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(11/6/03 2:16 pm)
Orc lair
My players should hit the orcs in the CRM this weekend. The orcs look a lot like a speed best. Anyone have any thoughts or can point me toward some campaign log material that's especially pertinant?

I'm going to take a pass on Siobharek's Stoneheart replacement. My characters are too low level, we've ruled out psionics and most importantly, the gnolls in the WBC have already mentioned the orcs.

This could be a good chance for role play, as I'm not seeing the orcs as eager to fight and would probably be just as happy to leave the CRM and join the orcs outside of Rastor.

It could also be a good chance to let the players swing for the fences. Despite laying the wood to the WBC in one shot without losing any characters (although one went below 0 twice), the party seemed a little worn from the fight. Of course with two weeks off between sessions, it's hard to judge player fatigue. quandry...better tactics, role play or let them give the orcs a nice swift kick in the butt?

(11/6/03 2:52 pm)
If the party fights the orcs and they were powerful enough to take down the WBC in one go, then no matter what you do they will just be a speed bump. Their to hit is a bit shocking with those orc double weapons, the chariot would be fun, but with only one useful character I would not burst a blood vessel trying to find a winning tactic ;)

However there is astrong possibility for talk, because even if they attack any EEE symbol wearing guy no matter wether he wants to talk or not, these orcs actually hate the gnolls :) If the party mentions killing the WBC then the orcs will be overjoyed.

The real fun in this area is the Dwarven temple - the traps and golem are quite a challenge :evil

Runechild (mod)
Council of Magisters

(11/6/03 10:09 pm)
Re: Orcs
IIRC correctly, the orcs are in there precisely to let your party kick some ass for a while.

Let them slop and mop on some orcs, they have plenty out there to challenge them afterwards. It's in there as a confidence booster and change of pace.

-Thrommel, who's immoral and demoralizing at the same time. Quite a conundrum...

~Council of Magisters~
~ Arcana Unearthed ~

Edited by: Thrommel at: 11/6/03 10:10 pm
(11/7/03 12:47 am)
Re: Orcs
ooah ;) And I thought that was the job of the countless mooks that seem to crawl out of every hole with heavy armor and a MW bastard sword in tow :D

Seriously though, I guess that is one reason for them being there, but I thought it added a nice piece of flavor to the place, you know, even the bad guys can make poor decisions, and do. Often. :P

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