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(12/1/03 12:15 pm)
Re: Many successes today!
That rocks! Well, except for Chase, of course. By 'wallpaper paste', did you mean death?

(12/1/03 12:51 pm)
Re: Many successes today!
Nope, it rocked for him, too -- I mispoke. At the end of the fight, Chase still had ~20hp. _If_ the demon had survived one round longer, Chase would have been splatted all across the back wall, though. I've edited my post to clairfy that point.

Brother of Venom
(1/4/04 12:54 am)
Doom for the Heroes
Tonight I had the glabrezu Infinitus approach the party as they were heading around the CRM (from the main gate clockwise). He put up his little spiel, and was summarily rejected by each party member, except the LG cleric who was never even asked.

He therefore had to go with plan B and setup an ambush. First thing he did was greater teleport to Hedrack, get buffed up (spell immunity - mm, fireball; freedom of movement, magic circle vs. good, water walking), and wait on the other side of Gouquog's pool (area 190). The party got in the boats and paddled across, at which point Infinitus revealed himself and cast reverse gravity, making everyone 'fall' to the ceiling. The druid respond first and put up a wall of fire. No big deal, he dismisses the reverse gravity, dumping everyone into the boats and doing more damage. Everyone buffs for a round...yes, buffs, they don't flee despite the wizard's successful knowledge check to identify the creature and that it is very powerful. The demon then steps through the wall, its SR protecting it. He then looks at the cleric and stuns him. The rest of the combat is immaterial, but in the end 3/6 party members were dead, with two of the bodies taken back to the Outer Fane, including equipment.

My group:
(Dead) Shangor - LG Male Dwarven Cleric 11 of Moradin
(Dead) Sylvan - N Male Human Wizard 10
(Dead) "Verrick" - LN Male "Dwarven" Druid 11 of Obad-Hai
Kale - NG Male Human Fighter 8/Ranger 2
Aramil - CG Male Elven Sorcerer 8/Dragon Disciple 3
Aldoroc - NG Male Human Fighter 11

Verrick is the reincarnated form of Verilia, the halfling druid. After tonight, Shangor and Sylvan were raised and Verrick was reincarnated (back in Verbobonc) again, AMAZINGLY returning as a female halfling!

I will have a more complete account in my session log #39, when I catch up. Despite the death toll, the players are not unhappy, realizing that they were totally at fault. Verrick not once overcame the SR. Sylvan cast mirror image and provoked an AoO, thinking he had a good chance of surviving. Oops, he forgot its true seeing.

Crimson Coil Cultist
(1/4/04 5:22 am)
Re: Doom for the Heroes
Glad you liked this enough to use it, I2k. How did your players react to his name? Do they know the handle you use round these parts?

Sylvan's screwup wasn't the worst that Infinitus has seen; when my party met him, Cyr (rog7/wiz2/asn1 at the time) used his ring of invisibility and started cautiously waiting 3 rounds to attempt an assassination. Even if he didn't have True Seeing, the demon would only have failed that Fortitude save vs. the assassination on a 1, IIRC. After he started, at some point one of the other PCs said something like, "where's Cyr?" and Infinitus responded, "He's right there." but the player didn't get the hint... the next round, I had him roll a wis check, and told him that it occurred to him that something so big and beefy probably had a decent Fortitude bonus, so he tried something else. But then, thankfully, the cleric Dismissed him, and it was over before it really started -- the only spell-like he got off was an Unholy Blight (doing full/half/quarter/quarter to the 4 party members).

Having said that, I disagree with your assessment of the buff vs. flee call -- with Greater Teleport At Will, there's not much a party can do to flee, so any attempt would just have wasted time better spent buffing, I think.

Edited by: msherman at: 1/4/04 5:25 am
Brother of Venom
(1/4/04 9:58 am)
Re: Doom for the Heroes
Well, perhaps 'flee' is not really the appropriate word. They needed to tactically retreat to a less disadvantageous position. The glabrezu was prepared for the locale, having water walk on. If the heroes made the demon come to them and fight on their terms, he would not have lived long. Staying in the ambush zone was not a good tactical maneuver, particularly if the demon had backup, and they didn't know he didn't have backup (failed summon tanar'ri).

"Glad you liked this enough to use it, I2k."

Actually, I can't think NOT using it. How can Hedrack not use his best spell? The idea of offering up a whole complex of living beings is too good to resist, especially if the destruction only furthers the power of Big T.

"How did your players react to his name? Do they know the handle you use round these parts?"

They know my handle, but didn't connect the two. I'm guessing they had more immediate concerns.

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