars Horice, Morice, and Dollo open the Sublime Collegia Arcana, and the existence of Political Officer Mogs is officially denied.

Citizenry: Captain Deeperdark Ftr5, Master Builder Tunroug Exp3, (2) blacksmiths Exp1, artisan Exp1, (4) sargents War2, (10) soldiers War1, (10) miners Com1.

Affiliates: Researcher Tymerian Wiz4

The artwork on the walls of the Air Temple and South Gate is whitewashed over, and new, patriotic, work commissioned. Big U's head is mounted above the area 78 Barbican. The words Moradin Is Dead are carved on the floor of the South Entrance.

While my players were absorbed in decorating their petty state, they failed to notice Undra, the air temple scout returning from the Old EE Temple. Undra reports to Terrenygit, who sends a message to the Outer Fane, which is destroyed by Varachan. That's the pcs' freebie.

Day 2:
A Hill Giant arrives with an enormous bag of melons for the Fire Bridge. The pcs attacked, dropped, and stabilized him, and now keep the giant in the Gargoyle arena under a Stupor spell.

The Eye of Tulain is found, the secret room turned into a treasury. A commoner dies from the yellow mold in the old storage room. Poolidib, the Kuo-Toa running the water "bridge," seeks to woo the air temple away from the fire temple. Mogs and Solit disguise themselves as Fachish and Choranth and agree that fire has grown too strong.

Hydra is killed, old Moradin Temple sacked and desecrated. Orcs are left alone.

Day 3:
Caravan arrives in Rastor. Emmisary from Harchol's clan arrives and the pcs offer Essence Emerald in return for the clan's aid. A Ftr4, 5 war1s, and 10 com1s will arrive in a few days.

Temple slaving party returns and is killed. The two dwarf slaves are set free, the five humans are put to work. The Old Armory and Forge are reclaimed from the blade spirit.

Day 4: The Trog rogue from the Earth Temple is sent to spy on the Air temple. She trips an alarm spell but thanks to her invisibility potions isn't found. The Trog returns to the Earth Temple which notifies Hedrack. Hedrack buffs Chymon with the spells he has handy: protection from elements (cold), freedom of movement, bull's strength, endurance, and divine favor, and sends the dragon to destroy the dwarves. Oh yes, this was fun.

An invisible and shrunk Chymon sets off an alarm spell as she squeezes through the balcony door and into Fachish's chambers. Solit, Mogs, and 3 war1s collide with the dragon as they run down the hall. The pcs can't figure out what it is they've run into. Beneath your hand is something smooth, hard, and hot, and it completely blocks the corridor. Now it is laughing.:lol

Chymon announces that this will be even more fun than the last time and cuts loose with her breath. Mogs evades, Solit burns, and the chase is on. Up to the temple and down to the Forge, Chymon pursues panicked dwarves around and around their little nation. Mogs is bitten in half and Horice fried to a crisp before the dragon is trapped in a resilient sphere. Seven rounds later Chymon is beset on all sides by summoned monsters, lightning bolts, and arrows. Chymon breaths and breaths again but as another acid arrow passes her sr, she decides that enough is enough and flees out over the Stalagos. Then Dollo's dispel magic removes Hedrack's endurance, slaying the beast.

Body Count: 4 commoners, 7 war1s, 2 war2s, Mogs, Horice, Deeperdark, and Morino's leg, lost to a crit (-2 con). All the surviving npcs gained a level.

Edited by: OneMoreWave at: 11/17/03 10:23 pm
(11/18/03 1:17 am)
Ohhhhh! Nasty there. Thus the penalties for inaction are discovered(And ignoring stealth) I wonder if an enchanted leg can be created for Morino?

Edit:Something that has now become a big issue; Being able to get someone to cast Raise Dead. Lareth is a long ways away and leaving now will really put things at risk. Morino might want to take a desk job so he can provide such magic(Has to stay back to run the kingdom) Mentain this to his player and suggest having a replacement PC come with the incoming caravan.

Edited by: DestyNova1 at: 11/18/03 9:46 am
(11/18/03 7:26 am)
Re: Dragon..
Sure, stick his ass in the Infernal Machine.

(11/18/03 4:09 pm)
I have read some evil things on this board, but I think Chymon with Bulls, Endurance, Divine Favor, Pro Elements Cold and Freedom of Movement takes the cake. It takes the whole bakery, in fact. I had to read and reread that like 4 times to make sure I believed it.

Well done.

(11/18/03 5:09 pm)

Some suggestions that might help.

Make a deal with the orcs to help watch over the gate while the PCs go back to Lareth. The twist in this, is that Lareth wants 'in' on what the PCs are doing, in return for raises.
Water temple may have some raise dead scrolls that they could offer in return for the PCs help.
Perhaps a certain druid could offer up some reincarnates in return for favors as well.

(11/18/03 6:10 pm)
What level are these guys? It seems pretty amazing to me that _any_ of them survived, quite frankly. Did you give them a full CR13 for the fight?

(11/18/03 7:55 pm)
My players got the full beast. In an open field Chymon would have been invincible, but crawling around the Air Temple and South Gate, through corridors barely large enough for her, and with some 30 opponents made for a great fight. Retreat was always an option, but nobody took it.

PCs are level 7 and 8.

Raise dead isn't a problem yet; the pcs have Fachish's scroll and picked up another somewhere. I like your idea with Lareth though. It would be fun to have Lareth awaken to his powers and be collected infront of the pcs.

Edited by: OneMoreWave at: 11/18/03 8:04 pm
(11/19/03 3:01 pm)
A possible suggestion is that Lareth would help out, sometimes. He wouldn't stick his neck out much and would do some poking around on his own.
It would be highly amusing for Lareth to get ID'd by CRM forces and word get back to Hedrack. No doubt he would have a major fit about this, and it is possible that the PCs could use this to their advantage(Perhaps Lareth could be shown the benifits of becoming an Ur-Priest) A darker version of what happened in The Crusader's log(Where Lareth was redeemed)

Hedrack:Lareth! come with me! It is time for you to awaken to your true destiny!

Lareth(Flipping Hedrack off) (Censored) off old man! I can get what i want without you are your god!

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