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(11/6/03 1:48 pm)
Rastor: prelude to chaos
Although we had two sessions from last summer before my long hiatus that aren't in my session log thread yet, we may have another session coming up this Monday. There is one big issue that has developed that I've been meaning to bounce off the group here.

The party got to Rastor and poked around a bit looking for Tal (mostly due to Dunrat's letter). They finally found him after a tip from the innkeep and follow-up info from a short meeting with Rerrid. They basically barge in, Tal tries to flee (3 on 1 with more in reserve) out the back door, but is handily slept and then charmed. They drag him back to Rerrid for an interrogation. Some creative spellcasting reveals a bit of trivial information about the CRM and he admits his link to it. They had already been suspicious of the drug peddling based on the reactions of a few town members and another tip from the innkeep. With this info, the party decides to head to the CRM for more investigation. They leave Tal with Rerrid for now.

Here's the catch. When they scoured his residence, they found his hidden 'lab' under the ground where he made Tanbrosh. They loaded it up with alchemist's fire and torched it. The building is now mostly gone. They have no clue about the effects of the drug or the withdrawal, er, symptoms.

They spent the afternoon traveling to the CRM, slept some distance away, and then devastated the main gate in a brilliant tactical mega-session. There are some loose ends to clear up there, but I imagine they will head back to Rastor to rest soon.

I'm torn what to do about the Tanbrosh addicts and Tal, though. I figure most of them have a few extra doses, but after a day or so (especially those close to Rerrid), they are going to learn of his imprisonment and the destruction of his home. IMC, they are predominantly secretive about their addiction (esp. the notables). Will they spring Tal by force? Convince Rerrid to release him somehow? In either case, I can't see Tal sticking around for long. Rerrid knows of his admission of the connection to the cult and a few arrogant slips about his hold over some of the town members (not names yet).

If they don't return in a day or so, I could have them return to a town devastated by the loss of many members in a very short time to this drug. Tal could have escaped or been sprung or even killed by one of the desperate addicts. And I have the option to have Rerrid completely ticked off at the party for this (especially since some friends will be dead), have newly awakened rage at the cultists and their likely dark works, or have him be completely despondent wondering where Moradin's protection has gone in these times of evil.


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(11/6/03 2:10 pm)
Re: Rastor: prelude to chaos
Wow. Big problem for the PCs. Without the lab and without a way to get another lab, Tal cannot make the drug (IMO). If Tal knows about the destruction of his lab, he will not only be pissed, but he will be afraid. The addicts will be coming to him for more 'medicine' and will start clamoring. Drug addicts will do ANYTHING to get their fix and if Tal cannot get more, they will kill him in a rage. Rerrid will go down, too, if he attempts to protect Tal. And, he will. Rerrid could take a few of them out, but Thandain and the others will eventually take out Rerrid and Tal, and then all perish themselves, probably causing major chaos in the town (burning some buildings in frustration, like the grey lodge and the temple). When 30% of the populace is on a dying rampage, bad things happen.

Tal, however, is still not without hope. He could contact the CRM (via an addict, possibly the orc). Perhaps the CRM has a spare lab (I'm sure they do). Tal could save everyone if given his freedom to go to the CRM. The PCs would have to bite the bullet as they cannot hope to save everyone. It should make for some interesting RP. If the players do not come back in time, Rerrid would have to let Tal go.

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