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(11/3/03 2:04 pm)
Arena fighting in the gargoyle pit
My Sunday group has just found the gargoyles, and I decided that even though it says they attack anyone they don't recognise as being a powerful beast (eg. giant), they would not attack this group. By this point the group has taken out close to 1/2 of the mines, they have 3 guys in full plate, two reasonably obvious mages, plus a rougey sort. The look of the party (actually at least 1/2 of them wear black cloaks of resistance too), coupled with their possible reputation would be enough to deter an attack (the gargoyles would be smart enough to put together the rumours from their patrons together to figure out that it is th party that does the damage).

Now some talk ensued and they sound like they plan to come back for the next fight, with possibly one of the party fighting. I want to have Claagingred try to make a big thing of this, draw the punters in etc. Obvoiusly things are going to tuen sour when, after the NG cleric of Pelor is lowered into the pit, they haul out a prisioner/slave to fight him!

Who should be there to fight? I think Zert would be interested, plus some mooks from various remaining temples, tempers frayed etc. from constant worry of who is doing that attacks (the party has hit forces from all 4 temples, but there is also forces remaining from all temples too - Earth bridge, Air bridge, Water temple, Fire temple all remain).

Should I give the cleric a beefed up challenger to fight? Or even Zert himself? I considered having Claagingred do something to even the playing field so the fight isn't over too quick and not satifying his customers (not knowing that the cleric would never fight a prisoner). Would he equip an opponent with a poisoned dagger and offer the guy go free if he wins? If he does this, I think someone like Victor would offer to sell some poison cheap becuase it will be used against the party. (Victor is currently tailing them more or less for info)

(11/4/03 7:27 am)
Re: Arena fighting in the gargoyle pit
My suggestion:

Give him a real challange, say an advanced dire wolf or something along those lines.

I'd have the moral quandry 'prisoner' (naked normal guy perhaps a gnome with a dagger) fight a small giant scorpion on the undercard before the PC's fight.

Or if you're feeling particularly nasty (and don't want the PCs to get to the main event you could have:
a) 6 yr. child vs. a fighting rooster
b) Husband vs. wife (with guards threatening to eat their kids if they don't fight).
c) etc...

"It takes an uncommon mind to think of these things, Hobbes." - Calvin

(11/4/03 11:52 am)
Re: Arena fighting in the gargoyle pit
the 'undercard' idea is good, but I think it is very likely they will try to stop the fight, and then the 'real' fight will ensue.

Hmm, maybe the initial fight could be the captured riding dog versus another animal, or something like a goblin. It would still be a bit of a moral quanry, as just because a race is generally evil does not mean every creature is evil.

I was thinking of having Tac, some EBC warriors, Zert with some Fire temple warriors, and Nilbool backed up by some Kuo-toa fighters. The water temple forces will be there to attempt to recruit the party in the assault on the fire temple.

Does this group of bad guys seem fair? They obviously won't work together, some may even just flee if it come to a fight.

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